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Nonprofit final-brochure

  1. 1. Brisbane 20 June 2011Sydney 21 June 2011Melbourne 23 June 2011 6th Annualgivewell NONprOFIt FOruM Building resilience in the third sectorWHO SHOuld attEnd? Sector Reform and Regulation: The National Not-for-Profit  Chief Executives Regulator and the development of a capital market for socialBoard Members economy organisationsInvestment Committee Investment Strategy: Setting investment policy to meet  Development Managers organisational objectivesChief Financial OfficersFinance Managers Economic Outlook: How will the “new normal” economy impact  on charitable giving and the business of nonprofit entities? Strategic Governance and Risk Management: Building and  maintaining an effective board Partnering for success: Both with business and with other  nonprofits for a shared service provision Human Capital Management: Building a culture of  innovation with limited resources
  2. 2. 8.00am Chris Leggett, Manager, Philanthropy and Exemptions Unit, Treasury (Brisbane) WHAT IS A FISH BOWLRegistration opens Facilitated by: DISCUSSION? Ian Learmonth, Director, Social Finance,8.30pm We will be placing our Social Ventures Australia speakers and expertsOpening from the Chair at the heart of the 10.30am audience, encouragingMichael Walsh, Executive Director, all attendees to engageGivewell Morning tea and networking and actively participate in the conversation.8.35pm This style of facilitation will: CAPACITY BUILDINGOpening Keynote • Encourage lively, intense and AND INVESTMENTThe Hon Tanya Plibersek MP, Federal focused discussion STRATEGY • Keep the exchange fast-paced and Minister for Human Services and SocialInclusion (via video) highly relevant 10.50am • Tease out fresh perspectives Laying the foundationFUTURE REGULATION • Challenge the traditional speaker/ for a social economy audience dynamicAND FUNDING Room layout: • Building capacity in the third sector8.45am • Organisational mentoring; programmes and outcomes speakersPresentation & discussion: • Robust planning through audienceSteps towards a national financial sustainabilitynot-for-profit regulator: • Examining some case studiesWhat should be the goals, 9.25am Sandy Blackburn-Wright, Head ofscope and function of national Organisational Mentoring, Groupnonprofit regulation? Fishbowl discussion: Sustainability and Community, Westpac (Brisbane, Sydney)Looking in some more detail at the Future regulation and fundingscoping study being undertaken by of the third sector Julienne Price, Head of Social SectorTreasury and PM&C, and an opportunity Banking, Westpac (Melbourne) In this session we ask panelists to putfor attendees to make their voices heard. their views forward, and then invite the audience to join in the discussion 11.20amChris Leggett, Manager, Philanthropyand Exemptions Unit, Treasury (Brisbane) using a “fishbowl” discussion format. Trends in consumerHelen McDevitt, Office for the Not-for- Participants: spending and implicationsProfit Sector, Department of the Prime Tony Thirlwell OAM, CEO, National for charitable givingMinister and Cabinet (Melbourne) Heart Foundation NSW (Sydney and • Retiring baby boomers and rise of Gen YMartin Jacobs, Principal Adviser, Melbourne) • Increase house price and mortgagesPersonal and Retirement Income Cameron Prout, CEO National HeartDivision, Treasury (Sydney) • Frugality – low retail sales etc. Foundation QLD (Brisbane) • Continued low returns 9.05am Les Hems, Director of Research, Centre for Social Impact from investmentsTowards a capital market for Belinda Drew, CEO, Forresters • Rise in Aus$ and business profitssocial economy organisations: Community Finance • Wage pressures – the mining boom How should a capital market for Robert Pekin, CEO, Food Connect and shortage of skilled laboursocial economy organisations Steve Hawkins, Executive, Theoperate? Benevolent Society (Brisbane, Sydney) Harry Cator, CEO, DMP Asset ManagementInnovative Financing of the NonprofitSector – a look at the current Peter Winneke, Myer Family Company 11.50am (Melbourne)Senate Inquiry, and how it fits with Building a sustainable platform Tamara Hartwich, Treasury (Sydney)the Not-for-Profit Regulator. Helen McDevitt, Department of Prime – setting investment policy forLes Hems, Director of Research, Minister & Cabinet (Melbourne) not-for-profits in 2011Centre for Social Impact Professor Myles McGregor-Lowndes, Whether funding ongoing activities Director, The Australian Centre for or providing the basis for long term Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies, development, a Not-for-profit’s QUT (Brisbane)
  3. 3. investment pool requires careful LEADERSHIP AND In an engaging and challenging 30management and consideration as to the minutes, two of the leaders in this areaobjectives it serves.  Using case studies, PARTNERSHIPS will provide a unique perspective onwe will explore the role of investment the tools, frameworks and approachesstrategy and setting in place the roadmap 2.00pm currently being used around thefor future management of the Not-for- world. This session will give you: Beauty and the beast:profit’s investment capital to ensure • The knowledge to approach impact the sustainability of its endeavours. nonprofit partnerships measurement with confidence with the private sectorKeith Drewery, Head of Family • The understanding of the strengths Office and Wealth Services, It’s been proven that there’s considerable and weaknesses of various approachesMyer Family Company (Brisbane) value in cross sector partnering.  Here we consider how to form successful business • The ability to express the change you Miles Collins, Manager, Investment make and turn that into enhanced partnerships, and their value in the currentResearch and Advisory, Myer fundraising ability (for NFPs) climate of social responsibility andFamily Company (Sydney) enterprise. • The certainty that your investment Farren Williams, Investment Adviser, is delivering results (for investors)Myer Family Company (Melbourne) Audette Exel is a unique and inspiring player on the nonprofit scene.  ISIS Jerry Marston, Director, Net Balance12.20pm operates projects in Uganda and Nepal, Ross Wyatt, Associate Director, Net funded entirely by the ISIS business based BalanceMaximising operational in Sydney. She joins us to share her ideasefficiency around successful partnering. 3.00pmIn this session we look at case studies The Heart Foundation has long partneredof not-for-profit organisations who with the private sector to achieve highly Coffeehave successfully re-organised mutually beneficial outcomes.  We’retheir business systems, and pleased to welcome two of their CEOs   STRATEGY & DIRECTIONfound significant efficiencies. who share their experience of corporate• Where do we find inefficiencies relations and principles for success. 3.15pm that can be resolved? Audette Exel, CEO and founder, Managing multiple risks ISIS Asia Pacific (Sydney)• Hard to base on size, often more about • What is Risk Management the complexity of the existing systems Cameron Prout, CEO National Heart within an NFP context Foundation QLD (Brisbane)• Calculating the “true cost” of • Relevance and application of individual programmes Tony Thirlwell, CEO National Heart Australian Standard ISO 3100 Foundation NSW (Melbourne) • How NFP’s should react from an • Linking up fundraising, accounts, implementation perspective the CRM and the programmes 2.30pm • Case StudiesTrish Hall, CEO, Star Business Solutions Knowing the change you make David Rosenbaum, Principal,(Sydney, Melbourne) Optimum NFP Impact. It’s become one of the mostJoanne Collinson, Managing Director, misused words in the community sector.blueStar Business Solutions (Brisbane) We are all striving to make an impact but 3.45pm how certain are we that it has happened? Building an effective board;12.50pm How much impact have we made? How directing an effectiveLunch do we provide evidence that our work has value? How do we engage supporters by organisation understanding impact rather than input? Who makes the best nonprofit board mem- bers? Donors, experienced business peo- ple or experienced nonprofit operators?  WITH THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS How do we manage a voluntary nonprofit board and ensure it is effective, responsive and professionally run? Duncan Peppercorn, Executive Director, Social Ventures Australia, Head of SVA Consulting SUPPORTER 4.30pm Networking and Drinks
  4. 4. enQUiRies RegistRation FoRmWeb 02 9810 6746 please RegisteR me FoRMail 212A Darling Street Brisbane 20 june 2011 sydney 21 june 2011 melbourne 23 june 2011 Balmain nSW 2041 Members of 3 Pillars network are entitled to a 10% discount.RegistRations I am a member of 3 Pillars network I am interested in becoming a memberContact Zaf MakdumTel 02 9555 4203 eaRly BiRd – Book & pay by 2 June 2011email small nonprofits organisations (turnover less than $5million*): Single registration $275+GST = $302.50VenUes 2 people from same organisation $475+GST = $522.50Brisbane 3 people from same organisation $625+GST = $687.50Christie Conference Centre other nonprofits organisations:320 Adelaide StreetBrisbane, QLD 4000 Single registration $450+GST = $495.00Tel 07 3010 9028 2 people from same organisation $750+GST = $825.00 3 people from same organisation $950+GST = $1045.00sydney others (advisors, consultants, fundraisers, government etc):menzies Hotel Single registration $500+GST = $550.0014 Carrington Street standaRd RegistRation Rate – Book & pay after 2 June 2011Sydney nSW 2000Tel 02 9299 1000 small nonprofits organisations (turnover less than $5million*): Single registration $330+GST = $363.00 2 people from same organisation $570+GST = $627.00melbourne 3 people from same organisation $750+GST = $825.00mercure Hotel13 Spring Street other nonprofits organisations:Melbourne VIC 3000 Single registration $450+GST = $495.00Tel 03 9205 9999 2 people from same organisation $900+GST = $990.00 3 people from same organisation $1140+GST = $1254.00 others (advisors, consultants, fundraisers, government etc):Cancellation policy: Single registration $600+GST = $660.00Should you be unable to attend a group discounts are available for 3 or more attendees. Contact us for this special rate.substitute delegate is always welcome atno extra cost. Alternatively, a full refund, *The turnover measure is only a guide. Please contact us if you wish to be considered for the lower rate.minus 50% (inclusive GST) service charge please completewill be made for cancellations receivedin writing up to one month prior to the Mr/Ms/Mrs/Miss Given namesevent. Regrettably, no refund will be givenfor cancellations received later than one Surnamemonth prior to the event. However, a fullcredit note will be issued. Company/Organisationprivacy: PositionThe information you have given will berecorded in our delegate database. 3 Pillars Addressnetwork may also share this informationwith our event partners. Please tick the City Postcodeappropriate box if you DO nOT wish to Phone Faxreceive further correspondence. 3 Pillarsnetwork reserves the right to change emailthe programme without notice. method of payment Cheque – please make cheque payable to 3 Pillars network Pty LtdPresented by Book and pay securely online by credit card using PayPal at Visa MasterCard AMeX (3% surcharge applies) name of cardholder Card number CVVthe 3 pillars network is the leading expiry date / Signatureknowledge network for sustainablebusiness in australia. membership is Total $free for any individual who hasattended a 3 pillars event. Delegates will receive an email confirmation letter and tax receipt once registered. I am interested in future 3 Pillars network eventsFor more information I do nOT wish to have my details made available to other organisations