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Webinar slides-how-to-maximise-the-impact-of-m health-services-for-maternal-and-child-health
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Webinar slides-how-to-maximise-the-impact-of-m health-services-for-maternal-and-child-health


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GSMA mHealth Webinar: Highlights and recording

GSMA mHealth Webinar: Highlights and recording

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  • 1. November 2012 How to Maximise the Impact of mHealth Services for Maternal and Child HealthRestricted - Confidential Information © GSMA 2012
  • 2. mHealth WebinarMDG 4: Child HealthUnderstanding the Problem: almost 3 million of all the babies who die each year can be saved with low-tech,low-cost care (WHO) Global under-five mortality rate dropped from nearly 12 million in 1990 to an estimated 6.9 million in 2011 (UNICEF). 82% of under-five deaths are in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia in 2011. Restricted - Confidential Information © GSMA 2012
  • 3. mHealth WebinarMDG 5: Maternal HealthUnderstanding the Problem: up to 358 000 women die each year in pregnancy and child birth (WHO)Only 9 Countdown countries are on track toachieve MDG 5, and 25 have made insufficientor no progress. Restricted - Confidential Information © GSMA 2012
  • 4. mHealth WebinarmHealth: 4 Key Drivers…For scaled integration of mobile into thehealth system1. Reducing fragmentation2. Supporting scale3. Replication across other disease portfolios and countries4. Alignment of the value proposition for health and mobile Restricted - Confidential Information © GSMA 2012
  • 5. mHealth WebinarOur Speakers• Judy Njogu: Product Manager for eHealth & eLearning; Safaricom• George Held: VP of Commerce; Etisalat.• Alice Fabiano: Senior Program Officer and Advisor; Johnson & Johnson Corporate Contributions.• Joanne Stevens: consultant to Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action (MAMA); South Africa. Restricted - Confidential Information © GSMA 2012
  • 6. mHealth WebinarKey Driver 1:Reducing FragmentationProliferation of mHealth services in countries andacross disease portfolios • What is the role of Government? • How important is Partnership? • How can local and international partners collaborate? Resource: Restricted - Confidential Information © GSMA 2012
  • 7. mHealth Webinar Key Driver 2: Delivering Scale Importance of vertical integration: mHealth, Mobile Money, mLearning • Is mHealth and mMoney integration driving scale? • What are funders looking for? • What can we expect with vertical integration of money, health, learning, etc.? Resource: - Confidential Information © GSMA 2012
  • 8. mHealth WebinarKey Driver 3:Replication across diseaseportfolios and countriesImportance of extracting and embedding best practicesinto organisations • What are emerging best practices from funding, NGO and mobile operator perspectives? Resource: Restricted - Confidential Information © GSMA 2012
  • 9. mHealth Webinar Key Driver 4: Alignment of the health & mobile value proposition Understanding alignment of ROIs, ARPUs, brand loyalty with traditional clinical outcome, access and cost drivers of health industry • What is a shared value proposition? • How can NGO’s incentivise mobile and private sector? • How best engage with mobile operators? - Confidential Information © GSMA 2012
  • 10. mHealth Webinar QUESTIONS?10 Restricted - Confidential Information © GSMA 2012
  • 11. mHealth Webinar Thank you! @GSMAm4dEmail: mhealth@gsm.orgRestricted - Confidential Information © GSMA 2012