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  • Esittely JKL, Esityksen aihe 13.11.12 JAMK/Tulosyksikkösi/Nimesi
  • Esityksen aihe 13.11.12 JAMK/Tulosyksikkösi/Nimesi
  • Esityksen aihe 13.11.12 JAMK/Tulosyksikkösi/Nimesi
  • Esityksen aihe 13.11.12 JAMK/Tulosyksikkösi/Nimesi

Juha Peralampi Juha Peralampi Presentation Transcript

  • The Nordic Welfare Model- opportunity or threat for entrepreneurship? “Building the Entrepreneurial University” at Stanford University 12-16 November 2012 by Mr. 13.11.12 1 Juha Perälampi, Manager of JAMK Business
  • What do you get for your tax dollar?• Free education from Kindergarten through University – Includes free meals, school materials, books, pencils, paper, counseling, etc. – University students are PAID to study including housing• Unemployment benefits between 50-80% of your income• Pension 60 % of your income Juha Perälampi 13.11.12 2
  • What do you get for your tax dollar?• Free pediatric care• 50 dollars a year covers all healthcare for adults• Medications• Maternity leave 75 % of your income level up to 9 months• Monthly stipend for each child Juha Perälampi 13.11.12 3
  • The nordic countries• Common history• High income level• Equality principle• The Nordic Welfare Model Juha Perälampi 13.11.12 4
  • challenges• Globalization (outsourcing)• EU Crisis• Demographic transition”Collective risk sharing should continue to offer a safety net which helps workers and their families to cope with risks and adapt to new circumstances” Juha Perälampi 13.11.12 5
  • Finland in perspective• The Best Country in the World: Newsweek• The Most Successful Nation: The Fund for peace report• 2nd Happiest Nation: United Nations World Happiness Report• 3rd Most Competitive Economy: The Global Competitiveness Report photo courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net Juha Perälampi 13.11.12 6
  • Tax burden• Income tax: max 50 % + social costs 6 %• Significant deductions for home owners and underprivilidged• Capital gains tax: 30%• Corporate tax: 26%• Sales tax: 23%• Dont get pulled over! Speeding tickets may be priced according to your income! Juha Perälampi 13.11.12 7
  • A knowledge-based economy• The major ecocomic and political processes paved the way for Finland’s high-tech industries and educational reform1. The turmoil in the Soviet Union 19912. A deep and severe economic recession triggered by a Finnish banking crisis (1990-1993), unemployment hit 20%,3. Integration with the European Union (1992-1995), membership 19954. Eurozone Crisis 2009- Esityksen nimi, Tekijä 13.11.12 8
  • Opportunities and threatsfor entrepreneurship Education Juha Perälampi 13.11.12 9
  • Education #1• The main transformer of social and economic development since the 1940’s• The Finnish education system rated as one of the best• Equal educational opportunity for all• Almost all teachers have a Master’s degree• Teaching is a high-status profession Juha Perälampi 13.11.12 10
  • Education #2• Education leads the way to employment, not entrepreneurship?• Are you allowed to stand out and shine?• Is this equality principle the right soil high-growth entrepreneurship? photo courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net Juha Perälampi 13.11.12 11
  • ”NICE-GROWTH””For about two decades building a succesful venturecapital (VC) industry has been among the central policyobjectives in Finland. However, with its high-guality,white- and blue-collar human capital, but small internalmarket and limited VC industry, ”nice-growth” firmsmight better fit Finland’s profile of unique advantagesand social values.”- Professor Martin Kenney, University of California,Davis Esityksen nimi, Tekijä 13.11.12 12
  • Opportunities and threatsfor entrepreneurship Economy Juha Perälampi 13.11.12 13
  • Finland strong Points• Very industrialized economy, based mainly on the free market• Nokia and Rovio Entertainment• Significant investments done in R&D (ranked 3rd in the world)• Investing in education and innovation during recessions Juha Perälampi 13.11.12 14
  • finland Weak Points• A limited domestic market• Relies heavily on exports (40% of the GNP)• In Finland, it is acceptable to become rich by winning the lottery or being an athlete, NOT by employment nor being an entrepreneur Juha Perälampi 13.11.12 15
  • Opportunities and threatsfor entrepreneurship Mindset Juha Perälampi 13.11.12 16
  • Mindset #1• Diplomacy and seeking consensus• Problem-solving and efficiency• Accountability and honesty• Sisu=determination and strength of will Juha Perälampi 13.11.12 17
  • Mindset #2• ”The Finnish Dream”• Older generation has laid the very foundations of the success story, hard to ”let go” and understand that foundations need to be changed Juha Perälampi 13.11.12 18
  • Enrepreneurship creates jobs and calls for global cooperation“During the next 10 years about 1.2billion young 15-to-30-year-olds will beentering the job market. With the meansnow at our disposal, about 300 millionwill get a job. What will we offer theseyoung, about a billion of them? I thinkthis is one of the greatest challenges ifwe want to achieve peacefuldevelopment and hope for these young.”- Mr. Martti Ahtisaari (former President of Finland(1994-2000) and Nobel Peace Prize winner 2008) Juha Perälampi 13.11.12 19
  • Thank you! Questions and comments? Juha Perälampi 13.11.12 20
  • Contact informationMr. Juha PerälampiManager, JAMK-Business IncubatorSenior Lecturer,International Business and Entrepreneurshiptel. +358 (0)41-534 3603Email: juha.peralampi@jamk.fiJAMK University of Applied SciencesRajakatu 35, FI-40200 Jyväskylä, Finland Esityksen nimi, Tekijä 13.11.12 21
  • Sources / Links• Finnish Lessons-Pasi Sahlberg at http://www.finnishlessons.com/• The Nordic Welfare Model- Embracing globalization and sharing risks at http://www.etla.fi/julkaisut/b232-fi• http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nordic_countries• http://www.google.fi/imgres? q=nordic+countries&um=1&hl=fi&sa=N&biw=1920&bih=986&tbm=isch&tbnid=WXpnGVQ4ffwWpM:&imgrefurl=http://www.corbacho.info/finlandia/2009/07/finlan dia-suomi-laponia-vikingos-paises-nordic-escandinavia/&docid=S511wgEZ0bvv_M&imgurl=http://www.corbacho.info/finlandia/wp- content/uploads/2009/07/nordic-countries-500x424.png&w=500&h=424&ei=UVnHT83TEajV4QTistWyDg&zoom=1• http://www.emeraldinsight.com/journals.htm?issn=1756-6266&volume=3&issue=2&articleid=1937351&show=html&view=printarticle&nolog=258380• http://www.svrez.gov.si/fileadmin/svez.gov.si/pageuploads/docs/Strategija_razvoja_Slovenije/The_Nordic_Model.PDF• http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nordic_model• http://www.taxrates.cc/html/us-tax-rates.html• http://www.weforum.org/issues/global-competitiveness• http://www.fundforpeace.org/global/?q=fsi-about• http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/04/06/world-happiness-report-2012_n_1408787.html• http://www.thedailybeast.com/newsweek/galleries/2010/08/15/best-countries-in-the-world.html#slide91• http://www.globaltrade.net/m/c/Finland.html• http://www.tem.fi/files/32926/TEMjul_20_2012_web.pdf• http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Europe_polar_stereographic_Caucasus_Urals_boundary.svg Juha Perälampi 13.11.12 22
  • images• http://blog.nolo.com/estateplanning/tag/gift-tax/• http://www.careerrocketeer.com/2012/04/attention-are-you-retraining-your-mindset-for- career-success.html• http://www.posti.fi/english/current/2008/20081022_ahtisaari.html• http://www.smbtraining.com/blog/less-is-more-usually• http://npoliticsf.wordpress.com/2012/05/21/what-is-happening-in-education/• http://www.freedigitalphotos.net Juha Perälampi 13.11.12 23