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    Ad words phase1 Ad words phase1 Presentation Transcript

    • AdWords Strategy March 1st - 31st, 2012 Phase 1: Planning
    • Use of BudgetDuring the course of 4 weeks, we will optimize an ad spend of $12,500: Weeks 1-2: Ongoing Campaign Management: •Remove keywords, ads or ad groups that are not performing or waste resources •Adjust keywords and ad groups that perform: - Increase the Maximum Cost Per Click Week 1: $1,000 - Reallocate daily budget, (to remain with the week’s budget). - Create new ad groups using information we learn Week 2: $1,500 • Estimate cost per conversion Week 3: $3,000 Weeks 3-4: Track, refine, scale Week 4: $7,000 •Identify a cost per conversion •Identify ad groups that perform •Increase scale, monitor cost per conversion Overall Campaign Goals: •Refine Keyword Quality Performance •Find Optimal Ad Creative •Identify cost per conversion for each segment of our audience
    • Planning for Analytic Tracking•Google Analytics will be utilized to monitor all traffic from AdWords.•Additionally, AdWords traffic will be sent to a unique URL such as•We’ll monitor strategic conversion goals from AdWords traffic based on: – User signs up – User time on site – User achieves specific number of page views – A returning user signed up – Et cetera ! Jan. 6th, 2012 - Feb. 5th, 2012 578 people clicked “join” and 112 actually joined. During this time, 1,372 people clicked a 3RD HOME ad – costing $1,220 – but how many of those people are included in the 112 who signed up? We will track all signups and identify our cost per conversion.
    • Target Specific Groups by Profile1) People searching for a Home Exchange Club • Methodical searches; people refine search phrases to get the best results. • Conservative decision makers; people may take several weeks to eventually sign up. • The 3RD HOME main page is the best place to send this type of traffic; it’s inviting, informative and allows fast access to information. (*The new “Request Brochure” button should increase conversions). 2) People looking to travel to a specific place • This group will search with keywords specific to location and travel. • A strategy to intercept this group in their decision making process. • A|B test landing page - property vs. main 3) Industry level - searching for added value • Different search methods, more inactive. • Consider targeting broad, long tail phrases • Incorporate with strategy to build brand awareness over time • Should consider a unique landing page for this audience
    • Keyword Strategy Apply separate keyword strategies for particular ad groups. Existing History June 2011-Feb. 2012 .Branded – ex. 3RDHOME, 3RD HOME, third Home, buy a 3rd Home, Buying a third home• Security - insures dominance for all brand related searches• Promotional - can be utilized for returning users who enter site with branded searches (2,200 visits last month frompeople Googling “3rdhome” or “”) Location based – ex. “vacation home in colorado” (5,400 searches per month - $2.12 CPC) • A|B test this group on landing page - finding if a property-specific landing page out performs home page • Compartmentalize these data from other groups to find more relevant cost per conversion Industry specific – ex. “swap homes” (22,200 searches per month - $0.95 CPC), “residence clubs” (60,500 monthly searches - $1.97 CPC), apply to “developers” also Competitive – carefully explore combinations of optimal key phrases • RCI (550,000 searches per month - $1.03 CPC)* • Interval (1,000,000 searches per month - $1.16)* Negative - reduce unwanted traffic • ex. -timeshares
    • * “join interval”“join rci”
    • * 22 top-performing keywords based on CTR June 2011 - February 2012
    • Keyword Strategy - (home exchanges)We’ll make careful considerations on which keywords to bid - based on quality
    • Ad CreativeWe’ll adjust, add and remove ads based on their performance, aiming for highlyrelevant ads and optimal performance.
    • Next steps: • Define target profiles and set up ad groups • Build keyword lists and ad headlines • Define goals and setup analytics • Launch Campaign