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Checking your EB vitals                                                                                                   ...
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IT talent– the new golden calves of businessBy Fred Cohnprospects; any company hoping to attract top IT talent must show t...
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Keeping it realBy Jens Trulsson                                                                        – Barbara Ehrenreic...
Dansk Coaching Institut - Employer Branding
Dansk Coaching Institut - Employer Branding
Dansk Coaching Institut - Employer Branding
Dansk Coaching Institut - Employer Branding
Dansk Coaching Institut - Employer Branding
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Dansk Coaching Institut - Employer Branding


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Christian Dinesen contributed with an article about the practical side of Employer branding. It is from 2011.

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Dansk Coaching Institut - Employer Branding

  1. 1. The world’s leading Employer Branding journal Issue 1 2011Presented by Universum Generation IT – everyone wants them A top information technology recruit is a treasured com- modity well outside of the traditional IT industry. A hefty salary isn’t good enough for them. They want to feel that they contribute to the overall business success. > page 10 Modern EB – what’s in store? New year, new deal. Universum Quarterly spoke to five senior employer branding executives about what’s hot for 2011 and what they think will be the defining trends. > page 15 Mastering Metrics – our new column series Lovisa Öhnell is Universum’s EB doctor. During this four-column series she will guide you through easy steps for using metrics to check up on your EB health. Make sure you keep all her appointments. > page 6 Lessons from the Army British Army Recruiting specialist Colin Cook discusses how the British Army succeeds with their recruiting in the face of civilian competition. > page 22Featured Brands: Apple LinkedIn CIPD Ernst & Young Unilever McKinsey & Co Siemens Credit Suisse University of Pennsylvania University of California Davis FDM Group British Army The Danish Institute of Coaching
  2. 2. M ED IA U P D AT E New year, Employer branding in the news new opportunities No more freewheeling F riends, it is time for a change. your job. I will be dedicated to helping you After seven years at the helm of sort out, organise and use all that informa- Not having pre-set methods for the recruiting process can be a dan- Universum, it’s time for some- tion in the best way. One of the most impor- gerous pitfall. As corporate recruiting is picking up many simply hire one else to hold the rudder. tant changes we see is that people, particularly external recruiters to get the job done. However, corporate recruitment But I am happy to say, that Universum lives young people, spend enormous amounts of departments are now realising the need to develop their own internal as it preaches – that employers should offer a time consuming media and information. Sev- executive search. This means new processes are being developed by com- variety of opportunities for top talent within eral studies prove this. One concludes that panies to entice A-level candidates into jobs at companies that lack a the organisation. In this case, me. In my new 18-24-year-olds spend 10 hours consuming well known brand name. role as chief knowledge officer, I will be able media for every six hours of time they are However, the absence of standardised recruiting processes means that to more actively participate in driving the awake. To do that, they are logged on to several this is not the first thing needed to be done. The goal should be quality of development of employer branding. When I devices at the same time. To handle this, their hire. Recruiters need to consider the A-level candidates are likely to be look back at the past decade and a half, I see attention span gets shorter, and they process passive so the assessment process needs to interest candidates who aren’t an industry that developed from a somewhat smaller pieces of information at a time. We actively looking. Think of recruiting a bit like sales and sales people; they obscure part of HR to a sophisticated and need to move with that change. You should have extensive training. If your company doesn’t have a strong employerMichal Kalinowski independent division filled with complexities consider how this shift in media consumption brand, you have to sell the position to a potential candidate. With the and advanced theories. The most obvious sign affects your employer branding work. To aid right steps taken, your internal recruiting team should be able to com- of how mature EB has become is that it has you, I will find new, faster and more continu- pete with the best. taken a seat at the board room tables of most ous information sources for you, to comple- employers. Today, EB is considered an integral ment the information you get through Uni- factor in the overall business success. Univer- versum Quarterly. So stay tuned for even more sum has developed along with EB, taking the support from Universum, the leading partner leading position in EB knowledge, communi- in your EB work. cation and research data. It is imperative for Universum to maintain and enhance that posi- tion. Hence, it naturally follows that the com- Apple loses its core pany has decided to dedicate a senior full time position to the work of being a thought leader. Apple lost their illustrious leader, Steve Jobs to his precarious ill health. This poses a problem A big part of my job will be to provide for Apple because one of the great messages of branding is the power of founders and what you with the right information, in the right they bring to a company. EDITOR IN CHIEF: amounts and through the right channels to Catrine Johansson Jobs resurrected the failing brand in 1997 and turned it into the global conglomerate it keep up with the developments that impact is today. Many brands struggle to retain their trajectory once the original leader is gone, and EDITOR: Jens Trulsson Apple has experienced a six per cent drop in share prices since Jobs announced his departure. ART DIRECTOR: Malin Wigren A founder has the brand in his/her bones, and they are more likely to understand ILLUSTRATOR: Malin Wigren the decision process needed in order to benefit their company to the max- imum. Also, it is a powerful form of marketing when a PROOFREADER: Michelle Boyde founder talks about their company as they are the ones WRITERS: Michelle Boyde, Fred Cohn, Lovisa Öhnell, Jens Trulsson, who truly believe in the magic of their dream. Bethany Read There are several cases when founders have PUBLISHER: had to return to resurrect their companies. Jobs in Petter Nylander. CEO, Universum 1997, Coco Chanel in 1963 and more recently How- PRODUCT MANAGER: ard Schultz. He recreated the supposedly doomed Karin Almcrantz Starbucks brand in under a year. - The power of founders means that Starbucks is successful, Chanel will be iconic forever while Ap- ISSN 1653-8668 Visit us at: ple may face a future struggle. We hope you like the new Universum Quarterly. Send your feedback to 2 #1 2011 © Universum 2011 © Universum 2011 3 #1 2011
  3. 3. ME D I A U PD AT E M ED IA U P D AT EGuarding the green Supervising the starsPay accounting counts for the largest part of organisational expenditure in If employee performance appraisals are put at the centre of talentmany businesses. There are big risks if done wrong, which can include low management it allows key areas such as product quality and em-employee morale, industrial relations problems and the dangers of inef- ployee’s competence to flourish, as well as aiding a logical workflow.ficiency. Many businesses are now conducting pay review processes that are Organisations are increasingly implementing programmes suchnot aligned with business needs. as the ISO 9001 quality management system in order to increase A new guide from The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Develop- profitability and competiveness. ISO standards ask organisations to Performing to the maxment (CIPD), The Pay Review Process, has been launched which uses case identify skill sets in jobs for certification. Lorri Hunt, ISO 9001 ex-studies from 16 organisations to demonstrate how to carry out a successful pert said that in order for the system to run properly “organisations Performance appraisal has been criticised fromreview. Key messages include the importance of effective planning and data need to ensure that HR has the integrated systems and tools in place all angles. And yet, they are done in every organ-gathering, plus it encourages practitioners to keep processes simple. to evaluate employee performance” as HR is often disconnected isation. The top fifty problems associated with Chares Cotton, CIPD advisor said that getting a pay review process from the quality management process. performance appraisals have now been groupedwrong can “send out mixed messages on what your organisations values are Talent management is critical in manufacturing organisations into categories by Dr. John Sullivan, the “Mi-in terms of employee behaviour, skills, attitudes and performances”. because it enables the ability to create and automate the workflow, chael Jordan of hiring” according to Fast Maga-Source: Align pay review with business, urges CIPD guide, ensurimg employees have the skills and create quality standards. zine. He categorises them as follows: related problems such as little legal support and the lack of a second review. Next are manager- related problems, such as not fully trained man- gers and managers misunderstanding employ- ees. Finally there are employee problems that can occur during the process such as high anxiety Managing the masses and the fact it is a one way process, with no input from the employee being apprised. Whilst many business leaders have great Dr. Sullivan estimates that it costs a company skill in business administration, most lack $2,500 annually to evaluate an employee. Per- one vital skill: people management. haps it is time to make the dollars count? Academic study of people manage- ment focuses on the theory and mechan- ics of human resources and often ignores how to deal with employee issues such as disgruntled employees, harassment and romance in the workplace. These types of problems can create havoc in organ- isations if not properly dealt with. Lead- ers need to be able to identify negative Panning for gold Stealing staples behaviours exhibited by employees and determine how to best deal with them. If organisations managed their business like they manage their human assets Fraud prevention service CIFAS figures show that employee fraud has in- An external organisational review identi- most companies would fight to stay in business at all. creased by 45 per cent under 2009, with cases worth up to £567 million in fies the depth of the issue and confirms Talent management remains hit and miss, and companies have problems 2009, compared to £229 million in 2008. the impact. with the allocation of employees to specific jobs. Certain companies, including Pre-employment screens help to limit the risk at the recruitment stage. But Evaluations GE, P&G and Hindustan Unilever work hard to identify an individual’s talent it can create a false sense of security as there is no guarantee that an employee should be con- through observation and detection, and are able to decide the position each won’t commit fraud for the first time. Ongoing screens are still new in the UK ducted by an leader would suit best. because it can alienate employees along the way. objective third Wharton has an advanced management programme that shows the Employees are more likely to join in the process if they understand why party who gives problems associated with the vague clichéd phrases such as analytical re-screening processes are in place. This can be achieved by being clear suggestions of and innovative which are used to recruit leaders. When participants about the organisations motives to avoid negativity. Ideally, all employees how to are asked to analyse where exactly Apple’s Steve Jobs’ talent lies, should be re-screened at least every 12 to 18 months but to minimise the best deal with they’re told that you can’t define a leader by buzz words. costs organisations could use periodic checks on a random sample of the the situation. Great leaders like Jobs understand what consumers want now and employee population. what they will want in the future. To become a great leader you need to Regular screens help organisations to gain an insight into the background Source: Tough task deal - be able to relate and be trusted by everyone in the company. of their workforce and reduce the risks associated with a bad employee. www.winnipegfree- Source: How Steve Jobs gets things done, Source: Developing an ongoing screening strategy, 4 #1 2011 © Universum 2011 © Universum 2011 5 #1 2011
  4. 4. Checking your EB vitals The branding layer cakeMM MASTERING METRICS By Lovisa Öhnell EB SURGERY they differ? And how do you know when to play on your strong awareness in - - Often the territory gets muddled between the consumer brand and the employer brand. What are the most important distinguishing factors? A lot of parts play in the complex process that is branding: the communication message, its execution, and if you really believe in and live your brand within the organisation. The same goes for EB but it’s even more complex. To choose an employer involves a lot of very personal decisions. The choice of a product has an effect on your life. To choose your employer envelopes your life, your family and your future. Therefore, the decision-making process involves a lot more psychological factors for the candidate – who is more critical, sceptical and evaluates the feelings surrounding your brand. The candidate has to visualise a clear future role and it has to feel right Lisa Lönner Pulkkinen on every level. Within marketing today we often work with experience branding, e.g. to affect M all senses: see; hear; touch; feel and understand. It’s fragile and requires communication with a easuring employer brand- manufacturing plant in Asia. The company’s uniform message that is both experience-based and chock full of facts. Lisa works with employer branding ing (EB) is to your strate- brand is strongly associated with international As the Web has made information a lot more accessible to more people, potential candidates communication solutions, and has over 15 years of experience from stra- gies what regular health atmosphere. But the manufacturing plant had have become a lot better at digging up and evaluating information. That implicitly means that they’re tegic communication within branding, checkups are to your none of that global flair. It was basically a local, more demanding. Brands today have to stop thinking about being bombastic and think more specifi- PR, event and advertising. She has been PR director at MTV Networks, body. Even if you don’t feel sick, you should do independent, factory. Hence, the plant required cally about who they are and what they honestly can contribute with. The consumer today is their and has a broad knowledge of com- regular checkups to confirm your good health, a completely different set of recruits than the own investigative journalist and social media can build brands as quickly as it can destroy them. municating with young target groups and to catch potential problems early. Only if company as a whole did. Good advertising is built on honest facts but creates a credible experience. The same goes for an in the new media environment, and is specialised in creating research based the initial tests indicate a problem does the employer brand, however, you have a lot more power with good ambassadors and brand builders. communication concepts and inte- Lovisa Öhnell doctor send you for an MRI or a CAT scan. One clear difference with EB, that a regular consumer brand can’t touch, is the importance of grated communication campaigns. It’s the same thing with EB strategies. A sim- Measuring your conversion means measuring the personal experience. Future employees want to meet with people from all levels within the ple dash board of three key performance in- the strength of your relationship with your tar- organisation. Real people that can give them an idea if they can fill these persons’ shoes in a few Lovisa has a background as a dicators should be used annually to gauge the get group. How well they know you, and how years. That is why events, meetings, editorial PR, social media with open channels and anything management consultant with McKinsey & Co. As the overall health of the employer brand. strongly they want to join your organisation. else that can be used for story telling is important. EB has many similarities with business-to- global director of research and At Universum, we have a funnel to illustrate business marketing where it’s important to build relationships based on knowledge. A strong consulting she is responsible for consumer brand often means a strong EB but it isn’t enough to be invisible in the personal meet- this. At the widest point, we have those who the 30 talent surveys conducted by Universum annually, as well When measuring your attractiveness, make sure are familiar with you. Further down are those ing. The people you send forth have to be representative of the company in a way that make their as for Universum’s consulting you do it amongst relevant target groups. Second, who consider working for you. On the next stories compelling. A boring or uncharismatic person can affect an entire EB. business,serving global clients in the areas of EVP development, set a goal for the ranking. Being number one is level in the funnel, we find those who think of In this new environment, where you are visible on so many platforms, the message gets all the employer brand strategy and not realistic for most. But perhaps being amongst you as an ideal employer. And at the narrowest more important. Good preparation with a clear EVP, a distinct communications idea and a good ABOUT EB SURGERY communication strategy. the Top 20 or Top 10 is. Third, changing rankings point are those that have also applied. Defining offer to the employer market is extremely important. Students and professionals better perceive want answered? take time. So when you do set the goal and define where you want to be will help you track your a message and idea that is strong and uniform. It can cut through the noise and have a stronger Would you like the opportunity to pose them to your target groups, make sure that reflects future communication with your target group and also impact on the target group. The messages, advertisements and activities devised for younger groups recruitment needs beyond six months. measure progress in a clear way. could do with a touch more creativity. Young people today are knowledgeable and smart, they can Universum Quarterly Following this health check ABC will see through bad communications in a jiff as they’re used to marketers flirting with their attention.Universum Quarterly is proud to introduce our hopefully generate a clean bill of health for Only a few brands dare to try new approaches to EB as most are too scared to stick their necks out - Proper brand perception reflects your Employer your EB. If there are problems, they will be by using creative, fun and engaging methods. Overall there is a need for a more varied EB as a lot Value Proposition (EVP) in the right way. You discovered early. And early detection increases of companies choose similar ways of profiling themselves. It’s like a cake. The bottom of the cake isknowledge and expertise on how you can ensure sharing with you their extensive experience in have to define what characterises your employ- the chances of effective treatment. In addition, all the hard facts, about the offering, about the company and about the culture. Be open with your ment offer, and in what ratios. If the brand per- if ailments are discovered early, the treatment culture – showcase it. The topping is the feeling you get. You try to analyse what they say and try to ception and your EVP aren’t aligned, you may will be considerably cheaper. So when you sit go behind it. What are they really saying? What feeling do I get from this? run into a similar problem as a global soft down to measure your EB, do as your doctor. We often talk about low involvement and high involvement. EB is higher than the highest drink company did whilst recruiting staff to a Start with checking your vitals. involvement. Therein lies the difference. 6 #1 2011 © Universum 2011 © Universum 2011 7 #1 2011
  5. 5. Universum announces itsNEW CEOBy Catrine Johansson - How will you handle the leap In your opinion, what is the most from online betting to employer important employer branding is- power and the self confidence to use it. We live in a much more equal society where a vast “I am ambitious, curious, Petter Nylander branding? Actually, I see many similarities between my sue today? Internal talent development is a key issue. To- amount of information is available to all. In a world driven by information flow, talent is and I have a genuine Age: 46 Family: Wife Annika, daughter old role and my new one. The online indus- day, what differentiates employers is their values more sophisticated and more knowledgeable interest in helping people Filippa 15 years Education: Bachelor’s Degree in try is extremely talent driven and as a CEO and culture, not monetary compensation. In than ever. Whereas employers used to select develop. ” Economics, University of Stockholm, graduated 1994. in that industry, talent development has that environment, cultivating and developing the talent, nowadays, the talent selects the 1993-1994: Intern always been a top priority for me. Further- your existing talent is crucial. Done successfully, employers. This coupled with more emphasis – Petter Nylander, Universum at Universum, 1994-2003: Various posi- it brings less risk and is less expensive, than re- on work/life balance, forces employer brand- tions, including CEO at TV3 Sweden, CEO TV3 Scandinavia,. Vice President MTG lying too heavily on external recruitment. With ing strategies to offer values and a culture that - “Selecting an employer is a state- talent that is already within the organisation, you know that they are a good cultural fit and talent can identify with and relate to. Select- ing an employer is a statement of the person’s I am ambitious, curious and I have a genuine CEO of Omnicom Media Group AB, a ment of the person’s personality global communications services company. they have higher credibility with their col- personality and lifestyle – not a paycheck. interest in helping people develop. Focus on 2005-2010: CEO Unibet Group PLC, one of Europe’s leading online gaming sites. leagues because they have a proven track record. the client is central to my philosophy and I and lifestyle – not a paycheck. ” Throughout my career, I have identified young, believe it is my job to sometimes look further Hobbies: I am very interested in History. I also enjoy travel, art, science and cooking. – Petter Nylander, Universum ambitious and smart employees that I have Universum? down the road, to set the long-term course I also try to be at the gym twice a week. Did you know…that Petter speaks mentored to successful careers. I have seen first- I will continue to lead Universum’s expansion as for the company and its employees. But this Greek after working several summers as hand the advantages of that kind of approach. a global thought leader in the employer brand- is no revolution for Universum. I am enter- a tour guide in the Greek Island before his university studies? more, the online industry is at the forefront ing field. Second, I will focus on our own talent ing an already well-managed company that is of digital and online technology. I believe We see big changes in what mo- and client offer development. We need to con- stable and has moved in the right direction that my experience from this will bring new tivates talent groups today com- tinue to strive for better client offers, higher ex- for quite some time. It is my job to continue possibilities to Universum and to how em- pared to previous generations. pertise amongst our employees and an increased that work, enhance it, and add my perspective ployer branding strategies are executed. In How do you see that affecting the focus on innovative solutions for our clients. to maintain the growth. addition, I have spent my entire career in employer branding community? Third, the digitalisation of our client offers will an international environment. That fits very Gone are the days when products or patents be a main focus. There is enormous potential in well with Universum’s global reach and am- put a company ahead of the rest. Instead, our various online offers, and I see that as the bitions. we operate in a society where talent has the main growth area for the future. 8 #1 2011 © Universum 2011 © Universum 2011 9 #1 2011
  6. 6. IT talent– the new golden calves of businessBy Fred Cohnprospects; any company hoping to attract top IT talent must show that the Off-shoring and the N o matter whether the industry is think they want to work for a tech company The EVP for IT candidates kind of sales pitch that’s really appealing.” banking or media, energy or high- and invent the next Android.” Top IT candidates can expect to command big The recruiting of top IT employees re- tech, information technology is the Add in the abundance of tech start-ups, all salaries, but money alone isn’t enough to lure quires more than just lip service; the process backbone of any company’s operations. In fishing for top talent. the best and the brightest. Their professional itself must reflect the kind of technical savvy any corporate sector, top-flight IT people “Everybody in Silicon Valley or in New lives are driven by a passion for the field, and a company needs to make itself a magnet. the past decade or so and given rise to are key to a company’s success. York City who’s a top engineer has a friend they need to know that they’ll land in a place “Good engineers can detect things that The situation presents a special conun- who’s starting something,” said Kevin Scott, where that passion will be rewarded. are inauthentic,” said Scott. “People are go- drum to re- vice-president of engineering at LinkedIn and “You have to offer hard problems, where ing to see if you’re just using a bunch of tech cruiters who a member of the Professions Board at the As- they’re constantly working on new things,” buzzwords. You almost have to involve your IT employees generally command lower salaries than their European and Ameri- “The competition is fierce. We aim to attract the best IT tal- sociation for Computer Machinery (ACM), a US-based IT trade organisation. “They can also said Scott. “They have to be surrounded by very smart colleagues. They don’t like to be engineering team to understand the culture of the folks you’re trying to hire, and build a “An American IT worker may feel the aren’t just competing with other ent. Although start their own two-person company: it’s really micromanaged; they need a certain level of brand for your IT shop.” professor of human and community de- some educa- easy for small groups of technological entre- autonomy.” banks, but with any company tional tracks preneurs to start companies. All the angels, the “Google and Facebook have been success- Actions speak louder - venture capitalists, are angling after these guys.” that recruits IT people.” prepare stu- dents for work Even setting aside the technology sector, any ful at providing that atmosphere for their em- ployees,” Scott continued. “Yeah, they’ve got To a certain extent, the IT community is a small one. When they’re scouting out jobs, tion Task Force of the Association for —Jan Simon, Credit Suisse in a particular firm seeking top IT talent have to compete not good salaries, lots of benefits. That’s not to be candidates can easily find colleagues who can - sector, IT skills just with traditional rivals in the same field, but sneezed at. But what these companies really brief them on a company’s reputation. “They’re are applicable companies across all corporate sectors. offer people is the chance to solve interesting doing a lot of research on the organisations – across a whole range of industries, making “The competition is fierce,” said Simon. “We problems and the ability to be entrepreneurial more than ever before,” said Pyne. This makes the competition for top candidates all the aren’t just competing with other banks, but with in the way they approach their work.” it especially important that a company can more fierce. At the top of the heap: technol- any company that recruits IT people.” As Scott sees it, this kind of value propo- demonstrate a core commitment to its IT TIPS ogy-focused companies, which hold a spe- “Students are looking at everything,” said sition is hardly limited to tech companies. functions. At Credit Suisse, for instance, CIO cial allure to these professionals. For many, Rosette Pyne, senior associate director for en- “I’m sure a big bank can offer the same Karl Landert is a member of the executive Google or Facebook represent the Holy gineering and applied science bachelor’s and kinds of opportunities,” he said. “They have board – a clear signal of the centrality of IT Grail of IT. master’s students in University of Pennsyl- to make a case that these are the kinds of to the bank operations and its long term “The challenge we face is that your typical vania’s career office. “Not just banks, not just positions where you can have a real impact. success. skills create ten times the value of an IT graduate doesn’t necessarily think of go- consulting. It could be IBM or Google or Mi- If you’re coming up with faster trading soft- “Typically, the companies that are most at- ing into banking or finance,” said Jan Simon, crosoft or a small start-up; a multinational or a ware, you’re helping create capital and value tractive are those with long-term CIOs inside global head of the IT Graduate Program at small local organisation. They’re trying to find for lots of investors and having a positive im- that environment,” said Rod Flavell, CEO of Credit Suisse. “Until we talk to them, they the one that works best for them.” pact on a large number of people. That’s the the FDM Group, a provider of IT services 10 #1 2011 © Universum 2011 © Universum 2011 11 #1 2011
  7. 7. Rod Flavell “ You get a bigger chunk of work, you get to know us better and we get to know you ” Potent placements —Jan Simon, Credit Suisse Jan Simon - is a global participants draw a salary throughout the bank has three main divisions: Investment Banking, Private to top corporations. “They’ve shown a con- at these sessions and ask the students ‘By any offerings. “Banking is all about the efficient man- them exposure to the types of problems Banking and Asset Management. In 2010, Credit Suisse generated sistency of processes and of human-resources chance, do you have a resume?’,” she said. agement information, and what is that? Informa- they’ll encounter in their work for us.” a participant is placed as a consultant shareholders. management, rather than showing a knee-jerk tion technology!” said Simon. “Including con- In the UK, where students have moreHeadquarters: Zurich, Switzerland reaction to the market with hiring-and-firing, tractors, we have about 17,000 people globally time off than in the US to work in the field, Number of employees: 50,100 outsource/in-source patterns.” In its effort to attract top IT talent globally, working in information technology. That’s more Credit Suisse offers industrial placements of Pyne said that she has seen companies at- Credit Suisse has devised a number of targeted than most Fortune 100 technology companies.” six-to-12 months. Simon said these make a tract attention from UPenn’s IT candidates by recruiting tactics. Of course the company at- Credit Suisse is a global company but it more in-depth, longer term introduction for offering workshops that the students might tends the traditional job fairs and campus takes special efforts to tailor its IT recruiting both parties than typical two month summer - find useful – not just events. But it also has efforts to individual markets. internships. partly a result of an aging workforce: “The on the company itself, come up with pro- “Recruiting is always a local business,” said “You get a bigger chunk of work,” he said. but on business tactics like networking or how “ You have to under- grammes aimed at giving students a clear Simon. “You have to stay close to your universi- ties. If you compare the coursework of an engi- “You get to know us better, and we get to know you.” - - to have a successful in- terview. A general in- stand the culture of sense of the chal- lenges and rewards in- neering student in the US to India or Singa- pore, you’re looking at two different things. At One recent attention-getter was Credit Suisse’s “IT Challenge.” Marketed on cam- Martin Kenney - formational session on the folks you’re trying volved in working for the end of the day, you have to be aware of the puses across the UK, it was an online com- the company may be the bank. local market you’re hiring from.” petition featuring a series of multiple choice fine, but an even more to hire, and build a The first step is The bank runs a number of feeder pro- quiz, with prizes including Iphones, Ipads segue from FDM into a staff position with effective strategy is to address IT-orientated brand for your IT to convince IT can- didates that banking grammes, to get students acquainted with the organisation before they make their career and Amazon vouchers. The IT Challenge drove students to the bank’s career Web site transitions are most likely to take place not only where the programme has allowed Rosette Pyne student organisations shop.” as a whole is a desir- choice. In both the US and Switzerland, Credit and helped enhance the bank’s reputation - on specific technologi- —Kevin Scott, LinkedIn able career target. Suisse has run programmes through universi- amongst engineering students. cal issues, by giving a “We have to ties, overseeing undergraduate and master’s As Simon explains, all of these disparate “The most important thing to my people tech talk or sponsoring a technology day. raise awareness that it’s a great idea and a theses that tackle real-world banking issues. efforts are devised toward a single end: “We Another successful tactic, said Pyne, is to fantastic career opportunity to go to a bank,” The university professor and a line manager will want to make people aware that IT is big and follow up a large scale informational event with said Simon. “That’s maybe something my col- work together to devise topics that both fulfil important business at Credit Suisse and that Kevin Scott a smaller-scale breakout sessions or a separate leagues in other [Credit Suisse] divisions don’t academic requirements and contain practical IT candidates can have interesting and These are places where IT people get a meet and greet event. These allow the compa- have to face.” value for the bank. exciting careers here,” he concluded. nies to create a relatively intimate bond with A key element of the bank’s pitch is the “The students enjoy doing work that’s not the students: “It’s easier to connect informally centrality of IT to its operations and our service just theoretical,” said Simon. “And it gives 12 #1 2011 © Universum 2011 © Universum 2011 13 #1 2011
  8. 8. Keeping it realBy Jens Trulsson – Barbara Ehrenreich tells it like it is EB Forecast 2011 By Michelle Boyde Smile or Die: How Positive Thinking FooledAmerica and The World Universum Quarterly asked some key individuals work- W hile AT&T was busy an- awkward was the relentless upbeatness of it all. nouncing the layoff of There was hardly any anger or frustration and I 15,000 workers in 1994 it some even embraced breast cancer as a welcome simultaneously sent its staff chance to change their lives. When Ehrenreich n Q1 Michal Kalinowski, left his without such immediate feedback. to a stadium session with Christian motiva- tried to vent her indignation and frustration she post as CEO to drive EB knowledge Lastly, they understand the value of tional speaker Zig Ziglar who told them: “It’s was met with comments like “Please get yourself further as Universum’s chief knowl- alumni and looking after their regretted your own fault; don’t blame the system; don’t some help…so you can enjoy life to the fullest”. edge officer – he shares his predic- losses are the long term. For me what’s really blame the boss – work harder and pray more.” The additional burden extolled on patients al- tions for the year ahead. exciting is working closely with companies That message pinpoints what Barbara Eh- ready losing their struggle against cancer to keep helping them set their goals and the strate- renreich rallies against in her latest book Smile a positive outlook sometimes takes on horrify- What will make employer gic dimension of where they are going. The Or Die: How Positive Thinking Fooled America ing proportions as the woman who writes the branding exciting in 2011? business plan is cascading down to employer and the World. The positive thinking jugger- self proclaimed “guru” Deepak Chopra saying The majority of companies now see EB branding strategy more than ever before. naut has been in effect in various shapes since that she has “come a long way in unburdening from a strategic perspective, but in 2011 the Calvinist movement loosened its grip on [herself ] of toxic feelings, [has] forgiven every- they are really beginning to reflect on this. What will be 2011’s biggest New England in the middle of the 19th cen- one, changed [her] lifestyle” and yet, ”the can- As we exited the recession, investment in challenge for those working tury. Through chronicling our modern world’s cer keeps coming back”. She then asks if if she’s EB went up to secure talent quickly for with employer brands? fascination with positive thinking and moti- missed a lesson and that it gets harder to stay the recovery. The drop in EB spending Still, despite lots of progress, it is the in- Michal Kalinowski vational speakers, and the multi-billion dollar positive. Chopra’s reply is, of course, to keep at it. was only half the intensity of recruitment ternal challenge of getting internal buy in. business that has grown up around it, Ehren- cuts. The BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and Also, to have courage can be hard. HR reich effectively punches holes in most argu- China) region, especially China, did ex- teams need to have the guts to say how ments for its existence. Instead she wishes for Corporate America has embraced the posi- traordinarily well things really are us to be human beings, with all our range of tive attitude makeover with full vigour as well. on an economic when you work emotions. However, in her quest to pull down Ever since the legendary CEO of General level. They are “For me what’s really for them. Com- Barbara Ehrenreich the proverbial pants of the positive thinking industry, she does sometimes do it in a shoot Electric, Jack Welch, earned his nickname of “Neutron Jack” by laying off 112,000 employ- now en par with other markets, no exciting is working closely panies need to be presented to is an experienced journalist who has over a dozen books under her belt already, holding fish in a barrel kind of way. Especially by tak- ees in a five-year span, American corporations longer a follower. with companies helping talent, not sold. ing pot shots at easy targets like televangelists have constantly been on the move to down- Executives are re- Employers have a PhD in cellular biology and a career as a political activist. She has written a genuinely who proclaim that God wants you to have a size and trim their organisations and raise alising that they them set their goals and a responsibil- funny and sometimes terrifying book about what happens when you apply the law of attraction and magical thinking to real life table at that fancy restaurant. stock prices. In order to do so, the remaining workforce had to become more effective. Enter need to be strate- gic in these coun- the strategic dimension of ity to give people the best foun- situations. Certain aspects of Smile or Die - The upbeatness of cancer When Ehrenreich was diagnosed with breast the motivational speakers to make that hap- pen. Ehrenreich goes on to tell stories about tries in regard to talent, rather than where they are going. ” dation to make decisions, even cise as she sometimes hammer the points – Michal Kalinowski, Universum home in an overly gleeful fashion, delighted cancer she was flung into the world of positive young and powerful CEOs on a “shamanic just treating them if that decision at having ridiculed her subjects. Positive thinking seems to be here to stay but Eh- thinking by doctors and friends alike. Whilst healing journey” and how spirituality made it as operational markets. turns out to be this might not be for me. renreich reminds us all to use our common undergoing the treatments of her disease she into the boardrooms of Fortune 500 compa- After this last recession employers do Additionally, cor- porate communica- sense and ends with her own recipe for spent hours scouring Web site forums. There nies. The vibe of positive thinking has got so not want to go back into an annual cycle tions are like mission control, they hold the happiness: “have a good time trying”. she met with women’s stories and the pink rib- far out of hand that when a government offi- of attracting talent, they are now aiming brand guidelines and need to sign-off mate- bon terminology where the words ‘victim’ and cial tried to warn the US government that the for long term engagement. The trend is rial. Now employees have access to many on- ‘patient’ are prohibited, as they have an aura toxic mortgages Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae from “recruitment” to “talent relations”. line channels to tell their story. HR’s ability of self-pity and passivity. Instead those in the were backing risked a financial collapse and Now students are looking at employers to persuade corporate communications to be midst of treatment are “battling” or “fighting”. a “contagious illiquidity in the market”, they when they first enrol at university, there more open is increasingly important – there When the battle is over one becomes a survi- tried to fire him for being “negative”. You can needs to be a longer investment in talent needs to be a nuance in communications. vor, or nothing – there is no noun for the ones say it even caused the financial meltdown we’re that do not make it. What struck her as still feeling the shakes from today. 14 #1 2011 © Universum 2011 © Universum 2011 15 #1 2011