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Email marketing is a very powerful tool for any business. This is one digital channel that makes sense for almost every industry. This is still the best way to communication with past customers and potential customers.

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Email Marketing

  2. 2. Why Use Email by segmenting your list and writing to each segment.Marketing? This starts with the email list, if you buy or rent aEmail marketing is one of the most list of emails, you will need to take a few steps topowerful marketing tools available for segment the customers into their personas andcommunicating and developing buying cycle stage.relationships. But, email marketing canonly be that powerful when it’s done First, you will need to track what each customerwell. is interested in, this will tell you what they buying persona is; competitive, methodical, humanisticEmail marketing provides useful or spontaneous.opportunities that other digital marketingplatforms do not have. This paper will Once they are segmented that way, you canguide through the best practices for segment each persona into the stages of theemail campaigns so that you can get buying cycle; awareness, consideration,the most out of your email marketing. purchase. You can do this by tracking their website movements as well. If you already have collected a list of email contacts through your website, you will want to track which key words brought them to the website, that will lead you to their buying persona and stage in the buying cycle. Once your email list is segmented, you canSegmenting Your List specifically target each group based on their persona and buy cycle stage. This will allow youOne example of a unique email to personalize the emails and get better resultsmarketing opportunity is the ability to from you email campaign.specifically target different customersbased on their buying persona and their You will not be driving potential customers awaystage in the buy cycle. You can do this by offering coupons when they are not ready to
  3. 3. buy, or suggesting items after they have get the reader to open the email instead ofalready made a purchase. At the same deleting it. Once that is accomplished, the firsttime, you will be able to convert more paragraph should keep them interested enoughcustomers by offering them value for to read the second paragraph, and so on.their specific stage and persona. Lastly, a clear and obvious call to action should be there. This can take the user to a landing page offering free shipping, discounts, new products, a free trial, etc. The landing page is also very important in email marketing. Landing Pages Landing pages are a great tool for conversion, byIt is important to speak to the customer taking customers from your email to a landingin their persona language, for example page, you offer them the opportunity to finishcompetitive personas will want to hear their task right there instead of navigating yourabout what your business can do for entire site on their own.them, while humanistic personas will be The most important thing to remember whenmore interested in who you are and the creating a landing page is that it should be laser-history of your company. focused, and only ask the user to do one thing.Writing Your Email There should only be one call to action, and it should be blatantly obvious to the user.Content If you have multiple goals, you should createWriting the content for your email multiple campaigns, and not try to achieve allmarketing campaign is very important in goals in a single campaign. For example if youorder to get customers to open and want customers ‘like’ your business onread the email. Facebook, you create an email campaign askingThe tactic for a successful email is to contacts to visit your Facebook page. If youalways be selling the next step. The would also like your contacts to use a coupon forsubject should be enticing enough to
  4. 4. free shipping, you should create a the buyer’s persona and their stage in the buyingseparate email campaign. cycle. So, for example, with Facebook you can offer exclusive coupon codes to your fans, orLanding pages are an excellent tool for offer to keep them updated on new inventory andconverting traffic, if you use them specials.correctly. When creating a landing page,keep in mind that it needs to be relevant, The next step is to write the content for the emailoffer value to the visitor and have a clear and the landing page, you will need to tweakcall to action. each segment’s email to fit their persona and stage in the buying cycle.Email Marketing The last step is to send the email out to theCampaigns various segmented lists. You can then recordDue to the unique customizability of conversion rates with your landing marketing, it is a very importantpart of any business’s marketing About 3Sixty Interactivecampaign. Now that you know how to 3Sixty Interactive is a professional agency withsegment your list and write you email over ten years of experience in the digital world.content, you have to create an email They offer a variety of digital marketing solutionsmarketing campaign. that include search engine optimization, digital advertising, email marketing, social media,The first step to creating a campaign is customized strategy reports, analytics andchoosing your goal. This will turn into maintenance of your marketing plan.your call to action. You should choose agoal that is beneficial to your company, Learn more about 3Sixty Interactive at getting more people to ‘like’ your or by calling us atFacebook page. Or getting business to connect with you on Linkedin.Once you have a goal, you need decidewhat you can offer your contacts that isvaluable to them. This will vary based on