Social PR and influencer engagement


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Social PR and influencer engagement

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  2. 2. Influencer Engagement is a form of marketing that focuses on keyindividuals rather than a target market as a whole. InfluencerEngagement can be done in a number of ways:• Engagement to influencers, to increase awareness of a product within the influencer community• Engagement through influencers, using influencers to increase market awareness of the product among target markets• Engagement with influencers, turning influencers into advocates of the firm
  3. 3. o Be relevant. Always make sure that the content is appropriateo Know their preference. Do they accept content? Do they wantto be approached?o Find the advocates. Those that are already convertedo Be personable. Never mass email. Always speak one-on-oneo Have something of value. Get them excited about the offero Maintain relationships. Engage in non work related discussions
  4. 4. Activists: influencers get involved, with their communities,political movements, charities and so on.Connected: influencers have large social networksImpact: influencers are looked up to and are trusted by othersActive minds: influencers have multiple and diverse interestsTrendsetters: influencers tend to be early adopters (or leavers) inmarkets Keller and Berry
  5. 5. Traditional Social• One way • Two way• Opaque • Transparent• Mass • One-to-one• Polished • Authentic• Controlled • Unstructured• Pre produced • Real-time• Formal • Informal
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  14. 14. Presentation Title runs here l 2800/00/00
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  18. 18. o Social media presences o Follower count o Traffic/RSS subscribers/connections o Connections o Viewso Klout/Kred/PeerIndex scoreso Day job?o Engagement frequency
  19. 19. o Quality consistency. Deliver continuous valueo Show altruism. Help/engage/converse with them in non-client related itemso Be personal. Pay attention to what’s happening in theirpersonal liveso Engage offline where possible. The best form of personalcommunicationo Quality control. Send a twice yearly email asking how theteam/agency is doing
  20. 20. Meltwater Engageo Social inboxo Integration with MeltwaterBuzzo Scheduled content postingo Social profiles includingcommunication history
  21. 21. Batchbooko Contact specifico Social detailso Advanced listso Communication historyo Follow up tasks
  22. 22. Earned Paid for• Not guaranteed • Guaranteed• Free (exc review) • Cost• Authentic • Less authentic• Less likely to offend • Blogger offended by blogger trying to be ‘bought’ • Potentially penalised by Google
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