Isl. lecture#5 tawheed


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Isl. lecture#5 tawheed

  1. 1. Tawheed literal meaning The word tawheed has been derived from the Arabic roots ‫و ح د‬ it literally means oneness and uniqueness.
  2. 2. Technical meaning It technically means that Allah is one in His being and attributes, He is the only one who is worthy .to be worshiped and obeyed
  3. 3. .Cont The three kinds can be derived from the definition: Tawheed in being: It means that Allah has no relationship with any one. Tawheed in atributes: the divine attributes are confined to the being of Allah taa’la. Like the creation and providing. Tawheed in worship: Only Allah ta’la is worthy to be worshiped
  4. 4. Importance of the concept of Tawheed It is the most fundamental and important teaching of Muhammad (S.A.W.S). The polytheists of Makkah denied the oneness not the existence of Allah. .‫• ما نعبدهم إل ليقربونا إلى ال زلفى‬ ‫• ليلللف قريللش إيلفهللم رحلللة الشتاء والصيف فاليعبدوا رب‬ .‫هذاالبيت الذي أطعمهم من جوع وآمنهم من خوف‬
  5. 5. .Cont •It differentiates a true Muslim from a Kafir. The monotheist is Muslim and polytheist is kafir although they believe in existence of Allah. •It is the basic teaching of Quran. The other subjects are either secondary things or they are arguments for the oneness of Allah.
  6. 6. .Cont •It is the concept which has been propagated by all the Prophets because it is the common message in all the religions. •All the previous nations have been doomed because of its denial except two nations: 1 st is the nation Of Shuaib (A.S) and the 2 nd is the nation of Loot (A.S) who were doomed for committing the sins.
  7. 7. Gate way to Islam The primary kalima of Islam. ‫.ل إله إل ال محمد رسول ال‬ It is to be recited for interring into the circle of Islam. the real difference lies in confession and action accordingly. So one is perfect Muslim and the other is non-perfect muslim.
  8. 8. The meaning of Ilah The word ‫ إله‬has plural in Arabic language ‫))آلهة‬as this word is used for the deities in different religions. One who is worshipped, because of greatness.
  9. 9. Rational vindication of the concept of Tawheed
  10. 10. Position of Man He is weak and he needs. He is not self sufficient. Every one needs co-operation. Man’s desires and achievements Man struggles to get his targets which he gets sometimes and does not sometime. The results do not depend upon the struggle of human. There are some other factors for it. Good grades in exams, good jobs and etc.
  11. 11. .Cont Human think of the things which interfere in our destiny.  It can be the great objects of the universe like sun , moon ,stars , fire and etc.  It can be also the mysterious powers which are not seen.
  12. 12. .Cont The great objects of the universe : the great things of the universe can not be deities because they are not safe from changes. a deity should not be like this. Mysterious Powers : Human beings thought of the powers which control the huge objects of the universe.
  13. 13. Two ways There are two ways after believing in mysterious powers: Way for polytheist: Unbeliever’s belief in multiplicity of gods. Way for monotheist: oneness of Allah.
  14. 14. Way for polytheist Unbeliever’s belief in multiplicity of gods, They thought that the deities are more in number. For different works there are different deities. They considered the kingdom of God like the earthly kingdoms.
  15. 15. Greatest deity Greatest deity like head of the states and the other deities for different works and depends upon the order of the greatest deity.
  16. 16. Way for monotheist Oneness of Allah: Two deities can not be for one system like two kings cannot be for one country. ‫لو كان فيهما آلهة إل ال لفسدتا‬
  17. 17. Two propositions  Distribution of powers.   Like in the worldly kingdom ministers for different departments. Transfer of powers through rotation.  To have the powers for some time and then transferred to other deity.
  18. 18. Proposition no.1 Distribution of powers is because the deities will be each other and deity is a independent. not possible dependent on being who in
  19. 19. Proposition no.2 :Transfer of powers through rotation The powers are not transferable, because the deities will have the powers at one time and will be deprived of the same at another .time which is shameful for a deity
  20. 20. Summary So rational approach also justify oneness of Allah taa’la. Although our belief does not depend upon the rational vindication. Bases for belief are: Sayings of Allah. Sayings of the holy prophet. (s.a.w.s.)
  21. 21. Quiz no. 2 time allowed 15 minutes Max. Marks: 10 Write a comprehensive note on the rational vindication of the concept of Tawheed in the light of the .lecture delivered today