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As Software eats the World, APIs eat Software


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Software is Eating theWorld, APIs are EatingSoftwareSteven Willmott3scale networks@3scale -
  • 2. On Demand API Infrastructure: @3scalePowering 200+ APIsBillions API Calls / Month
  • 3. “Software is Eating theWorld”Marc Andreessen – WSJ / August 2011
  • 4. Almost every major industry isbecoming software drivenMusicRetail Video TelephonyMeaning:…
  • 5. ExamplesLytro: “Software DefinedCameras”Philips Hue: “Software ControlledLighting”Amazon: “Software DrivenRetail”Pixar: “Software poweredanimation”
  • 6. APIs eat Software
  • 7. Meaning:12APIs are the key glue that make thissoftware remotely addressableAPIs provide a myriad of new externalbuilding blocks to speed up and enrichsoftware development3If you do these things together specialthings happen
  • 8. Remotely Addressable =Opening up some networkaddressable interface
  • 9. ExamplesLondon Transport: Open DataEvernote: “Platformization”Netflix: “Massive Distribution”JCI: “Software ControlledBuildings”ThousandsOf Devices
  • 10. Adoption is across all sectors
  • 11. Diversity: SectorsGamesBloggingTransportDatingDictionaryEventsJob SearchPaymentReal EstatePIMNewsSecurityTelephonyCredit: Sample Categories Programmable Web
  • 12. Diversity: Sizes of CompaniesCredit: API Survey / John Sheehan 2012
  • 13. Diversity: Business ModelsCredit: 3scale 1000 APIs Survey 2012• Only 24% “API isthe product”• The VastMajority powernon-API BusinessModels
  • 14. Software is essentially useless withoutremotely addressable interfaces
  • 15. There are downsides too openingAPIs too• Security is key• Scalability needs to bebuilt in• It requires long termsupport• Design can be hard• New type of businessinteractionStill: the Upsidesare Compelling• Vendors can Help• In many cases someof the work isalready done
  • 16. How are APIs ChangingApplication Development?
  • 17. APIs are the new Libs“In computer science, a library is a collectionof implementations of behavior, written interms of a language, that has a well-definedinterface by which the behavior is invoked”Credit: Wikipedia
  • 18. Speed (Time to Market)e.g. + Devops Borate.g.(Top Mashup onProgr Web)
  • 19. Richness / Functionalitye.g.e.g.
  • 20. Offboardinge.g.e.g.(Rich Photo EffectsFor Mobile by SDK)(Monitoring Systemin the Cloud)
  • 21. Reliabilitye.g.e.g.(Email by API)(Amazon S3)
  • 22. There are downsides too usingexternal APIs too• Latency?• Availability?• Security?• SLAs?• Can’t Access Code• Cost• Service Continuity? The Upsides areCompelling• In most cases thereare no other waysto solve theproblem• Tools are emerging
  • 23. The Sum of the Two
  • 24. APIs Will Eat SoftwareSoftware Before 1995 Software 1995 – 2010 Software 2010 -
  • 25. Enables specialization, focus, muchwider distribution
  • 26. Businesses (via theirSoftware and APIs) are actingas components
  • 27. Software as Model-View-ControllerVIEW = FORMMODEL = DATACONTROLLER = BUSINESS LOGICModelView Controller
  • 28. Example “Models”ModelData Anywhere inany form(copyrights / respective owners)
  • 29. Example: ViewsViewMany DeliveryChannels(copyrights / respective owners)
  • 30. Example: ControllersControllerMany DeliveryChannels(copyrights / respective owners)
  • 31. APIs Enable Separation & FocusModel View ControllerData Anywhere inany formMany DeliveryChannelsThird partiesoperating on dataDistributed Applications
  • 32. Software + APIs allowBusinesses to co-evolvemuch faster
  • 33. Fundamentally DifferentModel of Programming(MVC is only one model – the point is:componentization is possible)
  • 34. Conclusions
  • 35. APIs Software World
  • 36. Take Aways12The World will get Software Enabled… and hence API Enabled=>Radical impact on the Software wewrite and what is possible=>… The shift is as radical as theemergence of the Web …
  • 37. Thank you!, @3scaleWe make Awesome API Management Tools: