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Company Profile

  1. 1. - Success through Synergy 3SC World IT Solutions Cyber Security Logistics and Supplies Banking Health Care Financial Services Warehouse US Federal Services |
  2. 2. Why 3SC ? 3SC World is the culmination of 20 years of business success providing services such as technology solutions, project management, supply chain management which includes procurement and logistical support on an International level. 3SC World is a company built on the synergies of expertise, experience and hard work, which inevitably lead to successful projects and satisfied clientele. Our proven past performance and satisfied long term clients speak volumes of our claim to be a leading choice for onshore and offshore as an Outsource service provider. |
  3. 3. Our Partners |
  4. 4. Technology Solutions CYBER SECURITY BANKING IT and OT Performance Monitoring Document Management System Fraud Management Anti-Money Laundering Cards Management Loyalty Solutions Card Management Solution IT infrastructure Software Solutions Consultancy Services Hardware Solutions Support Services Information security Assessment Information security solutions Information security/Compliance Consulting Managed Security Services PORTFOLIO |
  5. 5.  Qualified Specialists in specific fields including Information Security trade.  Diverse industry and market knowledge and experience.  Collective experience of over 40 years in information security, solutions, banking, consulting and audit.  Holding distinguished information security / audit and IT governance certifications i.e. CISSP, CISA, CGEIT.  Handling projects with major banks, ISPs and Enterprises in the region Our Team |
  6. 6. Our Expertise In the field of IT Security and Solutions, our Specialists are certified in Ethical Hacking, to ensure your environment cannot be easily broken Security Specialist Professionals to handle multitude of complex environment To ensure your Financial transactions are safe and secure To provide the best data results in performance and storage of your valuable data To ensure your IT Infrastructure boundaries are safe Other certifications |
  7. 7. Information Security Protecting information and information systems/services from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction in order to provide: What and Why? Information Security Integrity AvailabilityConfidentiality Confidentiality – preserving authorized restrictions on access and disclosure, and means for protecting personal privacy and propriety information. Availability – ensuring timely and reliable access to and use of information. Integrity – guarding against improper information modification or destruction, and ensuring information non-repudiation, authenticity. |
  8. 8. Information Security Drivers What would it cost the business if:  Investor confidence or company image was damaged?  Confidential or proprietary information was leaked by the employee?  Operational assets were tempered?  Production data was altered? Who should care about information security?  Business with industrial control systems (i.e. SCADA and DCS)  Businesses with disgruntled employees.  Businesses that have to comply with government and industry regulations. Information Security Drivers Regulatory Compliance Company Policy Market Reputation Company Assets Competitor Advantage Legal Liability Operations / Processes |
  9. 9. Information Security Testing  Information Security Assessment  Information Technology/Security Audit  Penetration Testing  Web Application Security Testing  Wireless Security Testing  Physical Security Assessment Information Security Services Information Security / Compliance Consulting  On-going and Task Based Consultancy  Security Architecture Review and Design  Policies, Procedures, Processes  ISO 27001  |
  10. 10. Security Operation Center (SOC)  Security Incident Response  Cyber Threat Detection  Data Loss Analysis and Monitoring  Security Assurance  Organizational Policy Compliance  Penetration Testing  Web Application Testing  Secure Web/Application Hosting  End point Monitoring  Firewall, IPS/IDS Monitoring 3SC World 24x7x365 services ensures the security of our clients' crucial systems by providing threat management, real-time monitoring/alerting, incident response and remediation services. 3SC World Managed Security Services provides : |
  11. 11. Information Security Solutions Overview  We offer diverse range of solutions to address your challenges and mitigate your security risks.  We recommend solutions based on a thorough analysis of your requirements.  We can assist from requirement definition to post-implementation training and support. |
  12. 12. Monitoring Solution Payments Unified Communications Why Prognosis?Designed to manage the complex environment Business continuityDeliver service reliability, resource optimization Business valuePrognosis delivers compelling ROI Management fitFits into existing management framework Helps controls costsReduces overheads for managing multi-vendor environments Low risk choiceWorld’s largest companies trust Prognosis
  13. 13. Monitoring Solution Direct Collect Real-time information Alerts Automation Data trends Feeds Benchmarks Reports Dashboards Correlation Performance Use The strength of PROGNOSIS is its comprehensive management of requests, collection, use, analysis and reporting of data Prognosis Other systems |
  14. 14. Healthcare (e.g. Pharmacies) Telco Infrastructure (e.g. GSM Tower) Surveillance (e.g. Cameras, Alarm Fac.) Cleantech (e.g. Wind power, Solarpanel monitoring) Vending machine s GSM Towe rs Wind power plants Monitoring-as-a-Service  uuniversal for IT/OT/Environmental monitoring  very easy to use (plug-&-play)  highly cost efficient  highly secure  highly scalable Integrated IT&OT/EM Monitoring IT Monitoring IT Infrastructure Monitoring Distributed Monitoring Datacenter Monitoring Monitoring in the Cloud OT/Environmental Monitoring Temperature – Pressure – Smoke – Humidity – Airflow … Monitoring Solution SMB |
  15. 15.  Credit Card Management Solutions  Debit Card Management Solutions  Prepaid Card Management Solutions  POS & Merchant Management Solutions  Collection Management Solutions  ATM Management Solutions  Clearing and Settlement Solutions  Dispute and Chargeback Management Solutions  Loyalty and Campaign Management Solutions Payments System Contactless Scheme Mandates Mobile Payments Payment Solution |
  16. 16. Detecting and reporting the potential money laundering activities Trust subsystem - Portfolio Management subsystem and General Ledger Multicurrency and Multi-lingual payment hub and Liquidity Management Solution On-line Collection Management System - delinquent accounts, receivables and loans. Payment Solution |
  17. 17. ArchiveStorage Metadata IndexCapture Scan Email Fax Electronic Files Print Redirection End to End SolutionEnd to End Solution Search ECM and BPM Solution |
  18. 18. An Integrated Data Management Approach Storage Management ServiceLayer Integration Application Suite Database Suite Server Suite SnapManager® for Exchange SnapManager for SAP® SnapManager for SharePoint® Server SnapManager for SQL Server™ SnapManager for Oracle® SnapDrive® for Windows® , UNIX® , Linux® VFM ® (Virtual File Manager ™ ) SnapManager for Virtual Infrastructure Operations Manager CommandCentral™ Storage File Storage Resource Manager Provisioning Manager Open Interfaces StoragePool DataONTAP DataONTAP ® Protection Manager Storage Suite Storage Solution |
  19. 19. Embrace BYOD With the only industry-leading, agentless and agnostic network access control solution for corporate and user-owned mobile devices Defend Against Web Application Threats With built-in threat intelligence, a unique combination of positive and negative security, dynamic virtual patching, and an easy to install, easy to configure platform NAC appliances come preloaded with software to perform agent-less network access control. Network access is based on user identity, endpoint compliance, and behavioral policies. NAC and WAF Solution |
  20. 20. Agentless − Requires no agent software − Works for every endpoint regardless of device type or operating system Infrastructure Independent − Works in every network − Requires no integration with network infrastructure for discovery or enforcement Virtually Inline − Fails open − Self-contained enforcement − No single point of failure − No latency Network Access Control (NAC) enables granular control over network access and continuous monitoring of network endpoints to help prevent the spread of malware and other threats that can leave your network and organization vulnerable and expose your business to potential harm. NAC and WAF Solution |
  21. 21. Blancco Solution Blancco is the proven data erasure solution for millions of users around the world. The pioneer and global leader in data sanitization and end-of-lifecycle solutions The most certified data erasure within the industry Certified by US DOD Secure erasure: Blancco permanently removes data from IT assets such as PCs, servers, data center equipment and smartphones. Data erased by Blancco cannot be recovered with any existing technology. Detailed Reporting: A detailed report is proof of successful data erasure. Blancco’s tamper-proof and verifiable reporting is an essential part of compliance, regulatory and legal auditing requirements. Auditable process: A comprehensive audit trail is a critical requirement for compliance with IT security standards such as ISO27001, ISO15408, PCI and FISMA. |
  22. 22. BRS Analytics Regulatory Reporting Solution BRSANALYTICS is a web-based, unified regulatory reporting solution for the banking industry. It gathers, reports from separate information sources through the ETL functionality to produce an integrated workflow. BRSANALYTICS offers various modules that address different requirements that go beyond the remit of regulatory reporting. The BRSANALYTICS Data Warehouse provides you with the added benefit of a consolidated repository of all the bank’s data |
  23. 23. IBM Internet Security Systems |
  24. 24. Acronis Backup Solution Backup and Recovery 10
  25. 25. Secudrive |
  26. 26. SSL certificates Symantec Website Security Solutions has an extensive SSL certificate product offering. Whether you need 1 certificate or 15,000 and enterprise management, we’ve got a product that’s perfect for your business – both today and tomorrow as your business grows. Symantec Website Security Solutions include industry-leading SSL, certificate management, vulnerability assessment and malware scanning. Symantec SSL certificates includes: Secure Site Pro with EV SSL Certificates Includes: Extended Validation, green address bar, 128-bit minimum to 256-bit encryption, $1,500,000 warranty and vulnerability assessment. Secure Site Pro SSL Certificates Enable every website visitor to experience the strongest SSL encryption available to them. Includes: 128- bit minimum to 256-bit encryption, $1,250,000 warranty and vulnerability assessment. Secure Site Wildcard SSL Certificates Protect the transfer of sensitive data on multiple sub-domains under one domain on your server using a single easy-to-manage certificate. Symantec SAN Certificates SAN Certificates are often used for Unified Communications (UC) to secure Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010 Server, Office Communications Server 2007. |
  27. 27. Development and Consultancy Our quality and innovative software services with the help of its smart, experienced and qualified website programmers and designers guarantees you best of technologies in place Our Consultants are industry experienced and skillsets ranges from basic IT Infrastructure setup to Cyber Security, Big data, Mobile for Enterprise and Cloud Computing |
  28. 28. INDUSTRIES Technology Solutions Cyber Security Banking Supply Chain Management Construction Services Consumer Goods/ Retail Warehousing Communications Aerospace/ Defense Disaster Relief U.S. Federal Government Healthcare Financial Services 3SC World – Other operational areas |
  29. 29. SUPPLY CHAIN 3SC World has over 20 years experience in providing cutting edge technology solutions to ensure that the life cycle of customer requirement is properly analyzed and quoted with lowest cost/high quality solutions. CONSTRUCTION 3SC World is the best choice when it comes to supporting your construction requirements. We specialize in providing Project Management, Design Engineering, Labor, Procurement and Delivery of Industrial Equipment as well as any needed construction supply material whether we source and deliver it locally or utilize import services for specialized material and equipment that is not available on the local market. Procurement Warehousing Logistics and Transport Software Solutions Industry Specific End User Interface Project Management Human Resource Risk Management Quality Control |
  30. 30. WAREHOUSE Depending on your requirements, 3SC World has multiple global locations for warehouse storage options. 3SC World has been major player for supporting communication service needs such as procurement and delivery of communication equipment hardware and software to our customers with meeting tight timelines and budgetary constraints. We have specialized in being able to procure and deliver the technically advanced communication systems to include Motorola radios and Bae stations which require the right business relationships and import/export know how. COMMUNICATIONS AEROSPACE DEFENSE In addition to our internal expertise in Aerospace and Defense Industry, 3SC World has continued working relationships with some of the world’s premier authorities on such matters as: Physical, hardware and software security Major handling equipment with operators Logistical support to and from warehouse Inventory controls Project Management Offsets Strategic Planning Force Restructuring Force Modernization Boarder Planning and Monitoring Business Process Improvement Development of Training Programs |
  31. 31. DISASTER RELIEF 3SC World knows the logistical, operational and financial requirements need to deliver food, equipment and medical supplies to disaster stricken areas. Years of practical experience in coordination and execution of transporting various supplies from medicine and tents, to heavy earthmoving equipment, 3SC World has a unique skill set and experience when responding to natural or man-made disasters. US FEDERAL GOVERNMENT 3SC World has a successful performance history with providing transportation, construction, life support, labor, IT and supply services to the US Federal Government since 2003 starting with our support operations to US Forces in Iraq. 3SC has expanded support locations to UAE, Kuwait, Pakistan, Afghanistan and several satellite locations in MENA Region. HEALTHCARE 3SC World takes pride in providing one-stop medical facilities and healthcare services for you and your family with well-networked clinics, diagnostic centers and pharmacies. You can always trust 3SC with your well-being, because we are committed to the highest standards of medical care. 3SC World is an experienced and trusted company that can support your business requirements in the areas of accounts receivables and payables, account reconciliation services and other add-on functions. We can provide you with services that leverage out-of-the-box thinking and surpasses the benefits provided by most accounting packages. FINANCIAL SERVICES
  32. 32. SERVICES 3SC is a trusted, leading global outsource service provider offering business solutions for companies large and small to meet their requirements on time within budget through proper risk assessment, proven planning methods and our disciplined execution. We ensure efficiency and streamline process through the use of cutting edge technology and our dedicated expert team members which offer you measurable results in costs savings, reliability, credibility and sound financial practices. Technology Consulting Manpower / HR Logistics Procurement |
  33. 33. Registered Affiliations |
  34. 34. Our Customers |
  35. 35. For further information, please drop us an email to or visit our website Thank you