Buy Cycle Marketing


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Digital marketing offers the opportunity to reach your target customers based on their stage in the buy cycle. Based on that information, you can increase your closing rates dramatically.

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Buy Cycle Marketing

  2. 2. We talk at length about the importance making micro-decisions as to whether or not toof relevancy within marketing strategies. proceed to the next stage of the funnel. Much ofIn fact, we are firm believers that these micro-decisions will be a result of therelevancy is more important than any information that you are providing to them.other element or technology used toexecute your marketing plan. Simply 5 Stagesstated, relevancy in marketing is making The five stages of the buying cycle:sure that you have the rightcommunication in front of the right Awarenessperson at the right time. Simple to say This first stage of the buying cycle is where yourbut implementation is much more prospective customer becomes aware of yourcomplex. company, product, or services. During this firstThough different names are given to the stage of the buying cycle your marketing effortsfive stages of the buying cycle, all of must be focused on creating this awareness asthese names come down to the same opposed to trying to ‘close the sale’.definitions. The buying cycle is shaped Think of this stage as your first introduction to alike a funnel representing the levels of person. In the real world you would never try tocommitment on the part of the buyer to ‘sell’ someone without the initial getting to knowmake a buying decision. At the top of each other, so don’t try to ‘sell’ too early in thethe funnel is the broadest level of interactive world either.interest among the buyers. People Interestwithin this top, broadest stage of the Once a potential customer has become aware offunnel are in the earliest stage of their your company, product, or services it is time tobuying decision and based on your make them interested in you. Again you do thisindustry could be as much as months by providing them with the information that willaway from actually making a purchase generate curiosity or information that is relevantdecision. As people pass through these to their situation.stages of the buying cycle they will be
  3. 3. Research During this final stage of the buying cycle yourThis is where the potential customer is new customer will be re-evaluating their recentdoing their due diligence on your decision and reviewing the details that led themcompany, product, and/or services. to do business with your company. If you stopDuring this stage of the buying cycle the marketing to them now, there is a very goodcustomer is interested in specifications, chance that the longevity of this customeroptions, and processes. This is the relationship will be very short.earliest point in time when you canbegin to introduce jargon that iscommon to your industry, to thecustomer.ComparisonAs the name implies, at this stage of thebuying cycle the prospective customeris comparing everything. They arelooking at your company against yourcompetitors, your products and servicesagainst your competitors products andservices, and even comparing your lineof products or services against eachother. During this stage of the cycle the Online Valueprospect is targeting in on the exactproduct or service that will fit their Now that we’ve identified all of the five stages ofsituation. the buying cycle, lets take a look at how this information will help with your online marketingBuyThough this is the final stage of the efforts. Contrary to popular opinion, in well overbuying cycle, it isn’t the end of 99% of the cases, a person will not visit yourmarketing to your new customer. website for the first time and make a buying
  4. 4. decision. Consequently, if you have no particular channel of search marketing willcontent on your website to address the provide a higher degree of relevancy thantypes of information that your visitor is another, relative to the buying cycle stage. As anlooking for in the earliest stages of this example, to attract potential customers that are inbuy cycle, then they will just leave. the earliest stages of the buying cycle - Awareness and Interest - the use of the displayConversely, if you do have the proper networks are much more effective than, let’s sayinformation for your visitor at every stage organic optimization.of the buy cycle, you will successfullymove them through each stage of the As you work with these buying cycles in yourfunnel resulting in a sale, lead, new marketing strategy you will begin to see themember, or whatever business goal you importance of this core fundamental for all of yourare going after. marketing efforts, both online and offline. Once perfected you will have the right communicationsThe importance of these buy cycle in front of the right people, at the right time.stages reaches further than just yourwebsite content. Using the stages ofthe buying cycle within the overall About 3Sixty Interactivemarketing strategy of your company will 3Sixty Interactive is a professional agency withincrease your marketing efficiencies as over ten years of experience in the digital see a greater quality of customer They offer a variety of digital marketing solutionsreaching you. that include search engine optimization, digitalOnline, this will be most noticeable in advertising, email marketing, social media,your search marketing efforts. Because customized strategy reports, analytics andsearch marketing is completely based maintenance of your marketing plan.on words, you will find that words, or Learn more about 3Sixty Interactive at www.more importantly phrases, will develop or by calling us atin your strategy that will be highly 1-877-43Sixty.relevant for particular stages of thebuying cycle. You will also find that a