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business 101

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business 101

  2. 2. THE IMPORTANCE OF PERSONAL GOAL SETTING Goal: a long-term target Think of it as a reward at the top of a ladder; you must climb the ladder before reaching the reward Goals keep you focused, increase self- esteem, and help you overcome procrastination, fear, and failure Setting goals will help you become more successful in your career and life in general
  3. 3. INFLUENCES OF GOALS Goals help you keep focused on where you want to be in your future As a goal is reached, you will be motivated and self-confident enough to set a higher goal Set goals in the major areas of your life including personal, career, financial, educational, physical, social, and psychological
  4. 4. HOW TO SET GOALS Important Aspects of Goal Setting Achieving short-term  Owning the goal and long-term goals is  •Controlling the goal like climbing a ladder  •Setting a time frame Goals need to be put for the goal into writing
  5. 5. HOW TO SET GOALS Short-Term Goals Long-Term Goals Reached within a year’s  Reached within a time time frame of five to ten years Also called objectives  Setting long-term goals Set to help reach long- starts with thinking of term goals what you want to accomplish in your life Keep them realistic, achievable, measurable,  From your list of and important to you accomplishments, choose items you most value  Keep goals realistic, attainable, measurable, and important (have a reason for the goal)
  6. 6. PRIORITIES Priorities: determine what needs to be done and in what order You may need to adjust your priorities to reach your goals Trade-off: giving up one thing to do something else Be prepared to be flexible in all areas of your life-plan
  7. 7. MENTORING Mentor: someone who can help you learn more  Provides information about your present position  Provides support  Helps you develop your career  Teaches you about the corporate culture Corporate culture: the values, expectations, and behaviors of people at work Formal or informal mentoring
  8. 8. Discussion Questions Why does an employer need to set goals for their employees? Why is it important that an employer ensure that employees set personal and career goals for themselves? IF YOU WERE THE BOSS: Why would you establish a mentoring program for your employees? What specific advantages would it provide your department?
  9. 9. GOAL SETTING: Career Long-Term Career Goal – Identify where you want to be in your career in five years. Short-Term Goals – Using your long-term career goal, identify short-term goals (objectives) for each step on the ladder.
  10. 10. GOAL SETTING: Personal List three personal, career, and educational dreams you want to accomplish in your life. Create three long-term goals in each section. Make sure they are realistic. Prioritize the goals you set