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Best Practices for Automatic Transcript Alignment


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If you already have transcripts for your video or audio files, automatic transcript alignment is the fastest and least expensive way to create captions and use interactive video plugins. This webinar …

If you already have transcripts for your video or audio files, automatic transcript alignment is the fastest and least expensive way to create captions and use interactive video plugins. This webinar covers tips and best practices for using our automatic transcript alignment service. Watch this webinar to learn about:

- How the technology works
- Uploading video/audio files
- Preparing a transcript for upload
- Transcript synchronization accuracy
- Using captions & interactive transcripts
- Editing transcripts & captions post processing
- Working with lecture capture and video platforms


Josh Miller (Moderator)
Co-Founder | 3Play Media

David Zylber
Manager of Customer Happiness | 3Play Media

Roger Zimmerman
VP of Research & Development | 3Play Media

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Transcript Alignment Service Webinar March 12, 2013 Moderator: Josh Miller Speakers: Roger Zimmerman David Zylber
  • 2. Agenda • Automatic Alignment vs. Transcription and Captioning • Alignment Service Overview • Best Practices • Submitting Transcripts & Media Files • Formatting your Transcripts • Q&A
  • 3. Transcript Alignment Service vs. Transcription and Captioning • Use the Alignment service when you already have a transcript • Both services ultimately give you access to the same 3Play Media account features and tools. • Alignment is 100% automated where as the standard service involves human clean up. • Turnaround Service Levels
  • 4. Automatic Alignment Process 1)Re-encode text as ASCII • MS-Word exports still contain non-ASCII characters • Direct upload users can see the results
  • 5. DEMO
  • 6. FTP Overview • Create a folder named for_alignment • Add the media file first to the for_alignment folder - e.g. Casablanco.mp4 • Then add the plain .TXT transcript to the for_alignment folder - e.g. Casablanco.txt • The .TXT file MUST HAVE THE SAME NAME as the media file • Batch uploads: first submit all media files and then the corresponding transcripts.
  • 7. Alignment Best Practices • THE KEY: Text corresponds to audio! • Common Problems: -Non-conforming speaker labels (not all caps, hyphens instead of colons -Wrapped text becomes paragraphs -Including instructions, screen directions, scene settings/headers -Interpretation -Overlapping speakers -Audio quality • Duration: No more than 2 hours per file • Drag and Drop your transcripts when you can • Transcripts should be unformatted plain text file (.TXT) • Short duration reduces the likelihood of misalignment
  • 8. DEMO
  • 9. Automatic Alignment Process continued… 2) Infer verbalization from text • Speaker labels used for adaptation (and replaced with optional pause) • Punctuation removed (sentences replaced with pause) • Numerics expanded:  10/10/2013 => “ten ten thirteen” OR “October tenth” …  107 => “one hundred and seven” OR “one oh seven” …  5’3” => “five foot three” or “five three” … • Acronyms/abbreviations expanded: “St.”, “ABC”, “NASDAQ”
  • 10. Automatic Alignment Process 3) Build a “biased” language model (with options): CEO: “On 10/10/2013, we will be listed on NASDAQ as ABC” <SPEAKER> on { NULL / this } { ten ten / october tenth } <COMMA> { NULL / twenty thirteen / thirteen } { we will / we’ll } be listed on the nasdaq as a b c <SENTENCE> …
  • 11. Automatic Alignment Process 4) Run ASR with biased LM: ON OCTOBER TENTH WE’LL BE 1.02 1.05 1.05 1.32 1.32 1.51 1.63 1.76 1.76 1.82
  • 12. Automatic Alignment Process 5) Re-Align with original text:      ON OCTOBER TENTH WE’LL   BE CEO: On 0.0 1.02 1.02 1.05 10/10/2013, we will be 1.05 1.63 1.695 1.76 1.51 1.695 1.76 1.82
  • 13. Automatic Alignment Process 6) Fill in gaps in ASR output with all of the original transcript text in that region.
  • 14. Automatic Alignment Process 7) Compute confidence from ASR process plus number/length of gaps.  “Audio Quality” bars
  • 15. Automatic Alignment Process 8) Create all output assets from the aligned transcript, as if it had been edited.
  • 16. NEED HELP? RESOURCES Knowledge Base Contact 3Play Media Support