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How APIs are Changing Software Development


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Talk from the API Management Meeting, San Francisco, 9/11/2013. Covering how APIs change the way be build applications. Also covers why the API Economy will be a complex distributed system.

Talk from the API Management Meeting, San Francisco, 9/11/2013. Covering how APIs change the way be build applications. Also covers why the API Economy will be a complex distributed system.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. How APIs are changing Application Development Steven Willmott 3scale Inc @3scale -
  • 2. On Demand API Infrastructure: @3scale me: @njyx on twitter Powering 250 APIs Billions API Calls / Month
  • 3. San Francisco 23-25th October
  • 4. To the Content…
  • 5. “Software is Eating the World” Marc Andreessen – WSJ / August 2011
  • 6. “APIs are Eating Software” API Days San Francisco 2013
  • 7. Almost every major industry is becoming software driven MusicRetail Video Telephony Meaning: …
  • 8. Examples Lytro: “Software Defined Cameras” Philips Hue: “Software Controlled Lighting” Amazon: “Software Driven Retail” Pixar: “Software powered animation”
  • 9. APIs are Eating Software
  • 10. Meaning: 1 2 APIs are the key glue that make this software remotely addressable APIs provide a myriad of new external building blocks to speed up and enrich software development 3 If you do these things together special things happen
  • 11. Outside-In More and More APIs are Proliferating
  • 12. APIs Make Software Remotely Addressable
  • 13. Wide Diversity of APIs out there London Transport: Open Data Evernote: “Platformization” Netflix: “Massive Distribution” JCI: “Software Controlled Buildings” Thousands Of Devices
  • 14. Software multiplies in value many fold if you can talk to it
  • 15. But, What about “Inside-Out”? How are APIs Changing Application Development?
  • 16. APIs are the new Libs “In computer science, a library is a collection of implementations of behavior, written in terms of a language, that has a well-defined interface by which the behavior is invoked” Credit: Wikipedia
  • 17. Download & Add to Classpath Became Find and Integrate
  • 18. Speed (Time to Market) e.g. + Devops Borat e.g. (Top Mashup on Progr Web)
  • 19. Richness / Functionality e.g. e.g.
  • 20. Offboarding e.g. e.g. (Rich Photo Effects For Mobile by SDK) (Monitoring System in the Cloud)
  • 21. Reliability e.g. e.g. (Email by API) (Amazon S3)
  • 22. The Sum of the Two Makes Interesting Things Happen
  • 23. Software Development over Time Software Before 1995 Software 1995 – 2010 Software 2010 -
  • 24. Enables specialization, focus, much wider distribution
  • 25. APIs enable componentization across organizational boundaries
  • 26. I: New Type of Software Development
  • 27. Software as Model-View-Controller VIEW = FORM MODEL = DATA CONTROLLER = BUSINESS LOGIC Model View Controller
  • 28. Now it can done at the company / organization level
  • 29. Example “Models” Model Data Anywhere in any form (copyrights / respective owners)
  • 30. Example: Views View Many Delivery Channels (copyrights / respective owners)
  • 31. Example: Controllers Controller Many Delivery Channels (copyrights / respective owners)
  • 32. APIs Enable Separation & Focus Model View Controller Data Anywhere in any form Many Delivery Channels Third parties operating on data Distributed Applications
  • 33. Software + APIs allow Businesses to co-evolve much faster
  • 34. Fundamentally Different Model of Developing Software (MVC is only one model – the point is: componentization is possible)
  • 35. II: But it’s extremely Hard
  • 36. Downsides to Opening APIs… • Security is key • Scalability needs to be built in • It requires long term support • New type of business interaction • Vendors can Help • In many cases some of the work is already done
  • 37. Downsides to using external APIs… • Latency? • Availability? • Security? • SLAs? • Cost • Service Continuity? • In most cases there are no other ways to solve the problem • Tools are emerging
  • 38. This is Distributed Systems Engineering
  • 39. 10 Hard Things About Building Distributed Systems • Interface Definition & Consistency • Latency • Slow or Dead? • Distributed State Synchronization • Remote Clock Problems • Error Detection • Change Management • Static & Dynamic Testing • Code Validation / Verification • Frame Problems
  • 40. But Wait… It’s even harder than that …
  • 41. Distributed Across Organizational Boundaries • No access to source code • No knowledge of Server Environment • Security and Access Permissions Everywhere • Identity Problems • Shared Semantics are much harder to achieve • Unknown / Mismatched Scale Issues • Danger of Much Wider Interdependencies – Frame problem is worse!)
  • 42. Most of these problems are completely unaddressed Need to be if we are to reach 100’s of thousands of APIs
  • 43. Progress Today R&D / Experimental • Distributed Verification • Distributed Systems Contracts • Semantic Web Ontologies • Service Descriptions? Tools • Neustar Webmetrics • Runscope & others • API-Hub • Swagger Tools • Pingdom et. al. Lots of Interesting Problems to be Solved!
  • 44. Strategies to Avoid Headaches API Provider • Publish Specifications • Handle Versioning Carefully • Provision for Scale & Rate Limit • Code Libraries • Buffers, Queues, Webhooks and Asychronous Responses • Multiple Data Centers Tools • Monitoring • Caching • Mocks for Testing • Buffers & Queues • Failover Services • Graceful Failure Modes • Assume Failure Will happen
  • 45. These are a good Start But the overall problem will get harder and harder
  • 46. Conclusions
  • 47. Take Away’s 1 2 The World will get Software & API Enabled Radical impact on the Software we write and what is possible => These new systems are complex and hard to build The “API Economy” will be way more complex than today’s Web
  • 48. I.e. The “API Economy” as a global system will be way more complex than today’s Web
  • 49. Keep Building! @njyx, @3scale We make Awesome API Management Tools: