Weekly update 24 june 2011


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The weekly updates provides you with things that are happening around JBLM. Weekly updates are generally sent out every week, so make sure to keep checking back for things to do this summer !

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Weekly update 24 june 2011

  1. 1. 1824990-624840<br />WEEKLY UPDATE <br />June 24, 2011<br /><ul><li>GARAGE SALES: Sell your things, or shop at the JBLM garage sales, July 30, and Aug 27 at the Express Store parking lot between the BX and Commissary on Mc Chord Field. The sale goes from 8am-1pm each day. Call 253-982-0718 for details on how to get your spot.
  2. 2. Wild Waves discounts: Save cash off the gate price with military discount Wild Waves theme park tickets at Adventures Unlimited at JBLM McChord Field. Tickets cost $29 and are first-come, first-served while they last. Call Adventures Unlimited at 982-2206/2303 for more information.
  3. 3. HEROES AT HOME II: JBLM has an exciting new program for all active duty military spouses assigned to JBLM after 2005. To be eligible the spouse must be dislocated from a job or underemployed. They provide tuition assistance, funding for books or childcare, career counseling, educational planning, resume building, interview preparation. To take advantage of this wonderful opportunity call 253-966- 7366 or 360-570-4271 or visit the Stone Education Center on Lewis Main. For information visit www.heroesathome2.com. Don’t delay they need you enrolled by October! </li></ul>4. ICE Your PHONE: When victims are unable to communicate, emergency responders often check their cell phone directory, hoping to find the number for a family member or other important point of contact. This is where "In Case of Emergency" or "ICE" comes in. You can create a contact under the title ICE in your telephone, followed by the person's name and telephone number. If need be, you can create multiple ICE contacts, such as ICE1, ICE2 and ICE3, to add additional phone numbers. By creating your own ICE cell phone contact list, you can help emergency responders help you during an emergency. Information on the ICE program is available in an MS-PowerPoint presentation on the American Society of Safety Engineers website.<br />http://www.military.com/military-report/ice-your-phone?ESRC=mr.nl<br />COMMUNITY EVENTS<br /><ul><li>JBLM FREEDOM FEST: Celebrate Independence Day Monday, July 4 with JBLM at Freedom Fest! From the Down & Dirty Mud Run at 9 a.m. to the amazing fireworks at dark, Freedom Fest offers a day of fun, food, carnival rides, games and more. For more info on Freedom Fest, call 253-477-4299. </li></ul> LT DAN BAND CONCERT- FREE USO show on July 4 at the Freedom Fest.<br />107632554610<br />KIDS<br /><ul><li>Sports physicals: If your teens are assigned to the Adolescent Medicine Clinic, it’s time to get your annual sports or activity physical scheduled. Spaces are now open. They fill up fast so be sure to make yours today. To schedule your teen’s appointment with your Adolescent Medicine Medical Home, call the Tricare Regional Appointment Center at 1 (800) 404-4506.
  4. 4. Summer reading: McChord Library activities are scheduled for Tuesdays at 1 p.m. for youth and 3 p.m. for teens starting July 5. Book Patch Library is holding story times Wednesdays at 10:30 a.m. starting June 22. Book Patch activities are Thursdays, 1 to 3 p.m. starting June 23. Participants can attend activities at both locations. Call the McChord Library at 982-3454 or the Book Patch Library at 967-5533.
  5. 5. Youth bowling: Register now through July 1 for CYS Services youth bowling. The participation fee is $50 for youth ages 6 to 15. Practice begins July 6. Register at CYS Services Parent Central, Building 2295, 12th and Bitar. You’ll need a full CYS Services registration on file, a current sport physical, shot record, military, DOD or contractor identity card, and three emergency contacts. Download and fill out forms from JBLMmwr.com under WebTrac/online registration, CYS Services. For more information, call CYS Services at 967-2977.
  6. 6. JBLM VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL- Travel back to Bible times at Hometown Nazareth: Where Jesus was a Kid! Kids age 3 through entering 6th grade will become part of history as they see, hear & touch what it was like to live in Jesus’ hometown. They’ll explore marketplace shops, visit Jesus’ mom, take part in games & cool crafts, and sing & dance to lively Bible songs as they discover more about Jesus’ childhood. These affordable and fun experiences will make God’s Word come alive with new meaning. This faith-based adventure is 1-5 August at the McChord Field Chapel Support Center from 0830-1230 Monday thru Friday. Sign up at the Chapels on JBLM. Contact ch_next@yahoo.com for more information. </li></ul>SKIES UNLIMITED: For a complete listing of activities and classes visit www.jblmmwr.com/CYS.htm To register use Web Trac at JBLMmwr.com or visit Parent Central Services Building 2295 Lewis Main 253-966-2977.<br /><ul><li>Adventure Camps: Over 1700 military teens (14–18 years old) will have an opportunity to participate (at little to no cost) in adventure camps scheduled through April, 2012. These high energy, high adventure, and high experience camps are planned across the United States from Alaska to Maine and from Colorado to Georgia as well as states in between. http://militaryfamilies.extension.org/military-teen-adventure-camps</li></ul>EFMP EVENTS AND RESOURCES<br /><ul><li>EFMP: Enrollment must be updated every 3 years, or as the condition changes (whichever comes first). Your EFMP expiration date is found on your Soldier’s ERB or ORB (right-hand side). DD Forms 2792 (medical) or 2792-1 (educational) are needed to enroll, update and disenrollment an Exceptional Family Member. For more info about enrollment dates, forms or process, contact Madigan EFMP: 253-968-0254 or 253-968-1370. Enrollment forms also available on the ACS EFMP website: http://www.jblmmwr.com/acs_efmp.html. Facebook: www.facebook.com/efmpjblm or our website: www.jblmmwr.com/acs_efmp.html)
  7. 7. EFMP Camp: Registration packets are available at the Waller Hall ACS EFMP office or on-line at http://www.jblmmwr.com/acs_efmp.html. The overnight registration is full, but 20 August Day Camp is open; registration ends July 16. Questions? Call 253-967-3520 or e-mail JBLMIMCOMDFMWREFMP@conus.army.mil.</li></ul>TRAINING and EDUCATION<br /><ul><li>STREE PARENTING CLASSES: Stress anyone?  Being a parent is stressful in itself.  Being a Military Family adds to the stress that parent’s experience.  If you are looking for ways to reduce your stress, the New Parent Support Program is offering a class that may be the answer.  Their Stress-Free Parenting class will introduce you to Mindfulness Stress Management and Emotional Coaching skills.  Mindfulness is a time-honored practice of being aware and accepting of the present moment rather than worried about the future or lamenting over the past.  Emotional Coaching, developed by Dr. John Gottman, helps parents support healthy emotional development in their children.  The class will be held At the Family Resource Center on Wednesday, June 29th from 3:30 to 5 PM and the following six Wednesdays ending on August 3rd.  Free child care is available; pre-registration is required by June 15th. For more information please call Sol Riou, LICSW at 253-320-1392 or Yolanda Hayes, MSW, LSW at 253-967-1013.</li></ul>AAFES<br />JB Lewis-McChord Movie Schedule PH (253) 967-4329 *recordingPH (253) 967-5976 <br />FREE MOVIES- The Theater at McChord Field has reopened for free weekend movies. Call 253-982-5836 for schedule.<br />COMMISSARY<br /><ul><li>LOOK OUT FOR THE UPCOMING CASE LOT SALES!!!JULY 12 - 16, 2011AUGUST 30 - SEPTEMBER 03, 2011FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE CASE LOT SALES ASK AT THE STORE OR CALL ANY OF THE NUMBERS SHOWN BELOW.Coming June 23 - July 4th is our Chilly Truckload Sale. A variety of chill items will be on special; hot dogs, bacon, shredded cheese, block cheese and yogurt.</li></ul>MADIGAN NEWS<br />TRICARE ECHO Helps Families:<br />For beneficiaries with specific mental or physical disabilities, TRICARE's Extended Care Health<br />Option (ECHO) provides benefits, including financial assistance that is not available through the<br />basic TRICARE program. Qualifying conditions for ECHO include moderate or severe mental<br />retardation, a serious physical disability and a physical or psychological condition that causes<br />the beneficiary to be homebound. For more information, talk with your regional health care<br />contractor or visit the TRICARE ECHO webpage. If stationed overseas, contact your TRICARE Area<br />Office or military treatment facility. Contact information can be found on the TRICARE website.<br />Military.com surveys have found that most servicemembers and their families are confused by<br />TRICARE. Get the facts and latest news on TRICARE.<br />http://www.military.com/military-report/tricare-echo-helps-families?ESRC=mr.nl<br /><ul><li>MADIGAN NEEDS YOUR HELP! - Over 5000 appointments were no shows last month. That means 1) If you were trying to make an appointment and couldn’t your were frustrated 2) 5000 appointment slots went unfilled 3) Practitioners who would have been seeing patients had to paid even though they were not seeing patients Please be kind and cancel your appointment if you are not going to make it!!!
  8. 8. MEDICAL APPOINTMENT LINE HOURS CHANGE: The medical appointment line for Madigan Healthcare System has recently extended its hours and added hours on the weekends. Beneficiaries of Madigan Healthcare System and its outlying clinics (Nisqually, Okubo, McChord, and Puyallup) can now make their appointment by calling 1-800-404-4506 between 0600 and 2000 hours Monday through Friday. The appointment line can also be reached between 0700 and 1530 on Saturday and Sunday. They are closed on Federal Holidays. For more information contact Mr. Doug Nagler, (MCHJ/CSB/968-3215).</li></ul> <br />FINANCIAL READINESS<br />Location: Waller Hall, Room 400, 2140 Liggett Avenue<br />Hours of Operation: 0700 – 1630, Monday - Friday<br />OPEN all DONSA days, closed Federal Holidays<br />Services Available: Confidential one-on-one counseling for Service Members and their spouses (budgeting, debt management, credit counseling, investment education, general financial planning), Personal financial management classes, Army Emergency Relief (AER). All services are free of charge.<br />Appointment Line: Call 253/967-7166 to make an appointment with a Financial<br />Counselor or to register for a class<br />Program Manager: Curtis Littlegreen, CFA, CFP®<br />253/967-3525, curtis.littlegreen@us.army.mil<br /> <br />Classes at Lewis Main, please call 253/967-7166 to register<br />6/24 Home Buying Workshop 1330 – 1500 Bldg 2166 Classroom <br />Classes at McChord Field, please call 253/982-2695 to register<br />6/29 Smooth Move/Ready to PCS 0900 – 1100 Building 551 Classroom <br />7/5 Personal Budgeting 0900 – 1030 Building 552 Conf Room <br />7/5 Ready to Rent 1400 – 1530 Building 552 Conf Room <br />INTERESTING LINKS<br />JBLM Website: www.lewis-mcchord.army.mil/<br />JBLM MWR: www.jblmmwr.com<br />FOCUS MAGAZINE: www.jblmmwr.com/focus.html<br />JBLM FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/jblmmwr<br />FT LEWIS COMMUNITY RESOURCE GUIDE: www.lewis.army.mil/resourceguide/<br />McChord Events: www.mcchordafb.us/<br />Madigan Website: www.mamc.amedd.army.mil/<br />Madigan FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/pages/Tacoma-WA/Madigan-Healthcare-System/293304441350<br />Customer Management Services Website: www.lewis-mcchord.army.mil/cms/<br />ICE Website: HYPERLINK "http://ice.disa.mil/index.cfm?fa=service_provider_list&site_id=957&dep=*DoD" http://ice.disa.mil/index.cfm?fa=service_provider_list&site_id=957&dep=*DoD<br />EFMP on Facebook: www.facebook.com/efmpjblm<br />337947088900EFMP website: www.jblmmwr.com/acs_efmp.html<br />-476250127000<br />17145003183255<br />