Central Vascular Catheter Maintenance Care Bundles


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Central Vascular Catheter Maintenance Care Bundles

  1. 1. Central VascularCatheter Maintenance Care Bundles Victor Saravia MD. Internal Medicine Infectious Diseases
  2. 2. Why this Issue? The catheters infection rates were slightly higher than the global prevalence Increased days of hospitalization Increased cost of hospitalization Expected to achieve reduce the rates of infection and be more cost effective ff ti
  3. 3. The Intervention Standardized work protocols were established for insertion and maintenance of central venous catheters and care Th catheter placement procedure The th t l t d is performed by the most competent staff to prevent complications li ti The health care staff was trained in relation to the use of these bundles
  4. 4. The Results Package Implementation Education and training personnel gp Active surveillance of infections Individualization of the patient, individualized healing kit Use of chlorhexidine in the insertion and maintenance of the catheters Transparent dressing to permit visualization of the catheter insertion site
  5. 5. Results• Infection rates were compared before and after, showing it decreased significantly• Monthly meetings take place infections committee notification of results and / or possible infections or problems• The general community perceives an improvement in the procedure, demonstrating in an objective manner in the days of hospitalization of patients
  6. 6. Engaging Others The beginning of change was directed for medical director of the clinic, at that time Dr. Edgar Escalona. Promoted the establishment of the Committee of infections, with a nurse (Ms. Larissa Deninzon) as the main protagonist. Subsequently engaging representatives from all services services. At the beginning like any change was difficult, but now the committee is a tool that has become essential for all staff
  7. 7. Greatest Learnings / Largest Challenges• The most difficult thing is not to implement changes, is keep it. p g , p• Constantly train staff, not to forget the protocols.• Th main obstacle iis th h lth care The i b t l the health staff themselves, sometimes they do not understand the needs of these measures• The way to impact in other projects is by the example and showing the statistics
  8. 8. Best Advice Sustaining Change g g• Do not fear change • Surveillance and• The protocols works, allowing work monitoringg to standardize the way • Continuous training of• Create committees infections medical and nursing staff• The main beneficiary is the patient • R i i and updating of Revision d d ti f• Update knowledge management protocols constantly • Following the recommendations and standards of practice