Use, Develop or Challenge


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Use, Develop or Challenge

  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? <br />Goodwin key music video conventionsUsing Your Research Findings – note/ bullet point typical generic conventions Your Production – Use, Develop or ChallengeRelationship between music and visualsCloseSomeNoneThey were mostly amplified, in the ‘I need air’ and ‘Tapped’ songs, when the beat of the music is fast the visuals has a fast cutting rhythm and the visuals connote this, and when the music is slow the visuals has a slow cutting rhythm and the visuals are also at a slow pace. This is heavily used in the ‘I need air’ video; between 2.48seconds-3.30seconds as the waving of the hands connote the speed of the beat and rhythm of editing. We used this music and visual convention, for example in our party scene the onscreen footage matches the rhythm of music and the editing matched the rhythm of the music as well. 2.25 seconds-2.39n seconds (Get clip)My group used this convention as we felt it plays a massive role in expressing that the song is in the Dubstep genre and as well as this, it is because of the strong use of technologies in the genre we wanted to reflect that through our visuals to. (Get clip) Slightly develop as well as we reminded and fast forwarded parts for example for example when the postman was on the bike and he rides forward and backwards but this is produced though the use of editing via final cut pro.Relationship between lyrics and visualsIllustrativeAmplifiedContradictedThey were amplified as in ‘Tapped’ and ‘I need air songs the lyrics generally related to the visuals For example in the Tapped’ song the lyric ‘my lines been tapped’ was connoted by flies tapping actual lines where flies were used in the ‘Tapped’ video was used metaphorically. Between 1.26 seconds and 1.30 seconds this was conveyed. We used these lyrics and visuals convention of amplifying lyrics and visuals. For example when the lyric ‘please Mr. Postman’ is said the audience can see the postman. This is conveyed between 25 seconds- 35seconds. We amplified this convention as we did not want the storyline to seem complex for our young audience who do not like to be heavily challenged when understanding a media product, so therefore we did not want our lyrics to contradict our visuals. However as our target audience is not children we did not want to illustrate the lyrics and visuals either as our target audience does still what to be left with enigma codes and throughout the video. Reference to notion of looking  OftenSometimesNone There is no notion of looking in my researched music videos as the artists are not in their own music videos and the one video the artist is in their video, costume is used significantly as it is covering whole body of the artist (Ghost n stuff). We did not have any notion of looking in our music video as we decided to match the conventions of the dubstep genre by not having the artist in the video. We used this generic convention as we discovered that the artist is sold for marketing purposes to the audience via the digipak so therefore we sold the artist with the use of close up of the artist on the front of the album cover and the advertisement we used sold the artist through the use of … Demand for a record labelStrong SomeNo In my research the artist do not demand for a record label, as they are their own producers apart from one Ghost n Stuff but however it is not a strong demand for a record label as the viewers cannot see the artist directly in the video. Where in the other four music videos I researched the artist is not in their music video this expressing that there is no demand for a record label.We used this common convention of not expressing demand for a record label by not having the artist in the music video, as for marketing purposes again; the artist is sold through the digipak and advertisement, which we did do. But we also challenged this convention of conveying no demand for a record label as we had the artist’s name (Cragga) on the letter delivered to the girl in our music video. This happens between 0.38 seconds- 0.46 seconds of our music video. <br />Performance/ Narrative/Concept There are two music videos with performance in them but most of the music videos I researched were concept video. For example in ‘Ghost n Stuff’s’ music video there is a storyline and the lyrics do not at any time narrate the on screen movement. This is portrayed between 0.40 seconds- 0.45 seconds when the lyric ‘my sense gave way’ but the artist is banging his head against the wall. We develop the convention of the type of music video, by combining narrative and concept together with the concept fragmenting the narrative. For example the storyline is being told of the girl waiting to hear from her boyfriend and the party scene fragmenting the plot. This is expressed between 1.48- 2.55 seconds of the music video. We decided to do this so our intextuality of the change in technology and time is clearly conveyed with the use of fragmenting the concept within the narrative. This then allows the audience to engage and to be entertained by the video that bit extra rather than having just one type of a video for example just narrative.Intextuality reference YesNoThere is no intextuality reference in my researched music videos apart from our chosen song to a degree. As the lyrics have reference to the original song of Mr. Postman, but there is no video to the lyrics, the visuals have no reference to any previous media product.We challenged this part of Goodwin’s theory and had our visuals have intextuality reference towards the original songs storyline. Also the change in time expresses intextuality in our music video. This is shown with the use of black and white lighting then a transfer to a colour screen and also the change of clothing on the actress. (get frame grabs) Change in technology (the letter, computer and Facetime phone) also conveys intextuality reference and has strong significance on expressing that there is a change in time. For example this is conveyed within the opening 50seconds, the mise en scene is black and white and the letter signifying the era the footage is in and the actress wearing 60s costume. Then between 55-1.08 seconds the mise en scene changes to a retro looking background to connote the era of 198os, where the actress is also wearing 1980s costume. Also the image of the computer also connotes the time period giving the video the intextuality reference. In duration to this, from 1.55- 2.10 seconds there is a facetime scene showing again the change in technology time as well as a change in time with the actress also now wearing modern costume from this movement onwards. Also the mise en scene looks more updated and modern. <br />