Page 1 Mobile and Internet System for Monitoring Blood Glucose Levels


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Page 1 Mobile and Internet System for Monitoring Blood Glucose Levels

  1. 1. Mobile and Internet System for Monitoring Blood Glucose Levels Presented by Richard Strobridge Entra Health Systems, UK UK: +44 11 3815 5110 USA: +1 619 846 6622
  2. 2. Presentation Overview • Introduction • Management of Diabetes • Problems Encountered when using Meter Data • Identifying Solutions for Improved Chronic Disease Management • A Better Way to Manage Diabetes • Conclusion
  3. 3. Introduction • Diabetes is widespread disease Incidents of diabetes has tripled in 20 years • 246 million people with diabetes in 2007 • Diabetic population will grow to 380 million by 2025 • The European region is ranked second worldwide with the • number of diabetic persons totaling 53 million Age of onset has moved from 55 years to 35 years • • Self-monitoring of Blood Glucose (SMBG) should be an integral part of diabetes management • Managing diabetes helps prevent diabetes-related complications such as cardiovascular disease, retinopathy, nephropathy and neuropathy
  4. 4. Management of Diabetes • Data collected by meters is nearly useless for identifying patterns and making meaningful interventions • Meters are not devices for real Blood Glucose control but are mainly used for point-in-time measurements • Patterns in blood sugars come from looking at the whole picture, not at individual readings • Identifying changes to diet or exercise that will result in better readings can only occur after seeing the pattern In short: What is needed is better information, not just more data
  5. 5. Problems Encountered when using Meter Data • Data is often collected manually in log books • Data from existing meters, when incorporated into a PC, is not web-enabled or HL7 compliant • Pattern analysis is done by a few individual users or doctors • Few devices allow for recording carb intake or insulin doses
  6. 6. Identifying Solutions for Improved Chronic Disease Management • What if the system provided feedback such as: • “Your average pre-lunch blood sugar has risen to 220 mg/dl from the previous 132 mg/dl. Has your breakfast or something else changed?” • What if the information was communicated directly to a health care professional for real- time analysis and feedback?
  7. 7. Features Needed for Improved Chronic Disease Management • Redesign meters to put focus on user-friendly designs • Implement a relational database or a remote connection to a relational server • Incorporate a keyboard or mobile phone for data entry • Provide Web access for support of the patient and for communicating to the health care provider/EHR • Provide access to a network of health care professionals who can guide the patient in making choices
  8. 8. A Better Way to Manage Diabetes EHS has begun the implementation of as an online service providing end-to-end diabetes disease management. Test results are sent via mobile phone or PC to the web portal which can: •Chart blood glucose results •Track other health and wellness related information •Easily share information with physicians and caregivers.
  9. 9. State of the Art Glucose Meter The first standalone CE-approved Bluetooth-enabled glucose meter on the market Features: World's first USB and Bluetooth meter Automatic coding Small sample size: 0.3 microliter Fast testing: 3 second results Easy strip ejector Large display and buttons Transmits results to via your cell phone (Bluetooth) or PC (USB)
  10. 10. How it works with the Provider: Glucose meter sends test results via USB cable to a PC or… ……wirelessl … the y via myglucohealth a mobile portal phone Electronic Health Records Online Diagnostic & Health Care Professionals
  11. 11. How it works for the Patient: Glucose meter sends test results via USB cable to a PC or… ……wirelessl y via … the a mobile myglucohealth phone portal Text Messaging, Email Alerts, etc Online Information and Information/Tools Analysis
  12. 12. Test results automatically transferred to the web portal.
  13. 13. Patients and health care providers have access to the data in an informative format Readings are logged and color coded based on the user’s specific criteria. • Readings are automatically charted in a variety of views. • Information can be incorporated in the patient’s electronic health record •
  14. 14. Advantages myglucohealth provides significant advantages to patients, physicians and caregivers including: • Highly accurate, state of the art meter • Simple operation • Connected…no more log books • Automatic shipment of strips and lancets • Access by health care professional to patient test results • Health care analytics and alerts for out-of-range results • Easy and secure patient-physician communication
  15. 15. Potential Benefits Patient takes more “ownership” of disease management and • will make better lifestyle choices Alarms, reminders and feedback by text or email encourage • patient compliance with testing and interpretation of results Accurate, real-time information accessible by both patient and • health professionals enables better disease management Reduction in treatment costs associated with poor disease • management Invaluable resource to parents of diabetic children or other • caregivers Incorporation with Electronic Medical Records •
  16. 16. Conclusion • The system provides greater opportunity for collaboration and information in the process of SMBG • A flexible mobile phone-based or internet-based access provides a choice of platform for the patient • More study is needed to assess improvements to quality of life and lower healthcare costs • Cost concerns may influence the use of mobile phones in telehealth intervention • The processes applied by EHS in managing diabetes can be applied to other chronic diseases and conditions
  17. 17. Thank you for your attention Richard Strobridge President, Entra Health Systems UK: +44 11 3815 5110 USA: +1 619 846 6622