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3 Round Stones at the New England Health Datapalooza Oct 3, 2012
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3 Round Stones at the New England Health Datapalooza Oct 3, 2012


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3 Round Stones' co-founder Bernadette Hyland discusses a new mobile application that uses federal open government data about weather and healthcare to improve management of chronic health conditions …

3 Round Stones' co-founder Bernadette Hyland discusses a new mobile application that uses federal open government data about weather and healthcare to improve management of chronic health conditions including asthma and COPD.

Published in: Health & Medicine

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  • 1. Weather Health Explorer Linking Environmental Data for Personal Health Delivery 3-October-2012 Presenter: Bernadette Hyland Email. Twitter: @BernHyland This presentation: I’d like to introduce you to an exciting Web app emerging as a result ofgovernment open data efforts and industry valuing trusted authoritative contentfrom the Web. Gov’t agencies, like NOAA, HHS, NLM/NIH and US EPA, areauthoritative sources for important data sets. We, as taxpayers, have collectivelypaid millions for gov’t to collect, curate and disseminate this information thatoften is NOT very accessible and rarely published in format that is re-usable byothers.
  • 2. Our customers US Environmental Health & Protection Human Agency Services Government Printing Office World Wide Web ConsortiumOur customers.... I co-chair the W3C Government Linked Data Working Groupand support Open Government Data initiatives focusing on data exchangestandards and best practices used by the HCLS communities. I’m also co-founder & CEO of 3 Round Stones, a commercial open source data platformcompany.
  • 3. Google Generation ... Empowered “Let patients help!” - Dave deBronkart 3Today we live in the Google Generation. We can research anything. 10% of American’suse online tools and apps like iTriage to evaluate symptoms, learn about possible causes,find medical facilities or record prescriptions.
  • 4. The catalyst ... • The Web, of course ... • Open data from trusted authoritative sources • Open Source software • Global data exchange standardsOver the last decade, medical practitioners have observed how the Web has impactedhow patients interact with them; participate in online communities like, theAssociation of Cancer Online Resources. ACOR is a collection of online cancercommunities who provide timely and accurate information to those affected by cancerand related disorders. When Dave deBronkart learned he had a rare and terminalcancer, he turned to a group of fellow patients online -- and found the medical treatmentthat saved his life. He calls on all patients to talk with one another, know their ownhealth data, and make health care better one e-Patient at a time. His mantra is “LetPatients Help”.
  • 5. Big data ecosystem includes complex dataThat of course has to be balanced. There is a ton of information on the Web ... not all of it is good,accurate or should be trusted.We, patients, providers, healthcare IT vendors and government, all find ourselves in a big dataecosystem, seeking information from trusted sources. The Web of Data provides fertile soil foreconomic growth to transform how we do personalized health delivery, including integratingmobile computing devices. As Dr. Fernando Martinez from Beacon Partners suggested yesterday,there are “double-edged aspects” of mHealth. There are security aspects related to managing non-corporate owned devices that need to be addressed, however, there is no turning back the fact thatpatients are becoming more empowered and healthcare professionals must keep up.
  • 6. Improving health delivery ... • Harness larger & more complex datasets to evaluate the potential for health impacts • More accurately predict factors that contribute to illness or diagnose diseaseWe are already seeing signs of the things to come.Healthcare analytics and BI solutions providers harnessing larger and morecomplex data sets are looking to incorporate Open Data too.Health delivery companies like Sentara and Partners Healthcare are producingmobile apps for the public good.They’re gaining expertise with the new distributed data landscape and howpatients are becoming central to their care.
  • 7. CDC Open Linked Data DBpedia Census Government Cloud Pub Med Data Ontology Clinical NLM Business US EPA Ontology Internal Social Portal Media Data Physicians Facebook Twitter EMR Services Data Locations Clinical Condition SpecificSentara Healthcare, a VA-based non-profit health delivery company with 400Kinsured lives, are interested in the intersection of Open Government Data +Linked Data cloud + internal content.
  • 8. Conceptual Model    Pa$ents  with  chronic  pulmonary  disease  that  are   educated  and  no$fied  of  adverse  environmental,   weather,  and  geographic    condi$ons  are  .  .  . be#er  able  to  respond  and  proac/vely   manage  their  condi/on.Working with Sentara Healthcare, we developed a conceptual model. Nearly130 million Americans, that is nearly one in two, suffer from at least one chronicmedical condition such as COPD, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke andhigh blood pressure.   Chronic conditions account for 70% utilization of medicalservices and costs in the US. Our initial conceptual model started earlier thisyear focusing on Asthma and COPD.Our initial focus for a Web and mobile app is on patients with chronic pulmonarydisease and educating them on adverse effects of the environment.
  • 9. Methodology 1. Defined target population and clinical data from EMR 2. Identified sources of open government data 3. Leveraged trusted, authoritative Open Government Data (environmental, weather, drugs) 4. Alert patient of possible hazardous conditions and recommend appropriate actionsDescribe methodology.We combine open content from US EPA, NOAA, NLM/NIH, PubMed, Medline to support patient education.3RS created a Web application linking 4 government data sets daily & userentered info on asthma and COPD. The project is called “Weather HealthExplorer.”
  • 10. Value Proposition• Decrease costly  Emergency  Department  visits• Reduce  hospital  re-­‐admissions  a>er  treatment• Improve self-­‐care  and  medica$on  compliance• Awareness  of  triggers  and  disease  management
  • 11. Weather Health Explorer EPA EPA NOAA UV AQS NIH NIH User 11Because studies show that people turn to authoritative sources on the Web for information on theirhealth conditions, as often as 50% of the time healthcare is researched via the Web. Here is ascreen grab of the actual Web application.Weather Health Explorer uses open government data from NIH for drug warnings & imprint data;from NOAA for precipitation data, max/min temperature, humidity and thunderstorms; EPA AirQuality.Weather Health Explorer serves to warn patients of drug interactions or advising them on dosage.We’ve incorporated pill identification using imprint data. This application was built usingCallimachus, an open source data platform based on international data exchange standards.
  • 12. Iterative Approach • POC May 2012 (60 day sprint) EPA Air Quality & PubMed • Feedback - Demonstrated at Health Datapalooza, Washington DC (June 2012), patients, clinicians • Phase I - Dec 2012 - Available for general public • Phase II - 2013 - Combine with EMR (anonymized)Multiple speakers yesterday including Rob Havasy, Larry Stuntz, and Dr.Martinez described the importance of doing a phased approach, solicitingfeedback, pivoting rapidly. We adhere to the “Lean Startup model” promoted byEric Ries, the entrepreneur, technology advisor and best-selling author of thepopular blog “Startup Lesson Learned” & Lean Startup, a book that isrevolutionizing software development.
  • 13. This was our POC that we showed at the Healthcare Datapalooza in DC in June.We took feedback and iterated the Web application. Sentara continues to getfeedback and is looking for corporate support to continue development and makethis available on both their corporate website and as a mobile application.Something very powerful about this story is that Sentara, a non-profit healthcarecompany believes apps like this are a “national good” and should be madeavailable for people who want to be more responsible & accountable formanaging chronic conditions.
  • 14. Securely hosted on the cloud Off-s S n M /S ns atio notifications Email/SMS ail atio ite b Em tific istr no a min cku Ad ps Monitoring Service Application-level monitoring l ve SNS -le m ring ste ito Sy on m Callimachus (application) Additional attached Periodic snapshots storage (backup) EBS - 50 GB S3 - 50 GB M2.2XLarge HTTP/HTTPS Public users• Created using an Open Source linked data management system, Callimachus • Developers can combine data sources & quickly build a web UI for Web or mobile devices • Hosted on the cloud • Web scale
  • 15. Web scale• Leverages user supplied information & federal government data• Created using an Open Source linked data management system, Callimachus • Developers can combine data sources & quickly build a web UI for Web or mobile devices • Hosted on the cloud • Web scale
  • 16. Report card for Weather Health Explorer Linking Environmental Data for Personal Health Delivery ✓ Federal government data - EPA, NOAA, NIH - 25/25 ✓ Creativity/innovation/originality - 24/25 ✓ Patient empowerment / engagement - 20/20 ✓ Usefulness to the public - 20/20 ✓ Scalability - 10/10 Total = 99 pointsWeather Health Explorer meets all the criteria set forth for the New EnglandHealth Datapalooza Competition. Since it is early and I’m going first, I thoughtI’d help with the scoring :-)
  • 17. What is around the corner ... • Authorities publishing data in machine & human readable formats for improved access & re-use • Weather, human health and scientific research ... • Health Datapalooza 2013 will have a Linked Data track • Apps Challenges, hack-a-thons, funding ($1M- $200M)What’s next? We are already seeing signs of the things to come.Data on the Web is going mainstreamThere have been many well-publicized triple challenges, hack-a-thons, apps challenges-- they are popping up everywhere.
  • 18. This work is Copyright © 2011-2012 3 Round Stones Inc. It is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License Full details at: You are free: to Share — to copy, distribute and transmit the work to Remix — to adapt the work Under the following conditions: Attribution. You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work). Share Alike. If you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under the same or similar license to this one.This presentation is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-SAlicense, allowing you to share and remix its contents as long asyou give us attribution and share alike.