3 Real World Perspectives On the Role of Speed, Collaboration, and Visual Tools in Solving Crimes

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ISC Summer Learning Series webinar from July 21st, 2011. …

ISC Summer Learning Series webinar from July 21st, 2011.
Speakers: Jim (Gator) Hudson, Darin Defree

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  • Key challenge in staying one step ahead of criminals is facilitating collaboration between private and public entities as well as navigating the disparate tools available to solve crimes. Siloes Law enforcement has crimefighting tools Crime databases/ alert services City-wide video Patrol 1:1 relationship building Businesses have other tools Video surveillance Crime Alert Services Case management tools They don’t talk to one another
  • Long drawn out investigations Watching countless hours of video Querying disparate data basesReviewing printed crime alertsUnsolved cases Challenges sharing evidenceMany many unturned rocks Smaller convictions – numbers and severity of conviction
  • What if Businesses and Law Enforcement could use technology to collaborate to solve crimes more effectively?Searchable online database of suspectsSearchable video platform that structured video for google like searches?Effective network to share information, images, and video data related to crimes
  • Crimes would be solved more quickly Convictions would be more comprehensive Public and businesses would be more safe, profitable Use Push Transitions: Reversal of trends on previous slide Investigation times go down Solved cases go up Conviction times go up Safety improves Sales go up
  • Collaborative CrimeFighting is comprised of two very important concepts Collaboration – sharing amongst groups – wide variety of businesses, law enforcement agencies, public Search – being able to find and unlock the shared information when you need it
  • Suspect in a red and white plaid shirt and black Oakland Raiders hat stole nearly $3700 worth of merchandise from the Macy's jewelry counter. He used a tool to open the top-counter spinning display case then placed the items in a Macy's bag. He left the store. When confronted by Loss Prevention he told them he had a knife. He fled in a burgundy 90's model Chevy Tahoe or similar SUV with the plates removed, driven by a getaway driver. As he was leaving he told the getaway driver to "get the gun". He did not display any weapons. Suspect is a WMA or HMA in his 30's, 6'1", mustache, heavy build.
  • 07/16/2010: This CrimeDex Alert resulted in the arrest of the suspect in this case.California Parole Agent Jennifer Martinez saw the alert and recognized the suspect as a current parolee in their office. Parole Agent Scott McKee assisted her in detaining the suspect. Roseville PD was called and the arrest made. The suspect was wearing the same hat as when he committed the Macy's 211.The suspect has been identified as Freddie C. McBride Jr. DOB 11-15-62. He lives in Sacramento.We'd like to thank agents Martinez and McKee for a great job spotting and detaining the suspect.


  • 1. 3 Real World Perspectives on the Role of Speed, Collaboration, and Visual Tools in Solving Crimes
    James “Gator” Hudson, Det. Sgt. Ret. - VP CrimeDex Services
    Darin DeFreece, Det. Sgt., Investigations Division, Roseville Police Department
  • 2. Introductions
    James “Gator” Hudson,
    Det. Sgt. Ret. - VP CrimeDex Services
    Darin DeFreece, Det. Sgt.,
    Investigations Division, Roseville Police Department
  • 3. Fact 1: Skimming Driving Rise in Physical Attacks Verizon Data Breach Report 2011
    Physical security is more important than ever to combat rise in physical attacks to steal identity and financial data
  • 4. Fact 2: Organized Crime is on the Rise
    95% of retailers have been a victim of ORC over the last 12 months
  • 5. Fact 3: Financial Impact of Shrinkage
    Retail shrinkage increased to 1.58% of retail sales in 2010 ($37.1B) – up from 1.44% in 2009 ($33.5B)
    Source: Shrinkage On The RiseDr. Hollinger's preliminary NRSS findings
  • 6. The Need for Speed
    Solve: Visual Evidence Crucial in Apprehension of Picasso Thief
    "I would encourage any business in the city, really anything you can do in the way of installing video cameras (will) only help us make our investigations more expeditious," Police Chief Greg Suhr
    How Video Was Used to Apprehend Picasso Thief
    Suspect entered gallery in broad daylight stole artwork worth $200,0000
    Suspect walked in broad daylight down street with artwork concealed by newspaper and left the scene by taxi
    Local reporter contacted local establishment with video surveillance and found video of suspect and passed it to police
    Police apprehended suspect in Napa
  • 7. Silos Hinder Effective Investigations
    Business Tools
    Law Enforcement Tools
    Crime Databases
    Video Surveillance
    Case Management Tools
    Crime Alert Services
    City-wide Video
    1:1 Relationship building
  • 8. This Leads to
    Cases Solved
    Smaller Convictions
    Investigation Time
  • 9. What if it Was Different?
    Business Tools
    Law Enforcement Tools
    Crime Databases
    Video Surveillance
    Case Management Tools
    Crime Alert Services
    City-wide Video
    1:1 Relationship building
  • 10. What Would Happen?
    Investigation Time
    Conviction Times
    Solved Cases
  • 11. Collaborative Crime-fighting
    To organize and safeguard surveillance and crime information and make it immediately accessible and useful to those who need it most.
    Collaboration – sharing amongst your crime-fighting network
    Search – unlock crime data in video and your crime-fighting network
  • 12. Increasing Speed with Collaboration
    Credit Union A
    Retail Store
  • 13. Det. Sergeant Darin DeFreece
    City of RosevillePolice
  • 14. Collaborative Crime Fighting
    City of Roseville
    • 115,000 citizens in Sacramento Metro Area; more than 40 cities and towns
    • 15. Retail is the top revenue source for the city and is in the top 4% of California cities
    • 16. Clear ORC target
    • 17. Takes a firm proactive response to disrupt and target criminals and protect businesses
    Goals of Collaboration Program
    • Reduce crime
    • 18. Increase apprehensions and convictions
    • 19. Improve business environment
    • 20. Provide more rapid response to incidents through video sharing
    • 21. Enhance collaboration between regional and local retailers, financial institutions, law enforcement, and parole officers
  • Macy’s Case Study
  • 22. Macy’s Case Study
    Name: Freddie C. McBride Jr.
    DOB: 11-15-62
  • 23. Changing Culture of Secrecy to Collaboration
    Benefits of Collaboration
    • Force multiplier
    • 24. Easily search and locate crimes, individuals and other crime-fighters rather than sifting through spam
    • 25. Combine tools and expertise across businesses and law enforcement agencies
    • 26. Collaborate in an efficient platform that connects individuals and provides access to the information
    • 27. Establish the relationship more easily – verify and vet contacts
  • Partnerships for Speed
    Communities of Crime Fighters
    • Visualization
    • 33. Grant writing
    • Criminal Information
  • 34. How do Visualization Tools Increase Speed?
    Visualization Tools
    Visualize the connections in vast amounts of financial fraud data
    Recognize patterns or identify connections that other tools may miss
    Analyze patterns over time, saving cases from going cold
    Share connections with other crime fighters more effectively
    Build stronger cases by exporting connections and evidence into case management tools
    Quickly communicate the most important points for even the most complex cases
  • 35. How do you Protect Privacy in Collaborative World?
  • 36. When to Involve Social Media and Press
    • Involve the press when you need speed
    • 37. Include video evidence to engage
    • 38. Social Media can be used to include the public but they also can be used to include law enforcement
    • 39. Find networks of crime fighting professionals
  • Platform Approach Improves Speed
    Increase Speed by:
    • Reduce time needed to move flies between different systems
    • 40. Reduced training time on different tools with use of common look and feel
    • 41. Network of partners already built
    • 42. Focus on the case rather than the tool
    Case Management
    Video Surveillance
  • 43. Beware of Hidden Costs of Individual Solutions
    Hidden Costs of Single Solutions:
    • License costs
    • 44. Cost of support and hosting
    • 45. Cost of integration
    • 46. Training costs
    • 47. Lost productivity
    • 48. Cases unsolved
    • 49. Unrecovered losses
    Case Management
    Video Surveillance
  • 50. Questions & Answers
  • 51. Next Steps
    Learn More
    Get Involved
    Easy to get demo & training:
    • Go to 3VR.com or CrimeDex.com
    • 52. Sign-up for a demo
    • 53. Online technical training
    • 54. Training webinars
    Sign-up for CrimeDex or become a Partner
    • Start receiving alerts today
    • 55. Register to become a partner
    Upcoming events
    • ASIS – Sept. 9/19-21
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