Executive Summary
Unique IP based Capability Profiling and Talent Analytics product
for Data-centric talent enrichment at ...
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3D Executive Summary


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3D Executive Summary

  1. 1. Executive Summary Unique IP based Capability Profiling and Talent Analytics product for Data-centric talent enrichment at enterprise and individual levels with simple, intelligent, free-ugal cloud based web apps Industry: Software product on cloud Opportunity landscape: • Demand from organizations for better talent management tools that use quality data | Existing solutions are mostly HR transactions centric | Data-centric talent management • Talent analytics is critical for improving people productivity but is challenged due to lack of structured HR data Solution: • Universal Cross-Industry capabilities / skills profiling • Structured data from skill profiling engine processed by applications enabling human capital enrichment • Simple-to-use, powerful-in-utility, inclusive-in-pricing apps USP/IP: • 3D Capabilities Profile – an application that enables holistic and comprehensive data-centric skills profiling Core Engine Applications Target customers 3DCP skills profiling framework • Selection • Skills Profiling • Skills Inventory & analytics • Performance management • Training & Dev • Career Planning • Succession Planning Employers Individuals HRIS providers Database of skills Training providers Job consultants Revenue Model: • Free-ugal | Free for Individuals; Free for initiation by enterprises | Frugal Pay-As-You-Go pricing to expand usage • Large market size - domestic and export • Low pricing for volume driven growth Technology: • Open source (LAMP) | Cloud/SAAS | SOA driven | APIs for integration with third party applications Competition • None with this depth and breadth on talent management • Competition with services providers in specific areas of our service portfolio | Offers opportunity for collaboration with other service providers Customer Acquisition and Retention: • Relationship initiation with “free-to-experience” one app • Cross-sell other products • Release newer products periodically Sub Sector: HR Talent Analytics Number of Employees: 15 Location: Chennai, India Current Investors: INR 120 lacs+ Source: Personal Funds State of business: Products live and being taken to market New apps under development Use of Funds: Strengthen team, Product enhancements, market development, filing IP Market Opportunity: $ 1+ Bn Market Growth: ~22% CAGR Management: G. Ramu B.Tech, IIT-BHU, Varanasi | MBA, XLRI, Jamshedpur. Worked at Asian Paints, Britannia and HCL Technologies prior to entrepreneurship. R Babu B.Tech, Anna University | M.Tech, PSG, Coimbatore Worked at HCL Technologies and Force10 (a Dell company). P Nandakumar B.Tech, IIT-BHU, Varanasi | MS, SUNY@Buffalo | PGDBM, IIM-Kolkata Worked at ICRA (Associate co. of Moody’s), Tech Mahindra, ACC, Kerala State Industrial Dev Corp. Financials Rev (USD 000s) EBIT (USD 000s) Rev (INR lacs) EBIT (INR lacs) FY ‘14 < 10 (83) - (53) FY ‘15 1,130 601 723 385 FY ‘16 3,700 2,814 2,368 1,801 FY ‘17 6,600 5,295 4,224 3,389 FY ‘18 10,800 9,209 6,912 5,894