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Ad words phase1

  1. 1. AdWords Strategy March 1st - 31st, 2012 Phase 1: Planning
  2. 2. Use of BudgetDuring the course of 4 weeks, we will optimize an ad spend of $12,500: Weeks 1-2: Ongoing Campaign Management: •Remove keywords, ads or ad groups that are not performing or waste resources •Adjust keywords and ad groups that perform: - Increase the Maximum Cost Per Click Week 1: $1,000 - Reallocate daily budget, (to remain with the week’s budget). - Create new ad groups using information we learn Week 2: $1,500 • Estimate cost per conversion Week 3: $3,000 Weeks 3-4: Track, refine, scale Week 4: $7,000 •Identify a cost per conversion •Identify ad groups that perform •Increase scale, monitor cost per conversion Overall Campaign Goals: •Refine Keyword Quality Performance •Find Optimal Ad Creative •Identify cost per conversion for each segment of our audience
  3. 3. Planning for Analytic Tracking•Google Analytics will be utilized to monitor all traffic from AdWords.•Additionally, AdWords traffic will be sent to a unique URL such as•We’ll monitor strategic conversion goals from AdWords traffic based on: – User signs up – User time on site – User achieves specific number of page views – A returning user signed up – Et cetera ! Jan. 6th, 2012 - Feb. 5th, 2012 578 people clicked “join” and 112 actually joined. During this time, 1,372 people clicked a 3RD HOME ad – costing $1,220 – but how many of those people are included in the 112 who signed up? We will track all signups and identify our cost per conversion.
  4. 4. Target Specific Groups by Profile1) People searching for a Home Exchange Club • Methodical searches; people refine search phrases to get the best results. • Conservative decision makers; people may take several weeks to eventually sign up. • The 3RD HOME main page is the best place to send this type of traffic; it’s inviting, informative and allows fast access to information. (*The new “Request Brochure” button should increase conversions). 2) People looking to travel to a specific place • This group will search with keywords specific to location and travel. • A strategy to intercept this group in their decision making process. • A|B test landing page - property vs. main 3) Industry level - searching for added value • Different search methods, more inactive. • Consider targeting broad, long tail phrases • Incorporate with strategy to build brand awareness over time • Should consider a unique landing page for this audience
  5. 5. Keyword Strategy Apply separate keyword strategies for particular ad groups. Existing History June 2011-Feb. 2012 .Branded – ex. 3RDHOME, 3RD HOME, third Home, buy a 3rd Home, Buying a third home• Security - insures dominance for all brand related searches• Promotional - can be utilized for returning users who enter site with branded searches (2,200 visits last month frompeople Googling “3rdhome” or “”) Location based – ex. “vacation home in colorado” (5,400 searches per month - $2.12 CPC) • A|B test this group on landing page - finding if a property-specific landing page out performs home page • Compartmentalize these data from other groups to find more relevant cost per conversion Industry specific – ex. “swap homes” (22,200 searches per month - $0.95 CPC), “residence clubs” (60,500 monthly searches - $1.97 CPC), apply to “developers” also Competitive – carefully explore combinations of optimal key phrases • RCI (550,000 searches per month - $1.03 CPC)* • Interval (1,000,000 searches per month - $1.16)* Negative - reduce unwanted traffic • ex. -timeshares
  6. 6. * “join interval”“join rci”
  7. 7. * 22 top-performing keywords based on CTR June 2011 - February 2012
  8. 8. Keyword Strategy - (home exchanges)We’ll make careful considerations on which keywords to bid - based on quality
  9. 9. Ad CreativeWe’ll adjust, add and remove ads based on their performance, aiming for highlyrelevant ads and optimal performance.
  10. 10. Next steps: • Define target profiles and set up ad groups • Build keyword lists and ad headlines • Define goals and setup analytics • Launch Campaign