The Beer Store Consumer Marketing Programs 2012
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The Beer Store Consumer Marketing Programs 2012



Updated August 1st, 2012

Updated August 1st, 2012

Consumer marketing programs available at The Beer Store. Call or email 3SP Media for more information.



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The Beer Store Consumer Marketing Programs 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The Beer Store Consumer Marketing Programs
  • 3. MEDIA OVERVIEW | OUR ONTARIO 40% North America’s 5th largest of Canada’s population market 440 locations across Ontario OVER OVER 8M transactions per month 90M TRANSACTIONS PER YEAR 3
  • 4. MEDIA OVERVIEW | OUR REACH BY REGION From cottage country to Ontario North East 27 Locations college towns to big cities, Key Cities: Sudbury, North Bay, Timmins The Beer Store has penetration in every key region of Ontario. Partners Oshawa 33 Locations can focus their campaigns in specific Key Cities: Oshawa, Pickering, Orillia, zones or go all-out with Kawartha Lakes Ontario-wide promotions. Peterborough 37 Locations Key Cities: Peterborough, Kingston, TrentonOntario North West Ottawa GTA East24 Locations 32 Locations 37 LocationsKey Cities: Thunder Bay, Barrie Key Cities: Ottawa, Key Cities: Toronto East,Sault Ste. Marie, Dryden 40 Locations Scarborough, Markham Cornwall, Brockville Key Cities: Barrie, Wasaga Beach, Owen Sound, Hanover, Orangeville GTA GTA Central 34 Locations Key Cities: Toronto, London Kitchener North York, Richmond Hill 39 Locations 35 Locations Key Cities: London, Key Cities: Kitchener, Tillsonburg, Brantford Guelph, Oakville, Brampton GTA West 31 Locations Windsor Hamilton – Niagara Key Cities: Brampton, 39 Locations Missisauga, Etobicoke 34 Locations Key Cities: Hamilton, Key Cities: Windsor, Burlington, St. Catharines, Sarnia, Chatham Niagara Falls 4
  • 5. MEDIA OVERVIEW | OUR MEN 70% of The Beer Store shoppers are men ages 19+ AFFLUENT Above average PROFESSIONAL household income ACTIVE $88,088 ENJOY Watch / participate in sports outdoor activities LIKE Enjoy ENTERTAINING FRIENDS at HOME entertainment 5
  • 6. MEDIA OVERVIEW | THE BEER STORE SHOPPER The Family Man The Better Half The Bachelor 35-49 35-49 19-34 Married with children under 12 Married with children Frequency of visits + under 12 to TBS is the highest of all age groups Single or living with Owns her partner with no kids own home Loves to make home improvements Owns his own home Enjoys team sports Loves to and staying active Enjoys entertaining make home friends at home improvements Attends concerts and entertainment events Loves hockey – over index by 90% Active in Does a pick-up at Has travelled both for social media TBS along with the business and pleasure rest of her errands in the last year Principal + Technology and grocery shopper media savvy Enjoys to both watch + participate in sports All demographic information regarding The Beer Store was independently collected and verified by the Print Measurement Bureau (PMB) in 2008. 6
  • 7. A HISTORY OF STRONG PARTNERSHIPSA number of fantastic brands have seized the opportunity to advertise and engage with customers in The Beer Store.Below are some of these past partners: TM/MD 7
  • 8. THE BEER STORE | Promotional Calendar* 2012 July August September October November December Oh Canada! Happy Campers Back to Busy The Beer Leagues The Big Chill Tis the SeasonLong weekends, vacations, There’s no better time The kids are back in Our unofficial national sport The weather is getting The holidays are here, androad trips, BBQs, and pool to enjoy Ontario parks school, university students is ramping up again, and cooler but that doesn’t with them come the hustleparties – it’s a month to and lakes than August. are hitting the campus not a moment too soon. mean the fun stops for our and bustle of travelling,really enjoy this great Our customers are hitting again, and professionals Hockey is on our brains and customers. In fact, with out-of-town guests, giftnation of ours and all the our stores before they are recovering from their in our blood, and The Beer the holidays coming up, buying, parties, goodoutdoor fun it hosts in July. take to the road and the summer vacations. Our Store is celebrating it with a we’re hoping to give them food, good drink and theThe Beer Store is the first wilderness, and along customers are loading up full-blown salute to hockey more ideas for entertaining, celebratory wrap-up ofdestination thirsty Ontarians with our products, they’re on organizational products, and the fans who love it. pairings for comfort foods, a good year.go to before kicking off loading up on everything new clothes and just about We’re also coming together seasonal decorating, gifttheir big plans – so why and anything that will anything that makes this to celebrate Thanksgiving giving, and keeping thenot join them and become make the summer more time of the year easier – - and that means lots home cozy.our promotional partner enjoyable and keep them lend them a hand with of great food, drink andthis month? safe and entertained away your promotion. company! from home. *Themes are subject to change. 8
  • 9. THE BEER STORE | Promotional Calendar* 2013 January February March April May June FOOTBALL FRENZY Winter Escape Luck of the Irish BATTER UP Spring has Sprung Cheers to DadHeld on February 3rd in Whether they hit the slopes The Beer Store is one Our customers love playing It’s time to get outside Father’s Day is on JuneNew Orleans, the Super or hit the beach at an popular place around and watching baseball, so to tend the garden, tackle 16th (not that anyoneBowl is again set to be the all-inclusive, The Beer Store St. Patrick’s Day, especially who better to help kick off a bit of landscaping, and needed a reminder!)event to see. Big food, big customers know how for those who’d rather this sporty season than fire up the BBQ once more! and it’s a great excuseTVs, big entertainment: to make the winter blues beat the crowds of bars The Beer Store? When the And once the work is done, to treat dads and familyour customers are looking go away. This month, and prefer the company guys and girls are getting The Beer Store customers men right with thoughtfulfor it all now so they’ll be we’ll even be showing of just good friends and together for a quick game like to relax with patios, gifts, special night outsready to host the game of people how to make the family. They’ll also learn in the neighbourhood or to pale ales, and pals. Outdoor or in, or even a boy’s trip.the year. most of a ‘staycation’ with this month that our stouts watch their favourite team living and entertainment Promotional partners who tips on pairing different and ales aren’t just great on TV, make yourself a part is definitely in season sell what men want have beer with gourmet treats. for cheering St. Paddy of the fun by joining us this month. a great opportunity with with, they’re also great in a as a promotional partner. The Beer Store. number of recipes! *Themes are subject to change. 9
  • 10. PROGRAM DETAILS | IN-STORE PROMO PROGRAM PRIME POS PROGRAM EXIT POS PROGRAM PATH TO PURCHASE PROGRAM • Window/wall poster (G) • Window/wall poster (G) Core • POS communication centre (A) • POS dangler (C) • Cart sign (E) in-store • POS dangler (C) • Floor decals (F) • POS counter sign (B) • POS counter sign (B) Sampling • On-counter sampling (D) • On-counter sampling (D) • Merchandised sampling (H) Digital • • Social media and mobile integration (to be developed on a case by case basis) Maximum Maximum Maximum Exclusivity 1 partner 1 partner 2 partners per month per month per month All programs are built and scheduled according to The Beer Store monthly promotional calendar. 10
  • 11. PROGRAM DETAILS | IN-STORE PROMO PROGRAM C A D B G F E A POS Communication Centre B POS Counter Sign C POS Dangler D On-counter Sampling E Cart Sign F Floor Decal G Window/Wall Poster 11
  • 12. THE BEER STORE | Co-branded Promotions Specially produced items in The Beer Store can showcase your brand, product or a message you want your audience to know. The best part about these opportunities is that they are take-home items, which means your brand goes with the customer! 8-pack SINGLES carrier Ice Freezer/Bag Promo Gift/WALLET cards Customers who wish to mix and match their beer Beer Store customers buying ice can grab multi-ice-pack A great promotional opportunity that can deliver purchase can uses these free branded cardboard beer plastic bags to make their purchase easier. Your brand measurable impact is the gift card co-brand. Along carriers. Both the carrier and the display can feature can be featured on the bags as well as in-store signage with your brand’s presence on the gift card and display, your logo and a promotional message. promoting ice. the gift card sleeve can be customized to include a coupon or actionable message for consumers to further experience or engage with your brand or product. 12
  • 13. PROGRAM DETAILS | INDOOR EXPERIENTIAL ACTIVATION B G H B POS Counter Sign* G Window/Wall Poster* H Sampling/Interactive Program *B and G purchased with In-Store Promo Program. 13
  • 14. PROGRAM DETAILS | INDOOR EXPERIENTIAL ACTIVATION SUMMARY Be one of four brands to participate in TBS’s monthly indoor experiential events, taking place in-store every Thursday to Saturday and to ‘online all month! ON-SITE ACTIVATION In-store merchandiser Sampling team Swag Ballots/box DIGITAL ACTIVATION Promotional microsite on Banner ads on Display ads on Facebook Social media posts (20 total across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blog) FOLLOW-UP ASSETS Complete entrant database Prize fulfillment Customer service database 14
  • 15. PROGRAM DETAILS | OUTDOOR EXPERIENTIAL ACTIVATION G J E E Cart Sign* G Window/Wall Poster* J Full Experiential Program *E and G purchased with In-Store Promo Program. 15
  • 16. PROGRAM DETAILS | OUTDOOR EXPERIENTIAL ACTIVATION SUMMARY Be one of four brands to participate in TBS’s monthly outdoor experiential events, taking place on-site every Thursday to Saturday and digitally for four full weeks! ON-SITE ACTIVATION Themed display tent Swag Banner Ballots/box Parking lot decals Street teams DIGITAL ACTIVATION Promotional microsite on Banner ads on Display ads on Facebook Social media posts (20 total across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blog) FOLLOW-UP ASSETS Complete entrant database Prize fulfillment Customer service database 16
  • 17. YOUR MARKETING PARTNERSWorking with The Beer Store has never been easier thanks to the dedicated and experienced marketing professionalsin charge of sales, programming, creative, and execution at 3SP Media. 3SP Media focuses on the development and sales of media and marketing programs at The Beer Store. With over 440 locations across Ontario, The Beer Store offers a selection of regionally targeted in-store, near-store, mobile and digital opportunities to enhance your marketing plans. The team at 3SP Media has major consumer product and brand experience that we utilize to provide innovative solutions for media planners, buyers and marketing professionals. Our goal is to understand your business and brand needs, then develop programs that surpass them. Once your media buy is confirmed we work with your agency or marketing department to design creative according to your brand guidelines. After creative approvals we’ll handle all production, logistics and post analysis reporting of your in-store, experiential, and digital campaigns. We strive to be proactive and flexible in creating programs that fit your budget, timing, and objectives – and we do this with attention to detail and a dedication to client service. Contact 3SP Media and get started with The Beer Store today. Email: Call: 416.518.4281 17