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Targeted Audience Targeted Audience Document Transcript

  • Targeted Audience<br />The age certificate which we have placed on this film is a 15. This is mainly because of the high level of violence in the film where there are strong brutal images in which we feel that it is not suitable for people who are below the age of 15. Also because the brutal images are not dwelled on for long periods of time we felt placing an 18 certificate on the film was not necessary. As well as this there is strong language involved which is frequent though out the film in which the BBFC states are not allowed within 12 or 12A films. Where in addition to this dwelled on brutal images may mentally disturb people below the age of 15s.<br />The age group which our film is aimed at our 15s to 30 this is because the characters and also what takes part in the film, this age range will be more impacted by the film in terms of how good the film will be to them. Some of this targeted audience could relate to main plot of getting victimised at college. Also this targeted audience involves people either going into, or in or just finish college and university so the impact on this audience will be stronger. Whereas people of the age of 40 and above it won’t have as much of an impact because they may not be able to remember college times so the sub plot won’t mean nothing to them. <br />So overall we decided to target our audience at who will the film have the most impact on and which age range will be most interested to watch the film. As well as this we looked at the criteria of BBFC and how they go about stating a films age certificate.<br /> <br />