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The Cast List

  1. 1. Cast list<br />Jordan Adeyemi – playing the role of Marcus <br />Jordan Adeyemi has been chosen as a character within our film because conventionally towards the films we have done analyses on the villains in some of them are young, where they look like they are in college and going on to university. However in Saw the villain is old but we have chosen a younger villain because the main plot of the film is because of incidents which happened in college. So a character that goes college matches the criteria. As well as this character having a bold figure in terms of size, adds to make the villain scarier. We have challenged against the colour of the colour of the actor where conventionally the villains are white because in are film the villains identity is hidden where Marcus will be wearing mask and gloves so the colour of the villain will not be shown. <br />Anthony Panayi - playing the role of Harry<br />Anthony has been chosen as a character within are film because he has a tall presence where in the film Harry is the leader of the bullying group so the size of Anthony relates to the role he plays. Also because of his tall presence and Anthony’s good use of facial expressions Harry can look from big to small where Harry has a strong physical presence when bullying Marcus at college but has a weak and small presence when outside college without his friends. Also with are target audience being aimed at 15s, some of the audience may be able to relate to what Harry does to others where he is a bully, this will allow this character to have more of an effect on this target audience. This is why Anthony has been chosen as a character. <br /> <br />Genie Abbott – playing the role of Lisa<br />Genie has been chosen as a character within our film because she links to the conventions to the films we have done analyses on where most of the first victims who die are white and blonde haired female this is mainly because they are seen to be defenceless. Genie is naturally blonde but within our film has purple hair to convey that Lisa is rebellious. As well as this they are young, in college or going on to university. But also the appearance of Genie personality such as her purple hair will within our film express that she is rebellious and does what she wants. Also we have chosen Genie as a character because our films age certificate is aimed at 15s, where around that age and above the violence and killings which happen will have more of an effect on this targeted audience.<br />Also the size of Genie where she is small adds to the thought that she is more of a target where this connotes the conventions of the films we have done analyses to. <br />By Jordan Adeyemi<br />