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    CPPC metamorphosis Art Show CPPC metamorphosis Art Show Presentation Transcript

    • Please mark your calendars ursday, O 22, Show & Tell. It’s a night totally dedicate to sharing what each of us has personally accomplished with the CPPC community and anyone who’ll listen. It’s a gallery style event of tangible print or mixed media projects for all to gawk over. But wait there’s more. We’ve accompanied our commercial viewing with a $5 ne art ra e. I know I have tears too! e night of the event we’ll draw a ra e ticket, then draw a piece of art. Voilá 18 lucky people will go home with a piece of art. And everyone will go home sparked with creative ideas. How does all this work? Download the FAQ’s on the CPPC website for all the juicy details. chicagoprintclub.org 2009 PlatinumSponsors:
    • e 3RD Annual CPPC Show and Tell presents a pdf art show of 18 amazing works of art by 14 seriously talented artisits. Be prepared to be wowed and delighted by the artistic greatness in our very own industry! Click right this way >>>
    • JEFF ALLEN’s ability to paint and sculpt with pixels is refreshing. Je works with Clutch Studios where he has an illustrious following for two things: his boisterous laugh and his masterful retouchery. Je imprints his work with impressively bold skills that are an equal match to his bold persona. With projects mounting Je was still able to squeeze in a concrete landscape for donation. Chicago has never bedazzled brighter. FRAMED SIZE: 29 x 23” MEDIUM: Digital print 2 ND year artist
    • LUCAS BUICK is the brilliant mastermind and co-founder of the super hot Synthetic Infatuation. Lucas represents all things we are not but aspire to be: Creative Director, Brand Visionary, Designer, Silk Screener, Storyteller, AIGA member, Humanitarian, Creative Catalyst. But most of all he is crazy good. Creativity runs e ortlessly through everything Lucas does. From an email to a logo you know it will be a visual stunner. Lucas has graciously donated two limited edition posters, one of which [ ] has graced the walls of the M MA in SanFran. Who’s the rockstar of design? Why Lucas of course!.. FRAMED SIZE: 18 x 24” MEDIUM: Silk-screen 2 ND year artist
    • ...LUCAS BUICK doubled up his brilliant silk-screened poster art with this brown and metallic pink gem. FRAMED SIZE: 16 x 20” MEDIUM: Silk-screen 2 ND year artist
    • NANCY CARDEA is like a great advertising campaign: strong, fresh, inspiring, innovative, groundbreaking. e kind of campaign you quietly envy in admiration. Now at Leo Burnett, Nancy is challenging the parameters of production. You know that someone like this is not only intensely creative in business but has mad skills as an artist as well. Nancy has donated a meticulously cra ed geometric painting explosive in color, movement, dimension and dynamism. It is seriously the artistic precision of a genius. FRAMED SIZE: 10 x 12” MEDIUM: Acrylic on canvas board
    • AGNES CARERRA is an insanely talented designer currently working for the big glossy publishing house Modern Luxury Media. Agnes can create with an idea and a bottle of ketchup. From digital to painting, from drawing to cooking, Agnes is fearless in any medium. Agnes’ donation is a wonderfully playful painting that expresses her inquisitive artistic nature. PS. Agnes ❤’s Philip. FRAMED SIZE: 17½ x 14½” MEDIUM: Acrylic on canvas board
    • PHILIP CARERRA ❤’s art. He’s enthralled with design, motion, animation, and teaching; really anything with an artsy air. Everything he does is with such a deep appreciation for the cra . Hence, he married fellow artist Agnes Carrera seven years ago. His art is a lot like him kewl, hip and trendy. His donation, a print positive transparency, is piercing yet huggable. Displayed in a oating frame, how much awesomer could you get? A-mazing! FRAMED SIZE: 17 x 21” MEDIUM: Duo-toned transparency
    • GREG GILLIS is voyeuristic, soulful, emotional, moody, atmospheric... he is the shot. Greg has super chameleon like powers that enable him to morph himself into the shot. Greg put down the camera and picked up the muscle when he became the Photo Editor of CS magazine. Greg is always busting out outstanding thought provoking compositions. His donation is a compilation layered in rich symbolism, epoch coloring and theatrical lighting. Pssst, to be kind, I’ll divulge a secret. e hands spell out i-d-e-a in sign language. e rest I’ll leave for you to unravel. Only Greg could riddle us with this much greatness. FRAMED SIZE: 21 x 25” MEDIUM: Color c-print
    • SARAH GILLMORE is a rock and roller. When she walks in to work as an Imaging Specialist for San Francisco magazine, you gasp and grab a napkin hoping you’ll get her autograph. She is the reason artist came up with a hipper spelling for kewl. Sarah’s photography is mind blowing, literally. Her perspective is wicked unique and captivating. It’s like a wonderfully twisted story captured before our very eyes. Sarah has donated a print from her doll series. What a doll! FRAMED SIZE: 11½ x 14½” MEDIUM: Giclée print
    • NANCY FLEMM manages the art and design for 24 publications; you could say she’s a creative authority. So it’s no wonder she’s the coordinator of this metamorphosis event. And no, it’s not nepotism if you wait 3 years to donate your art. Nancy is wildly twisted and explorative in her ne art but conservative and modular in graphic design. I once read, “Creativity lurks in the vision of a skewed perspective”. Nancy is totally skewed! Have a looksie at this profound pen and ink drawing of a vulture skeleton. Wings anyone? FRAMED SIZE: 11½ x 14”½ MEDIUM: Indian ink on 2-ply bristol
    • DAVE HOLDER’s eyes don’t leave his digital canvas as his hands thrash around his keyboard and tablet. e power to illustrate any image that comes to mind is a fervent artistic force. A man oozing this much passion for his cra is a highly in demand pixel savant. Dave has worked with many great organizations but now has his own super kool freelance biz where he is able to T [transform] the image into a visual masterpiece. Dave’s donated a ery tornado of brilliance. Art imitating life, eh Dave? FRAMED SIZE: 31 x 13” | MEDIUM: Digital print
    • TIMOTHY M C CARTHY is truly a phwine artist. I saw a bus shelter that read, “The best possessions are memories”. And if this is true Tim is loaded. Being able to hold onto a moment long enough to capture its emotion with pen, pastel and watercolor is inconceivable. I wonder if Tim sees in charcoal and paint? Tim has donated a city icon the Marshall Fields building around the holidays bustling with people. I can feel the frigid night air and hear the gasps as people look into the widows. I imagine this is what it must feel like for Tim when we first get a glimpse of his work. FRAMED SIZE: 20½ x 17¼” MEDIUM: Fine art digital reproduction
    • MICHAEL MCCAFREY is a photographic virtuoso whose body of work has enveloped us in its allure for 25 years. Mike’s advertising and publishing projects with Pathway Creative literally spans the globe. When you view Mike’s work it is more than photography but art that transcends the medium and pulls you into a moment. Mike states, “Great imagery asks questions of the viewer, and bothers not in answering them”. Mike’s donated a piece that is so raw and punched with emotion; it’s nothing less than breathtaking. e process mirrors the image in its painstaking construction as the photographic image is imprinted onto French archival ne art paper than married to canvas and hand textured to add a lush depth. I deem Mike the Picasso of Photography. FRAMED SIZE: 30 x 24” MEDIUM: French ne art paper, epson ultra chrome inks, ph glued to canvas and hand nished with art plaster
    • JEFF MILLIES, not to be confused with je millies.com [absolutely no relation to the obnoxious domain stealer], is a part-time photographer, part-time photo editor and full time visual mastermind. Do you know how you can pass a place a jillion times and never really see it? Well Je isn’t one of those guys, with his perfect photo ESP. Je has the innate ability to uniquely capture what we see, but don’t see, see? When Je snaps the camera it’s perfection. You look at the image, look at it some more and when you’re able to tear yourself away. You mumble, “ at’s fantastic man”. Je couldn’t choose so he donated two photographic pillars. A blazon shot of the Milwaukee Art Museum [ ]... FRAMED SIZE: 15½ x 12½” MEDIUM: Silver gelatin print 2 ND year artist
    • ...JEFF MILLIES couldn’t stop himself and also spoiled us with a desolate stop in Texas. Je gives architecture a visual voice with amazing pipes. FRAMED SIZE: 9½ x 11½” MEDIUM: Silver gelatin print 2 ND year artist
    • AMANDA SUDIMACK was exposed [pun intended] to photography at age seven. It’s no surprise today she’s president and founder of the ber hip Artisan Events, a wedding photography empire. Amanda has an unobtrusive aesthetic that captures these emotionally charged private vignettes. If you know Amanda you’ll know what I mean by this, she photographs without anyone knowing there’s a camera. is has earned Amanda street cred as one of the nest photojournalists in the industry and huge props as a wedding album designer. Her photography gives you chills or the giggles, makes you burst out in the chicken dance or wrestle that lump in your throat, in short her photos masterfully draw you in. Amanda donated a furtive treescape that is enchantingly evocative. Say, Perfection. [click] FRAMED SIZE: 25 x 10¾” | MEDIUM: Acrylic on canvas board
    • MICHAEL WILKINS is a print production superman; he’s able to leap tall stacks of projects at Abelson Taylor in a single bound. Mike’s artists eye, business mind and comedic wit translates into richly explored projects and deliriously happy clients. Mike is a powerhouse in the industry with a relentless commitment yet still nds time to teach ne art and exhibit. His work has graced many a gallery wall and gained him recognition in the elite pool of Chicago artists. Mike indulged us by donating three, yes three, watercolor landscapes. Each reminiscent of a delightful summer memory, which is oh so indicative of Mike and his delicious stories... FRAMED SIZE: 19 x 15” MEDIUM: Watercolor 2 ND year artist
    • ...MICHAEL WILKINS spoils us with a second amazing watercolor donation... FRAMED SIZE: 15 x 12¼” MEDIUM: Watercolor 2 ND year artist
    • ...MICHAEL WILKINS ends the nale with his third watercolor landscape. What a vision and the watercolors aren’t bad too! FRAMED SIZE: 15 x 12” MEDIUM: Watercolor 2 ND year artist
    • THANK YOU to all the amazing artists for their generous support of e Chicago Print Production Club! And thank you for viewing our art show, we hope you’ll be inspired to purchase a ra e ticket or two. See you at the metamorphosis Show & Tell on October 22nd! If you’d like to purchase a ra e ticket please contact, Nancy Flemm at [ ] 312.274.2572 or [ ] 708.638.2289. ank you to our 2009 Platinum Sponsors: FRAMES PROVIDED BY: Anonymous frame co. + Artist + Nancy Flemm | CUSTOM MATS: Greg Gillis + Nancy Flemm PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Je Milles | RETOUCHING BY: Doug Ringwald + Nancy Flemm | DESIGN + EDIT BY: Nancy Flemm