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User Experience Whitepaper
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User Experience Whitepaper


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Everything that you do online should be done with your users in mind. Their experience is parallel to your success.

Everything that you do online should be done with your users in mind. Their experience is parallel to your success.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 2. When were conducting user testing the components that are core to achievenumber one comment that we hear from success with a successful usabilitythe website visitors is that they want the strategy:website to “be easy to use”. No realsurprise with this revelation. However,where the challenge comes is in trying tofigure out what “easy to use” means toevery visitor that is coming to yourwebsite. Users have differentpersonalities, they are at different stagesin the buying cycle and that means theywill have different answers to thequestion ‘what does “easy-to-use”mean to you?’ Learnability By learnability he is making reference toUser experience, by definition, is the how easily users can accomplish theirscience of designing “easy-to-use” basic tasks on your site, the first time theysoftware interfaces. However, it is very encounter your site.important to note that we are dealing Efficiencywith people that arrive at your site with This core component speaks to the userssome very strong preconceived notions, ability to quickly perform their tasks oncebiases, and expectations. If we fail to they have become familiar with yourrecognize the “context” in which the website’s page layout and navigationuser is viewing our website, blog, e-mail, structure.or any online communication through, Memorabilitythe opportunity to convert the user into Upon the visitors returning to your websitea customer will be all but eliminated. after a period of time, are they able toJakob Nielsen, usability guru interact as efficiently as they did on theirextraordinaire, tells us that there are 5
  • 3. last visit to your website? If so, then your usability of your online properties than thesite is memorable. people that use them.ErrorsDuring a visitor session, this corecomponent, looks at how many errorsthe user made, how severe these errorswere, and how quickly and easily canthey were able to recover from theseerrors.SatisfactionThis component, as its name implies, isstrictly focused on the level of overallsatisfaction that the user has There are a great number of ways that youexperienced with your website. can capture this insightful information. You can hold user group sessions to see how users interact with your website, you canWho owns it conduct user surveys at the end of a userIn corporations there are always a lot of session, or you can perform testing withopinions floating around about who the various user touch points within ashould be responsible for the companys website, email message, or even withinuser experience. The 1st choice typically your online advertising. This testing will tellgoes to the IT department, the 2nd most you a user’s preferences by analyzingpopular group seems to be the folks in which variation of the touch point usersmarketing, and finally someone will interact with most within the samenominate the C-level people to own the website.user experience. Though none of thesegroups are completely the wrong choicethe user is actually the best choice. Whobetter to tell you how to improve the
  • 4. Why you must goals. Depending on your business goals these conversions will represent objectivesA recent survey by Harris capital such as increasing direct sales, increasinginteractive found that 9/10 online users sales leads, getting more members forhave experienced problems while trying your organization or even increasingto accomplish their tasks, in 42% of financial support.these instances these users have gonedirectly to the competitors online Where to startproperty! If that statistic doesnt makeyou think seriously about evaluating the As with any goal oriented activity, beforeusability of your website, nothing will. you can begin to make changes you haveThis isnt just saying that they are just to know if the changes that you are goinggoing away, this is telling you that theyre to make are having a positive effect. Withgoing directly to your competition! a user experience initiative there are two places to go to get a good benchmark of where you currently are. Your website analytics and your users. Take a look at your analytics and review the ‘goals’ metrics to see what your conversion rate is. As we stated earlier, your users are the best source of information and feedback on the performance of your website. Set up a survey on your site that users can fillImproving the user experience will out as they’re leaving. Also considerdramatically improve the conversion rate sending out an email campaign to yourof your online marketing efforts. current customers with a link to a survey.Increasing your online conversion will Or if you want to go the old fashioned way,increase the realization of your business
  • 5. just get on the phone, call some of yourcurrent customers and ask them abouttheir experience on your website.This will certainly provide you with a listof issues to begin looking at, prioritizethat list so that you will receive themaximum return on effort, test all of thechanges via A/B testing methodology,measure the results and keep going.About 3Sixty Interactive3Sixty Interactive is a professional agencywith over ten years of experience in thedigital world. They offer a variety of digitalmarketing solutions that include searchengine optimization, digital advertising,email marketing, social media,customized strategy reports, analyticsand maintenance of your marketing plan.Learn more about 3Sixty Interactive or by callingus at 1-877-43Sixty.