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mHealth Convergence of MedTech to Mobiles

mHealth Convergence of MedTech to Mobiles

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  • 1. Managing the Electronic Medical DeviceLifecycle from Standalone Innovation toConverged Capability Jeff Brown Vice President, Business Intelligence UBM TechInsights
  • 2. United Business Media (UBM) Asia
  • 3. UBM TechInsights A flexible value delivery system Largest technical and IP body  The most comprehensive  of knowledge in the industry offering of any service‐provider
  • 4. Technology Lifecycle (Without Convergence) Launch Critical Price Competitors  Price  Volume  Size  Critical Mass Displace Another Technology Commoditized (Free)
  • 5. Example – Integrated 37” LCD HDTVs (Without Convergence) US Shipments 2003 $2,750 Launch 2006 $999 Critical Price 10Mu 2007 30% $549 Critical Mass 17Mu 2008 Displace Another Technology 24Mu2014-2015 $100 Commoditized (Free) 40Mu
  • 6. Technology Lifecycle (With Convergence) Technology B Technology A Launch Launch IP Critical Price Core TechnologyPrice Size  Software Critical Price Critical Mass Convergence Competitors  Volume  Displace Another Technology Critical Mass Commoditized (Free) Displace Another Technology Commoditized (Free)
  • 7. Example – 1.3-3.2MP Digital Still Camera (With Convergence) Smartphone Digital Still Camera 1991 1996 $13K Launch Launch $2K2005$150 Critical Price IP Core Technology 2003 Software Critical Price $500 2009 Critical Mass Convergence 2007 Displace Another Technology Critical Mass$20 Commoditized (Free) Displace Another Technology Commoditized (Free)
  • 8. Sony has managed the lifecycle
  • 9. The 3 Stages of Convergence1. Wired or Wireless Connection2. Physically Joined Together3. Integrated
  • 10. The 3 Stages of ConvergenceCoPilot GPS for Laptop Navman GPS Sleeve iPhone with GPS Withings Blood AliveCor EKG Sleeve iStethoscope Pressure Monitor Expert
  • 11. Substitutes Enable Convergence
  • 12. Smartphone Stethoscope Substitute iStethoscope Expert Free
  • 13. Medical ElectronicsVolume Forecast (Mu) 2010 = 266Mu 2015 = 391Mu Source: Databeans 2010
  • 14. 630Mu 275Mu 120MuSource: UBM TechInsights, Gartner, IDC
  • 15. Medical ElectronicsRevenue Forecast ($B) 2010 = $129B 2015 = $191B Source: Databeans 2010
  • 16. Major Trend $150B/yr Market* *Philips
  • 17. Home Health Care Driver• Improved Efficiency • Lower Cost • Improve Patient Results
  • 18. Home Health Care MedicalEquipment Requirements• Small• Portable• Easy to Use• Connected
  • 19. Roadblocks to Improvements in HomeHealth Care Medical Equipment• Government Regulations and Requirements• Reimbursements
  • 20. 10-13Mu/yr 500-800Ku/yr $2.0-$2.7B/yr $160-$260M/yrPrice: $150-$3,000 Price: $300-$13,000 50-80Ku/yr 80-120Mu/yr $6.5-$8.7B/yr $600-$900M/yr Price: $10K-$300K Price: $2-$400 Source: Databeans 2010
  • 21. Hearing Aid Block Diagram Source: Maxim Source: UBM TechInsights
  • 22. Hearing Aid Past Current Future
  • 23. Smarpthone Hearing Aid Substitutes SoundAMP R $4.99 Dragon Dictation Free
  • 24. ECG Block DiagramSource: Maxim
  • 25. ECG AliveCor Past Current Future
  • 26. Ultrasound Block Diagram Source: Maxim
  • 27. Ultrasound Mobisante Past Current Future
  • 28. Digital Thermometer Block Diagram Source: Maxim
  • 29. Digital Thermometer ? iGrill Past Present Future
  • 30. Other Examples of Medical DeviceSmartphone Convergence Airstrip Patient Monitoring Withings Blood Pressure Monitor Sanofi Aventis iBGStar Blood Glucose Monitor Littman 3M Bluetooth Stethoscope Wavesense Agamatrix Blood Glucose Monitor
  • 31. How do you manage thetechnology lifecycle?
  • 32. UBM TechInsights IP Lifecycle
  • 33. Digital Infrared Thermometer• Core Technology • Measuring temperature with infrared• Company • Exergen Corporation • “Changing the way the world takes temperature” • Recognized world leader in industrial and medical non- invasive temperature technology • Only manufacturer of retail medical thermometers in the US • 30% of hospitals and pediatricians use Exergen TemporalScanner • Over 1 million consumers use Exergen TemporalScanner
  • 34. Technology and Market AssessmentInternational Patent Classification A61B 05/001: Measuring Temperature Of Body Parts
  • 35. Technology and Market Assessment
  • 36. Formulate an IP Strategy Exergen Corp. Patent Landscape
  • 37. Establish an IP Position
  • 38. Leverage IP to Defend BusinessPlaintiffs Defendants Date Filed CauseExergen Corporation Thermoscan Incorporated 7/2/1991 35:145 Patent InfringementExergen Corporation IMED Corporation;Sharper Image Corporation 8/21/1991 28:1338 Patent InfringementExergen Corporation Gentri Controls, Inc.;Raymond Paulk 5/15/1992 15:1121 Trademark InfringementExergen Corporation Thermoscan, Inc. 4/6/1993 28:1338 Patent Infringement ELECTRO‐MECHANICAL SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL EXERGEN CORPORATION LIMITED, INC. 1/11/1995 35:145 Patent InfringementExergen Corporation Preferred Sales Agency Inc 2/8/1995 35:145 Patent InfringementExergen Corporation Telcon Power Sales, Inc. 5/12/1995 28:1338 Patent InfringementExergen Corporation, Safety 1st, Inc., 3/28/2001 28:1338 Patent Infringement Wal‐Mart Stores Inc.;S.A.A.T. Systems Application  of Advanced Technology Ltd.;Daiwa Products, Exergen Corporation Inc.;Hana Microelectronics Co., Ltd. 7/27/2001 28:1338 Patent InfringementExergen Corporation CVS Corporation 3/12/2002 28:1338 Patent Infringement Kidz‐Med, Inc.;American Scientific Resources, Exergen Corporation Inc.;Tecnimed S.R.L. 8/15/2008 15:1126 Patent Infringement
  • 39. IP Monetization – Manage andDisposition PatentsPublication Number Publication Country Publication Date TitleEP0763349 EP 8/21/2002 Radiation detector for tymphanic temperature measurementEP0763349 EP 3/19/1997 Radiation detector for tymphanic temperature measurementEP0763349 EP 4/9/1997US2004152991 US 8/5/2004 Temporal artery temperature detectorEP1136801 EP 9/26/2001 Radiation detector for tympanic temperature measurementWO9006090 WO 6/14/1990 Radiation detector suitable for tympanic temperature measurementDE68929421 DE 9/26/2002 Strahlungsdetektor, geeignet für trommelfell‐temperaturmessungDE68928083 DE 1/2/1998 Strahlungsdetektor fÃœr trommelfell‐temperaturmessungDE68928083 DE 7/3/1997 Strahlungsdetektor fÃœr trommelfell‐temperaturmessungEP0447455 EP 5/28/1997 Radiation detector for tympanic temperature measurementUS2001019574 US 9/6/2001 Axillary infrared thermometer and method of useUS2002146055 US 10/10/2002 Radiation detector with passive air purge and reduced noiseAT130087 AT 11/15/1995 Strahlungsdetektor mit entfertem temperaturreferenzort.US2002068876 US 6/6/2002 Temporal thermometer disposable capEP0055773 EP 4/11/1985 Radiation heat loss detector.CA1222886 CA 6/16/1987 Scanning radiation detectorCA1230497 CA 12/22/1987 Variable field of view heat scannerUS2002114375 US 8/22/2002 Ambient and perfusion normalized temperature detectorAU5821299 AU 4/3/2000 Temporal artery temperature detectorAU1789901 AU 6/4/2001 Temporal thermometer disposable capCA2004743 CA 6/6/1990 Radiation detector suitable for tympanic temperature measurementEP0934510 EP 8/11/1999 Axillary infrared thermometer and method of useEP0447455 EP 9/25/1991 Radiation detector suitable for tympanic temperature measurement.US6423970 US 7/23/2002 Radiation detector with remote temperature referenceUS2003001096 US 1/2/2003 Radiation detector with remote temperature referenceWO8200351 WO 2/4/1982 Radiation heat loss detectorEP0055773 EP 7/14/1982 Radiation heat loss detector.US2006222048 US 10/5/2006 Ambient and perfusion normalized temperature detector
  • 40. • Technology Lifecycle • High End Innovation • Low End Commoditization or Convergence• Home Health Care Trend • Favors movement towards consumer electronics• Feature duplication will be eliminated• UBM TechInsights IP Lifecycle • Technology and Market Assessment • Formulate an IP Strategy • Establish an IP Position • Leverage IP to Defend Business • IP Monetization
  • 41. Even a niche product isn’t safe!Celestron Sky Scout2006 CES “Best of Innovations”$399 Star Walk $2.99