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  • 11/27/12 You can remove “DSIS/” from the second line because you already have said Decision Science and Information Systems in the same line.
  • 11/27/12 In the upper right, change “Objective” to “Objectives” as on the earlier slide. In the first line, change “objetive” to “objectives”
  • 11/27/12 In the upper right, change “Objective” to “Objectives” as on the earlier slide. In the first line, change “objetive” to “objectives”
  • Jorge Audy brasil anprotec tecnopuc 2012

    1. 1. Triple Helix WorkshopBuilding the Entrepreneurial UniversityJorge Audyaudy@pucrs.brVice President of ANPROTECVice President for Research and Graduate Studies at PUCRS Brazilian Association of Science Parks and Business Incubators (ANPROTEC)
    2. 2. OVERVIEWIncubators and S&T Parks in BrazilTECNOPUCPUCRS Science and Technology Park
    3. 3. A movement in march1984 – Technology Parks IncubatorsNational Program90s – Incubators around the country, mainly atUniversities and local Governments00s – Science and Technology Parks, mainlyUniversity related and Local Government2009 – 25 years of public policies to STP and BI in Brazil – National Program to Support Business Incubators and Technology Parks
    4. 4. I&E Habitats 2012 5
    5. 5. I&E Habitats: Business Incubators  384 Business Incubators  6,3 k firms  US$ 2.3 bi/y revenues  45 k workplaces (high qualification)  Return on taxpayers money US$ 300 mi total investment (20y) US$ 270 mi/y taxes paid 6
    6. 6. Tech Parks in Brazil  Science Parks initiatives: 94  Science Parks in operations: 28  520 firms  US$ 2 bi/y revenues  26 K workplaces
    7. 7. I&E: embracing the world • Supporting SMEs to be international – Co-incubation – Soft landing • International cooperation – Multilateral – Regional – Bilateral • Institutional cooperation
    8. 8. Anprotec’s MissionCombining, representing anddefending the interests of sponsorsof innovative entreprises, mainlyincubator, parks, centers andtechnology cities,strengthening these modelsas tools for sustainabledevelopment in Brazil,focusing on creating andstrengthening knowledge-basedbusiness created on the basis of theirknowledge base.
    9. 9. How?Strategic Partnerships Conferences and Specialized Trainings Knowledge Generation Anprotec Award And much more...
    10. 10. Strategic Alliances/Partnerships
    11. 11. 12
    12. 12. Conferences and Specialized Trainings
    13. 13. Knowledge Generation• Scientific and Technical Magazines• Specialized books• Researchs
    14. 14. Anprotec Award
    15. 15. Technical International Missions 2009 - USA 2009 - USA 2011 – Finland, Sweden and Denmark 2008 – Spain and Portugal 2010 - Israel
    16. 16. Strategic
    17. 17. Strenghs• Positive International Outlook – BRICS• Economy doing very well – International crisis – Positive flow of money (International Investments)• R&D Opportunities – International R&D Centers (IBM, GE, DELL, HP, ...
    18. 18. Strenghs• Growth of Science and Technological Parks• Internal Market and Qualified Human Resources (Talents) in strategic areas – Oil and Gas – TICs – Renewable energy – Biotech – Pharmaceuticals – Life and Health Science...• Gorvernment Investiments in Innovation – Seed Money – Innovation Projects – Environments of Innovation (infrastructure)
    19. 19. Challenges• Transition from Incubation approach to Acceleration approacht – No Acceleratrr (just starting a new Government Program to cfeate Accelerators aroud the country)• Triple Helice unbalanced – Strong government depedency – University resistance to change (third mission) – Distance from Industry and University• Real Funding – VC companies – Corporate Investors – Angel Investors
    20. 20. Challenges• Transition from Small firms to Startups approach• Legislations at Federal, Local and Institutional Level – Innovation Law in 2005 only to Public Universities and Research Centers – Only a few States have Innovation Law – Very Tradicional view, mainly at Universities, about Zero Risk (not do anything different)• International Partnerships – Starting with Softlanding agreements
    21. 21. Research and Innovation at PUCRS:Integrating University, Industry and Government: a Reference Model in Brasil
    22. 22. Porto Alegre: Mercosul Capital
    23. 23. Research at PUCRSIn the technological areas, INOVAPUC has centers withstrong joint ventures with companies for thedevelopment of applied research.PUCRS‘ Science and Technology park – TECNOPUC – isone of the largest science and technology parks in LatinAmerica with the mission of creating an environment ofinnovation and research involving the interactionamong academia, the government and industry.
    24. 24. PUCRS’Scientific and Technological Park
    25. 25. MissionTo establish an interdisciplinary research andinnovation community through academic-industry-government collaboration, to improvetheir competitive position in the world andenhance the quality of life of theircommunities.
    26. 26. TECNOPUC
    27. 27. TECNOPUC
    28. 28. TECNOPUC
    29. 29. TECNOPUC
    30. 30. TECNOPUC
    31. 31. TECNOPUC
    32. 32. TECNOPUC
    33. 33. TECNOPUC
    34. 34. TECNOPUC
    35. 35. TECNOPUC: Companies with us...
    36. 36. R&D ProjectsPhotovoltaic Solar EnergyElectric Energy SystemsCarbon Storage, Oil and GasComputer ScienceSoftware EngeneeringTelecommunicationsNanotechnologyInformation SystemsPharmaceuticalsLife and Health SciencesCommunicationsCreative Industry
    37. 37. Tenants and R&D Projects+ 80 Companies (HP, ACCENTURE, SIEMENS, DELL, TLANTIC/SONAE,MICROSOFT, Stefanini, DBServer, CPM, BOX BRASIL, TW, ...)6 Institutions (ASSESPRO, SOFTSUL, CEITEC, AJE, FAJERS, PMI)7 PUCRS Research Centers (Nanotechnology Research Center, Molecular andFunctional Biology Research Center , Solar Photovoltaic Research Center,Energy Radiation Research Center, Electric Energy Research Center, CarbonStorage Research Center, Brain Institute )RAIAR Incubator: 29 startups, all of them academic or research projects spin-offMore than 5.600 employeesACADEMIC IMPACTS:144 R&D Project going on89 PUCRS’ researchers involved96 Master and Ph.D. Degrees Scholarship (directly allocated in R&D projects)320 Master and Ph.D. Degrees Scholarship (TECNOPUC research fund)
    38. 38. Thanks for your attention! Questions?Jorge Audyaudy@pucrs.brVice President of ANPROTECVice President for Research and Graduate Studies at PUCRS
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