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Social marketing provides the unique opportunity to create a personal connection with your community. Don't let that go to waste.

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Social Marketing

  2. 2. Why engage followers Get creative, show some personality and have fun with it!and fans? Take look at how Old Spice turned theirSocial media is all about a conversation. traditional marketing into a conversation (andWhether it is on Facebook, Twitter, took the cyber world by storm) by utilizing socialblogs or any of the countless other media in addition to traditional outlets, marketing through socialmedia allows you to interact with, andengage, current and future customers.One of the greatest benefits of socialmedia is that it provides a direct line ofcommunication between you and yourtarget audience. Social media helps to humanize your companyEven without overtly selling to your and build trust with your customers. Here are aclients through social media, your few guidelines to get you started or help youpresence and interaction, coupled with along the way.your other online marketing, helps tobuild a relationship with your customersand build your brand online. Promote…sparinglyHaving a voice that reflects the When it comes to promotion on social media,personality of your business and balance is key.industry is key, but overall, people want While you should definitely use your accounts toto follow accounts that are fun. Use promote your business and services, make suresocial media to show a different side of that not all of your content reads like ad copy.  Noyour business than what a customer one will want to hear what you have to say ifsees on your website. For example, you’re all take and no give.upload some pictures onto Facebook of Your customers see social media as a cyberyour workspace, your employees or community of interaction and information sharing. photos from events you organize. Or Be sure to vary your posts between promotion,maybe start a video blog with some of commentary, conversation and informationyour employees to give your customers sharing. Also, it’s important not to post too manya backstage pass into your business. times per day.  The quickest way to lose
  3. 3. followers, fans or readers is by flooding mediums, social media accounts and campaignstheir news feeds. Try to post should promote a similar messages in varyingconsistently, at least once per day. Be ways. The Old Spice campaign is a perfectcareful to never post more than 5 times example of different social outlets for differentper day on Facebook or ten times per specific on Twitter. Many accounts let you post one place and have that post be automatically sent to all your otherShare accounts at the same time. Although that may beLots of fantastic information is posted easier, it’s defeating the purpose of social. Whaton Twitter and Facebook daily.  Share it! you post on Twitter should be different than what you post on Facebook which should be differentAs long as you make sure to give credit than what’s on your website. Automatic postingsto the original source, sharing can annoy your audience and they don’t help toinformation is a great way to develop a humanize your online and to interact with others inyour industry. About 3Sixty Interactive 3Sixty Interactive is a professional agency withSocial Media Cross Promotion over ten years of experience in the digital world.and Growth They offer a variety of digital marketing solutions that include search engine optimization, digitalHang in there! Social media can befrustrating and overwhelming at first. advertising, email marketing, social media,You’re not going to beat out Oprah in customized strategy reports, analytics andTwitter follower numbers your first week maintenance of your marketing plan.(or probably ever). Learn more about 3Sixty Interactive at www.Whether you’re first starting out on or by calling us atsocial media or are trying to maintain 1-877-43Sixty.your account and grow your following, ittakes some work to really benefit fromeverything that social has to offer.Just like radio, print and TV ads are builtto work together as part of a traditionalmarketing plan within their individual