One World Uju Ofomato ICT Innovation for Community Empowerment


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Mobile HIV Education Africa

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One World Uju Ofomato ICT Innovation for Community Empowerment

  1. 1. Uju Ofomata ICT innovation for community empowerment
  2. 2. OneWorld UK • Part of an int’l network of OneWorld Centres
  3. 3. OneWorld UK • An online portal for global justice since 1994
  4. 4. OneWorld UK • Innovation of ICT and mobile technology Lifelines India Mobile for Good
  5. 5. The situation in Nigeria • 3.2 million with HIV/AIDS - 220,000 children • 60% of new infections in 15-25 age group • Average age of girls’ first sexual activity is 13 • 27 women die every day from unsafe abortions • 80% of these are teenagers • Maternal mortality among WORST in world … and yet…
  6. 6. The situation in Nigeria Sex is traditionally a very private subject in Nigeria and the discussion of sex with teenagers is often seen as inappropriate… Lack of accurate information about sexual health has meant there are many myths and misconceptions about sex and HIV, contributing to increasing transmission rates as well as stigma and discrimination towards people living with HIV/AIDS. AVERT report on HIV/AIDS in Nigeria, 2008
  7. 7. Innovative Solutions •Butterfly Works: Education and design specialists •OneWorld: mobile technology
  8. 8. Innovative Solutions • Local expertise in Nigeria – creative partnership with Community Based Organisations and Government Girls’ Power Initiative, Nigeria • Critical support from funders
  9. 9. Learning about Living Several Goals…. 1. Provide information to empower young people to make informed decisions about their sexual health 2. Increase gender equality 3. Reduce HIV/AIDS, Maternal Mortality
  10. 10. e-Learning environment
  11. 11. e-Learning environment • 25 pre-prepared lessons for teachers and students • Information through virtual peer educators using ‘info-cartoons’ and youth friendly language • Educative games, quizzes and role plays
  12. 12. e-Learning environment • Developed to experiential learning principles
  13. 13. e-Learning environment • Can be used as a stand alone tool
  14. 14. e-Learning environment • Developed and tested with young people
  15. 15. e-Learning environment • CMS open source (easily adjusted for different states)
  16. 16. The mobile service Nigeria’s... • 64 million mobile users • 56% annual growth rate • Market leader with S. Africa • Prominence of SMS • Expanding to 3G ... led us to launch “MyQ” & “MyA”
  17. 17. The mobile service • MyQ: answering urgent sexual health questions… via email via phone via SMS Providing vital sexual health information anonymously, confidentially and quickly. • MyA: a monthly sexual health competition to encourage discussion and engagement
  18. 18. How it works
  19. 19. What have we achieved? • Students: genuine excitement & safe environment
  20. 20. What have we achieved? • Teachers: enthusiasm about ICT & safe environment
  21. 21. What have we achieved? • Partners: shown genuine passion and involvement
  22. 22. What have we achieved? • Media: positive coverage across Nigeria on Adolescent Reproductive Health
  23. 23. What have we achieved? A few numbers… • 100,000+ SMS questions received & answered • Almost 9,000 students reached with eLearning • More than 320 teachers trained on eLearning • Piloted in 16 schools… • …and 1 out of school youth centre
  24. 24. What have we achieved? Messages sent to MyQ Satisfaction Levels for MyQ actual target “I have a friend who is HIVpositive,should i keep away from him because i might get infected.pls what should i do?” “Can an HIV+ mother breast feed her baby without infecting d baby” “I av boyfriend but dont know his statue.and he wanted 2 av sex with me.Pls help me”
  25. 25. Some challenges • Mobile network problems – disruption to MyQ
  26. 26. Some challenges • Human – big classes, more FLHE-trained teachers
  27. 27. Some challenges • Infrastructure – more computers
  28. 28. Some challenges • Funding – more needed to maintain momentum
  29. 29. What’s Next… • Scale up throughout Nigeria • Launch in Senegal • Scoping studies: Mexico & Morocco • Rwanda? Uganda? Kenya? Ghana? Nepal? .....
  30. 30. “The pictures on the computer help me recall things” – Nnamdi Amadi “It gives me more understanding about what I am learning” – Akanine Udoh “I feel more comfortable and relaxed” – Cecilia Akobi
  31. 31. Find out more Check out the site… Watch a video about the project… Check out OneWorld’s other mobile projects... Get in touch...