IntegrateIT Summit 2011, Accra, Ghana


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This is the marketing brochure for the IntegrateIT Summit 2011 coming up at Alisa Hotels, North Ridge, Accra, Ghana from 24-25 March 2011.

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IntegrateIT Summit 2011, Accra, Ghana

  1. 1. 2011 © COPYRIGHT RESERVED. TRINITY TECHNOLOGY EVENTS LIMITED March 24 – 25, 2011 | Alisa Hotels, North Ridge, Accra, Ghana | 9:00am – 4:00pm AND OPPORTUNITIES EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FORM Proudly Supported by WWW.3TECHEVENTS.COM
  2. 2. 2011 © COPYRIGHT RESERVED. TRINITY TECHNOLOGY EVENTS LIMITED 15 January 2011Dear Sir,LETTER OF INVITATIONI am pleased to invite your company to join over 220 ICT professionals in the eCommerce, WebDevelopment, Infrastructural Services, Dedicated and Colocation Hosting Solutions, DatabaseManagement, Software Development, Networking Solutions, IT Consultancy, Training, Hardware Solutions,Internet Monetization, Social Media, Web 2.0 Solutions, Mobile Computing, etc at one of the top ICTevent for ICT students and professionals in Africa.The IntegrateIT Summit provides opportunity for learning new trends in the ICT (and generally,technology) world. Also, as a purposed event for business networking, you have the opportunity ofutilizing the networking and breakout sessions for meeting and solidifying new business prospects. Themost fascinating thing about these events is the seminars and product showcase featured alongside thenetworking sessions. There, you can place your company on the leverage where you have opportunity ofbridging new innovation with your current trend.Also, there are opportunities for marketing and sponsorship for companies who understand the secret offore-play and role-play. While promising viable returns for your investment, I also assure you of having ahandful of business prospects to take your business to the next level.As you peruse through the event details attached, I earnestly hope to meet you at the events.Sincerely yours, Victoria Gold Head, Sponsorship and Partnership Management +234.8080807807, +234.8130100196 WWW.3TECHEVENTS.COM
  3. 3. 2011 © COPYRIGHT RESERVED. TRINITY TECHNOLOGY EVENTS LIMITEDABOUT THE INTEGRATEIT SUMMIT 2011Online, things change so quickly. Todays big thing will be history tomorrow. Keeping on top of this is a continuous cycle for executives in all businesses. The IntegrateIT is aseries of Seminars, networking sessions and product showcases designed to help you get on top of the latest technology trends and some typical how-to-integrate-itinformation in just two days. At the summit, you will be opportune to • Attend 6 FREE educational seminars • Meet Leading solution providers showcase • Network and swap ideas with like minded professionals, before, during and after the events.BENEFITS OF THE EVENT• You keep up with the latest innovations in your industry,• Gives you an opportunity to find some of the best talent for your company,• Show you what the competition is up to,• Be a source for building your businesss client base,• Help you land an industry internship or• Give your company visibility in the industry.EVENT DETAILS (Visit for detailed event agenda) Event Name Description Business Social Networking Using Social Media for ROI Improvement Intelligence Computing Intelligence Computing: Is it Achievable in Africa? The Wireless Protocol Forum Developing and Implementing Wi-Fi Standards Cloud Computing 101 Using Web Technologies for Management eLearning Development The Online Education RevolutionKEYNOTE ADDRESS: PROFESSOR RICHARD BOATENG, PH.D Dir. of Research and Operations, ICITD, Southern University, USA and Executive Director, Pearl Richards FoundationSPECIAL GUESTS: DIRECTOR, GHANA INFORMATION & COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY DIRECTORATE (GICTeD)/NITA, ACCRA. DIRECTOR OF STUDIES, GHANA-INDIA KOFI ANNAN CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE IN ICT, ACCRA. WWW.3TECHEVENTS.COM
  4. 4. 2011 © COPYRIGHT RESERVED. TRINITY TECHNOLOGY EVENTS LIMITEDTARGET AUDIENCE: WHO SHOULD ATTEND - IT Executives: CTOs, CIOs, IT Managers, - Non IT Executives: CFOs, Audit Managers, Finance Directors, Engineers, Technicians, Automation & Robotics Experts - Government Bodies: Ministry of Science and Technology and relevant departments. - Professionals: Web Developers, Domain Name Registrars, Web Host Administrators, E-Commerce Experts, e-Payment Solutions developers, Mobile Apps Developers, Software Developers, IT Consultants, Network Administrators, Social Media Experts, E-Learning Developers, Related Retailers and Service Providers, ISPs, Hardware Engineers, Academic Instructors, Automation Engineers, Technicians, Animators, etc. - Students: Computer Science, Banking and Finance, Accounting, Education, Mass Communication, International Studies, and students of any Management course.PARTICIPATION AND REGISTRATIONTo participate in the event, simply visit the event website ( and Register Free. Kindly fill out the registration form duly and you will befurther instructed in any email on other procedures to confirm your attendance.Ensure you fill out the forms correctly providing valid email and phone data. Inappropriate data may affect your lanyards print-out and communicating with you.NETWORKING AND BREAKOUT SESSIONSNetworking sessions are designed to facilitate contacts between businessmen, innovators, professionals, students, job-seekers and decision-makers from all ICT fields. Whenyou are coming to the events, come with the following - Company Profile - Business Card - Digital Presentation (Laptop) - Business Plans - CVs/Resume - Anything to facilitate your career and services. WWW.3TECHEVENTS.COM
  5. 5. 2011 © COPYRIGHT RESERVED. TRINITY TECHNOLOGY EVENTS LIMITEDSPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIESWe have categorized our sponsorship opportunities to place every investor on a defined platform and participatory standard. Please refer to the event website for instructions and sponsorship registration. Categories Investment Returns on Investment (Benefits) Gold Sponsor GH¢ 2,500 ($2,000) - Day Two Product Showcase (30mins) - Contact List of Attendees (includes Email & Mobile Nos) - Full Page Advert in Summit Guide - Company Logo on Materials and Stage Backdrop - Company Logo and Link to your website on event website - Public Acknowledgment at opening and closing Silver Sponsor GH¢ 1,500 ($1,000) - Day One Product Showcase (30mins) - Contact List of Attendees (only Email) - ½ Page Advert in Summit Guide - Company Logo on Materials and Stage Backdrop - Company Logo and Link to your website on event website - Public Acknowledgment at opening and closing Bronze Sponsor GH¢ 1,000 ($700) - Deliver Seminar Topic - Contact List of Attendees - Basic Logo Listing Ads in Summit Guide - Company Logo on Materials and Stage Backdrop - Company Logo and Link to your website on event website - Public Acknowledgment at opening and closing Refreshment Sponsor GH¢ 500 ($350) - Serve as a Panelist on Discussion Forums - Basic Logo Listing Ads in Summit Guide - Company Logo on Materials and Stage Backdrop - Company Logo and Link to your website on event website Event Guide Sponsor GH¢ 500 ($350) - Serve as a Panelist on Discussion Forums Event Folder Sponsor GH¢ 500 ($350) - Basic Logo Listing Ads in Event Guide - Company Logo on Materials and Stage Backdrop - Company Logo and Link to your website on event website WWW.3TECHEVENTS.COM
  6. 6. 2011 © COPYRIGHT RESERVED. TRINITY TECHNOLOGY EVENTS LIMITED5 REASONS YOU SHOULD EXHIBIT @ THE INTEGRATEIT SUMMITIf you’ve ever been to an exhibition you know that an exhibition hall can be an exciting place. You have instant access to new companies, new people, new technologies,new ideas and new trends. This makes exhibitions one of the most effective mediums for establishing and maintaining customer relations. In an increasingly digital age, theyare the only media where buyer, seller and product physically come together - a potent force for business.Five reasons why you should consider exhibiting;Highly Targeted AudienceWhen you consider how specialized your audience at an exhibition is they are highly cost-effective sales and marketing platforms. It is relatively easy to make newbusiness contacts you may not otherwise find. The needs of buyers and supplier are both satisfied under one roof.An Instant Two-Way Communication ProcessUnlike printed marketing material such as brochures, exhibitions provide a two-way communication process. Both sellers and buyers can seek and give out information.Business is conducted face to face - the most persuasive form of selling, and of building customer relationships.The Buyer Comes To YouWhere else do you find a marketing platform where your potential customers actually seek you out to ask questions? They make a conscious decision to attend, and setaside valuable time to do so. Any may be leads you would not have identified otherwise.An Interactive EnvironmentOther means of marketing rely on capturing your prospective customers’ attention through words and pictures, at an exhibition your customers can see, taste, touch and tryyour product for themselves. The impact of a live demonstration can be very powerful.Fast Market PenetrationNot only are your visitors highly specialized in your field, there are also a lot of them under one roof. You can reach a large proportion of the market in a short space oftime. Whether you are there to raise your company profile, generate new sales leads or introduce new products, unlike an expensive mail-out campaign, you can target alarge proportion of your market directly.Individually, the benefits listed are not unique to exhibitions but what is unusual is their combination in a single, highly flexible promotional tool. Exhibitions combine themass-reach of advertising, the targeting of direct mail, the persuasive power of face-to-face selling, and the networking benefits of the Internet, to create a uniqueenvironment in which a wide range of sales and marketing objectives can be pursued. WWW.3TECHEVENTS.COM
  7. 7. 2011 © COPYRIGHT RESERVED. TRINITY TECHNOLOGY EVENTS LIMITEDEXHIBITION OPPORTUNITIESThe exhibition is a unique part of all our events. This is your opportunity to showcase and raise your organisations profile of your products or services, during the mealbreaks at the conference. This is also the perfect opportunity to network, make new and catch up with known acquaintances within the technology Industry.Great emphasis will be placed on ensuring that the delegates are frequently required to visit the exhibition while catering activities for delegates will be served within thisarea. It is important to specify that larger part of the exhibition has been dedicated to the sponsors. The exhibition will be open to only 10 companies; which put theappropriation at 6 Sponsorship exhibition spaces and 4 general exhibition slots. Only 4 companies which are not applying for the sponsor category can apply for anexhibition space.EXHIBITION DETAILSOnly exhibition spaces and chairs/tables are provided. All exhibitors would operate within their designated space. Exhibition opens as authorized by organizers. Foradvice and supports on how you can have a successful exhibition, you can contact the Operations Manager for your exhibition guide by sending an email requesting your copy.All exhibitions close exactly by 3:30pm. All exhibitions spaces must be vacated by 4:00pm.EXHIBITION SPACE RENTALSpace Rental Fee: GH¢ 450Package includes; - 3 x 2 meters space. - 1 Table. - 2 unit tables. - Electrical Utilities - 2 Exhibitors’ badges (for staff to man the space) - Textual ads listing in the event newsletter. - Textual listing on event website with hyperlink to exhibitor’s website. - You are to come along with 2 display banners (preferably rollup banners) - Coffee and Snacks served to exhibitorsELIGIBILITY TO EXHIBITOnly companies that provide products or services that are deemed appropriate are eligible to exhibit. The event organizer reserves the right to screen products andservices for appropriateness. WWW.3TECHEVENTS.COM
  8. 8. 2011 © COPYRIGHT RESERVED. TRINITY TECHNOLOGY EVENTS LIMITEDADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIESOpportunities exist during and after the networking event for companies seeking to advertise their products and services. These events are strictly for companies offeringthe following services and/or are affiliates to 3rd party solutions providers anywhere around the world.Web Development Colocation Hosting Dedicated Hosting Social MediaWeb-Based Solutions Software-Based Solutions Freelance Developers CRM SolutionsServers & Apps Retailers eLearning Solutions Telepresence Solutions Networking SolutionsTraining Institutions Mobile Web Services Hardware Retailers and other Technology Services ProvidersThere are three (3) options for companies interested in marketing at our events.Newsletter Campaign: Marketers have the opportunity of advertising their products and services via our newsletters. The event newsletters are presented both in print anddigital (online). The newsletters are freely distributed on weekly basis to the industry experts and the general technology communities. Therefore companies have the chanceof having their services in glare of more than 1,000 subscribers.Pricing: Event Week (Covers Pre-Event, During and Post-Event) 1/2 Page - GH¢ 300, 1/4 Page - GH¢ 140, Marketplace 3x3 - GH¢ 50Event Guide & Folder: Participants will be handed an event folder which contains the summit guide, stationeries, and souvenirs of hosting and sponsoring companies. In thefolder and guide, there are availability of spaces provided for advertisements and product listings. Also, marketers can also submit their flyers and mini-brochures forplacement in the event folder.Pricing: Event Folder Package - GH¢ 2.00/Flyer, mini-brochures - GH¢ 5.00/brochure. Event Guide - Full Page - GH¢ 500, 1/2 Page - GH¢ 320, 1/4 Page - GH¢ 250 Marketplace 3x3 - GH¢ 50Roll-up Banner Placement: This opportunity is limited to 10 Companies only. The companies would have their roll-up banners placed strategically at various locations withthe event venue. Although placement varies but are subjected to the decision of the organizers. Please contact us via email ( or call us on+234.805 345 6908, +234.808 381 2699 to access this opportunity. WWW.3TECHEVENTS.COM
  9. 9. 2011 © COPYRIGHT RESERVED. TRINITY TECHNOLOGY EVENTS LIMITEDEXPRESSION OF INTEREST FORMCOMPANY/ORGANIZATION INFORMATIONREGISTERED NAME:FULL ADDRESS: CITY: STATE: COUNTRY: COUNTRY CODETELEPHONE: FAX: EMAIL:CONTACT PERSON INFORMATIONFULL NAME:POSITION HELD: DIRECT TEL. LINE: EMAIL:SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Gold Sponsor (GH¢2,500) Silver Sponsor(GH¢1,500) Bronze Sponsor (GH¢1,000) Refreshment Sponsor (GH¢500) Event Guide Sponsor (GH¢500) Event Folder Sponsor (GH¢500)EXHIBITION OPPORTUNITY Single Space (GH¢450) VIP Space (only for sponsors)ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIESEvent Guide/Newsletter Campaign (Colored Ads) Event Folder Rollup Banner Placement (limited to 5 Companies) 1 Full Page (GH¢500) ½ Page (GH¢300) Promotional Flyers (GH¢2/Flyer) 1 Banner (GH¢150) ¼ Page (GH¢200) Textual Ads (GH¢50) Promotional Brochures (GH¢5/Brochures) 2 Banners (GH¢250)The event organizers will confirm your request by sending an invoice and agreement letter. There are a limited number of sponsor, exhibitor and advertising opportunities and we appreciate your interest and support. Please carefully read through the terms and conditions.Please forward by scanning and email to: Date:Manager, Sponsorship and Partnership Management,Trinity Technology Events Limited,Tel: +234 1 8812423, 703 723 2096, 805 345 6908Email: Authorized Personnel: send CC to: Authorized Signature: WWW.3TECHEVENTS.COM
  10. 10. 2011 © COPYRIGHT RESERVED. TRINITY TECHNOLOGY EVENTS LIMITEDTERMS AND CONDITIONSDEPOSIT AMOUNT CONDITIONS50% of total payment due upon issuance of invoice and The organizers reserve the right to change the venue and duration if exceptionalsigning of agreement. Remaining 50% due 2 weeks to the circumstances demand. In the event of a change of venue and/or duration, thechosen event. Current International Exchange Rates is fixed at agreement to participate will remain in force as long as the Sponsor/Exhibitor is$1= GH¢1.45 informed at least one month before the changes.PAYMENT DETAILS The event organizers will give priority to lead sponsors and early confirmation. It also reserves the right to accept or reject any application for sponsorship, and will allocateElectronic Funds Transfer to: booths regardless of preference indicated and alter the floorplan depending on finalGuaranty Trust Bank Plc allocation of site regardless of preference indicated in its absolute and unfettered8/10 Allen Avenue, discretion.Ikeja, Lagos. Nigeria 23401Account Name: Trinity Technology Events In the case of cancellation, notification in writing should be sent to the Event Organizers.Account No: 202 276424 9 220 Unless that particular area of sponsorship is resold the organizers reserves the right toSWIFT Code: GTBNGLA retain deposit monies received.Instruction: Payment for ‘Event Name’ as a(Sponsor/Exhibitor/Advertiser, e.t.c.) The Exhibitor/Sponsor is responsible for all personal injury or damage to property arising in connection with the Exhibitor/Sponsor display area, howsoever caused.CONTACT DETAILS The Exhibitor/Sponsor will indemnify the Organizers in respect of any claim andTrinity Technology Events Limited, demands in respect thereof. The Exhibitor should take out adequate insurance in respectBR 20 Street, Federal Housing Estate, of all such claims.Opp. DeeperLife Church, Mosan – Ipaja,Lagos. Nigeria 23401 Exhibitor/Sponsor agrees to keep the exhibition booth fully manned and operationalP.O.Box 3929, Ikeja, Lagos. and will not commence to remove or change any of the areas, until after the eventsTel: +234.1.8812324, 8280535 closes at defined time.Tel: +234 702966 8602, 7037232096, 8053456908Email: Sponsorship packages are allocated as outlined and the decision of the organizers willWebsite: be final. WWW.3TECHEVENTS.COM