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Double Your Income in 2 Years
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Double Your Income in 2 Years


Published on

If you are a business owner or sales person, this article will appeal to you. You both earn your income from selling, so I guess you want to earn a few bucks more!

If you are a business owner or sales person, this article will appeal to you. You both earn your income from selling, so I guess you want to earn a few bucks more!

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Double your Income in 2 Years Peter Lawless IT Sales Network
  • 2. What’s on your P60?
    • Always look at NET income
    • Assumptions based on Single person
    • Check out Net Income calculator at;
  • 3. Easy ways to have more Money!
    • Get a raise.
    • Win it.
    • Inherit it.
    • Sell more!
  • 4. But it’s all too difficult
    • Problems are challenges
    • Challenges are opportunities
    • Opportunities reward those who take action!
  • 5. What does DYI mean to YOU
    • What will you OWN?
    • What will you DO?
    • Who will you Share it with?
  • 6. What happens if you Don’t?
    • No big deal
      • You didn’t want that house!
      • You’re glad your spouse left you!
      • Who wants an Aston Martin anyway
      • And besides, you hate the Caribbean!
  • 7. Set Personal Goals
    • Understand why you MUST achieve your Goal
    • Commit to MASSIVE action
    • Determine a course of Action – A PLAN
    • Monitor and Adjust Plan continuously
  • 8. But, why bother with Goals?
    • Setting a Goal and taking massive action, is more important than achieving your goal
    • Setting the Goal helps us achieve focus on what is important.
    • Consistency of Purpose is key!
  • 9. 7 Forms of Intelligence
    • Mathematical
    • Linguistic
    • Artistic
    • Musical
    • Sporting
    • Social/Emotional
    • Self-Awareness
  • 10. Success at Persuasion
    • Ask;
      • The right Person
      • AT the right Time
      • The right Questions
    • Listen, then have;
      • The right Answers
      • IN the right Way
      • With The right Evidence
    • At all times have a great Attitude
  • 11. The 3 Parts of a Sales Call
    • Opening
    • Ask Power Questions
    • Conclusion
      • 15 minutes from the end
  • 12. Opening the meeting
    • Smile, as though you really mean it!
    • Thank them for their time
    • Ask them how long they Have
  • 13. Power Questions
    • So what made you want to see me?
    • What [offer related] issues are you having right now
    • Listen to the answers (don’t be planning your next question!)
  • 14. Closing the Call
    • Summarise all the issues they have
    • Agree a value on solving their issues
    • Confirm the decision process
    • Agree an action plan
    • Set the date of the next meeting
  • 15. Always start at the top
    • Power flows down from the top
    • Swimming up the Waterfall is difficult
    • People generally want to Please their Boss
  • 16. Planned Networking
    • The more people you meet, the more people who can buy or recommend your offering
    • Attend 4 events per month
    • Meet 3 people at each
    • That’s 144 new contacts
  • 17. What Meetings to attend
    • Where do your prospects hang out?
    • Where do your influencers go?
    • What events do your partners frequent?
  • 18. Start your DYI Plan Today
    • Write down your goals
    • Create your powerful questions
    • Plan your Networking Schedule
    • M aintain M omentum
  • 19. “ You become What you Think About” Buddah – Circa 500BC
  • 20. You CAN do anything
    • The Harder you prepare the luckier you seem to get
      • Doug Collins, Chicago Bulls Coach, about Michael Jordan
  • 21. Thank You for Participating Peter Lawless