Angus mc cabe tsrc social networking below the radar 4 april 2012


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Angus mc cabe tsrc social networking below the radar 4 april 2012

  1. 1. Social Media or Action Media? BTR11: Social Networking Below the Radar Big Lottery Fund: London Angus McCabe 4th April 2012 Funded by:Hosted by:
  2. 2. Why BTR11?Supported by Barrow Cadbury TrustKey questions: o Can social media promote and support grassroots ‘below the radar’ community groups and activities? o Is social media a mechanism for change or chat? o What lessons have been learned? o Where next?
  3. 3. ‘Starter’ QuestionsFrom 8th July 2011 ‘kick start’ eventIf the policy agenda is about transferring power to communities then: o What needs to happen? o What can we do? o Who else needs to be involved? o How could social media play a role?
  4. 4. BTR 11: Activities 1• Beyond the Radar kick-start event: Communities and Local Government, 8th July 2011• How can community groups achieve their goals despite the cuts? Live Q&A event: 19th July 2011, Guardian on-line with NCVO, Urban Forum, CLG, Volunteering England and Small Charities Coalition• What motivates people to act?; 19th October 2011 webinar with NatCAN, St Helens CEN, North West CAN and Home Office
  5. 5. BTR 11: Activities 2• *Civil Society Beyond the Radar; 30th January 2012, online discussion with Community Matters• Below the Radar and the unintended consequences of voluntary sector reconfiguration; 1st February 2012, webinar with Barrow Cadbury Trust, CDF, Big Lottery and Trust for London• *Strengthening civil society through social media; 28th February 2012, on-line discussion with NatCAN, David Wilcox, Social Reporter *Organiser and facilitator – Globalnet21
  6. 6. How many took part?Civic crowd site 2,217 views , 1,546 visit (70% new) Video views: 20 – 60 per video Power points: slide share over 500 viewsGuardian Q & A 1,100 views, 126 commentsWebinars Natcan, 70 thoughts, 466 views, 146 visits BLF, 159 thoughts, 26 people, 2,159 viewsGlobalnet21 Community Matters, 21 online Social Reporter, 35 onlineBut who took part and what did they gain/do ?
  7. 7. ActionsProposed actions from the ‘kick start’ event: o Community reporters o Organising mentoring visits o Supporting area based community development workers o Mapping local assets and networksHow do we know what happened next?
  8. 8. QuestionsHow does this compare with your experiences with other social media in terms of: The methods used to engage? Level of participation? Characteristics of participants? Ongoing dialogue – beyond ‘event’? Discussion or action?
  9. 9. Lessons learned 1Time and timingMarketing: the push and pull of social mediaIssues of accessibility: digital exclusion, ‘ease of use’ and ‘comfort zones’‘Competition’: does anything join up in social media?Topics and topicalityGoing viral…..easier said…….From chat to change…..easier said……
  10. 10. Lessons learned 2‘Mirroring’ the real world.S/he who types fastest….Meetings: both real and virtual – which facilitates which?Mind the technology gap!Open or structured discussions?Favourite tools for interactionOverload of information and ideasDifferent timing different audience different debate
  11. 11. Discussion questionsIf social media is chat – does this matter and what does it achieve?Social media as ‘noise’; the ‘plethora of voices’ – a strength or a weakness?If social media is about change – what are the triggers and techniques?Who has power or control in social media?
  12. 12. Social media below the radarGetting/using social media with and in below the radarcommunity groups: Does it matter? What might social media do? What’s the strategy for success? How do we ‘measure’ impact?