Surat Al-Mursalat
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  • 1. Surat Al-Mursalat
  • 2. The emissaries
  • 3. Two kinds of emissaries
  • 4. By The wind• 1 By the (Winds) sent forth one after another (to mans profit);• 2 Which then blow violently in tempestuous Gusts,• 3 And scatter (things) far and wide;• 4 Then separate them, one from another,
  • 5. By The angels• 5 Who spread abroad a Message,• 6 Whether of Justification or of Warning;
  • 6. ‘The message
  • 7. ‘Surely, what you arepromised will occur
  • 8. TheDay of Sorting outThen when the When the When the heavenstars become mountains are is cleft asunder; dim; scattered (to the winds) as dust;And when the apostles are (all) appointed a time (to collect);-
  • 9. Ah woe, that Day, to the Rejecters of Truth! His Mans Earths judgment creation creation
  • 10. The disbelievers Shall not be able to speak P Nor will it be open to them to put forth please Can not use a trick or plot against Allah
  • 11. Thus do We certainly reward the Doers of Good. They shall be They shall have amidst (cool) fruits,- all they shades and desire springs (of water)Eat ye and drink ye to your hearts content: for that ye worked (Righteousness)
  • 12. Then what Message, after that, will they believe in?
  • 13. Jazak Allah Khair