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Tim Boote - what I do....

  1. 1. Online campaign developer<br />and<br />product innovator<br />Tim Boote<br />Interim marketing professional<br />Seeks new, results driven opportunities<br />
  2. 2. Who I am<br />Career interim <br />marketer, <br />specialising in <br />consumer goods<br />Classically trained <br />blue chip marketer<br />Calm enough to see <br />the wood <br />for the trees<br />Enjoy delivering <br />ambitious results <br />for organisations<br />
  3. 3. Experience<br />Solid marketing background of techniques, theories and practice<br /><ul><li>BA (HONS) Business Studies
  4. 4. CIM Chartered Marketer
  5. 5. Kimberly Clark – 6 years
  6. 6. Britvic – 1 year</li></ul>Established TRB Consultancy Ltd to deliver results in interim marketing roles<br /><ul><li>Leaf Confectionery
  7. 7. Princes Foods
  8. 8. Burton’s Biscuits
  9. 9. Grace Foods
  10. 10. SSL
  11. 11. Sayers the Baker</li></ul>International exposure working abroad for extended periods<br /><ul><li>Canada
  12. 12. Belgium
  13. 13. South Africa
  14. 14. Netherlands</li></li></ul><li>Experience<br /><ul><li> Roles have included the follow elements</li></ul>Advertising integration<br />Team Leadership<br />NPD<br />Strategic decision making<br />Budget Control<br />Increasing turnover<br />Category arguments<br />Delivering stretch targets<br />Above-the-line campaigns<br />Board presentations<br />Social media planning<br />Brand idea development<br />Research analysis<br />Campaign orchestration<br />
  15. 15. My key transferableskills<br />Team building<br />Results focused<br />Critical thinker<br />Transfer-able skill<br />Committed<br />Motivational<br />Creative<br />
  16. 16. Where I can add the most value...<br />Online<br />Innovation<br />Brand turn around<br />Urgent projects<br />Above the line<br />Re-branding<br />
  17. 17. Examples of what I can do<br />Brand orchestration: Chewits<br />Situation<br /><ul><li>Kids sweet brand positioned as “healthy sweet”
  18. 18. Target market does not relate to positioning
  19. 19. Volume is in decline</li></ul>Task<br /><ul><li>Develop top order brand ideas and communication plan to increase appeal to target market
  20. 20. Ensure effectiveness and value for money objectives are met</li></ul>Action<br /><ul><li>Redefine brand positioning, character and tone to appeal to target market
  21. 21. Work with sales team to use brand collateral to present to retailers
  22. 22. New positioning has created ‘reasons to stock’ and 3 new listings in major multiples
  23. 23. New packaging is on shelf within 9 months
  24. 24. The brand is set for growth</li></ul>Result<br />
  25. 25. Examples of what I can do<br />Online marketing: Chewits<br />Situation<br /><ul><li>Inconsistent brand messaging across media caused confusion
  26. 26. Web site attracted low levels of visitors. No other internet presence
  27. 27. Brand in danger of becoming irrelevant </li></ul>Task<br /><ul><li>Develop interactive campaign to bring positioning to life
  28. 28. Do something different: create stand-out from competition
  29. 29. Took the brand to places where the target consumers were by:
  30. 30. developing Facebook fan page
  31. 31. placing iconic Chewits TV ads on YouTube
  32. 32. creating Chewie internet games for consumers
  33. 33. New web site launched to pull together activity and provide interaction </li></ul>Action<br />Result<br /><ul><li>In year 1, fan page generated 50k followers, over 100k views on YouTube and millions of plays on Chewits games
  34. 34. Followers interacted with the brand by influencing flavour development of NPD
  35. 35. Communication plan is now interactive leading to a massive database on consumers </li></ul>This campaign won The Marketing Society Northern Awards for<br /> “best social media” and the “Grand Prix” 2011<br />
  36. 36. Examples of what I can do<br />NPD: Princes<br />Situation<br /><ul><li>Princes dominates the paste and spreads category
  37. 37. The category was in decline as consumers saw it as irrelevant to their lifestyle
  38. 38. Retailers where demanding higher margins whilst retail price was declining </li></ul>Task<br /><ul><li>Rejuvenate category through NPD
  39. 39. Increase category average retail price
  40. 40. Improve category’s relevance to consumers </li></ul>Action<br /><ul><li>Analysed market information to scope potential opportunity
  41. 41. Worked with factory to develop a range of premium spreads with a high retail price
  42. 42. Conducted quantitive research with consumers to measure preferences and potential purchase frequency
  43. 43. Within 18 months three new premium spreads were launched with modern flavours and real pieces of meat and vegetables
  44. 44. Category value increased as new products had higher retail price
  45. 45. Listings gained in key multiples</li></ul>Result<br />
  46. 46. Some of my interests...<br />Trying to stay on my mountain bike!<br />Overseas travel<br />Renovating houses<br />Actively involved in conservation issues<br />
  47. 47. Please feel free to contact me:<br />e: timboote@hotmail.com<br />m: +44 (0)7814 596796 <br />