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  • healthXL – accelerator collaboration between key industry players3 moth on site mentor lead program split between Dublin and LondonEcosystem of engaged corporate partners and investors10 teams selected from 400+ international applicants
  • Healthxl mentors 5

    1. 1. healthXL – collaboration between key industry players toaccelerate start-up in health arena3 month on site mentor lead program split betweenDublin and LondonEcosystem of engaged corporate partners and investorsincluding StartupBootCamp, IBM and leading Pharma10 teams selected from 400+ international applicants
    2. 2. StartupBootcamp at a Glance  Leading accelerator outside US  3+3 month mentor driven accelerator program  400+ applicants per program  70 teams will have completed the program by end 2012 with participants from 25+ countries  €2M+ has been raised by teams in seed funding  50+ % have received funding within 6 months  300+ mentors who are serial entrepreneurs  1,500+ investor databaseCurrent programs Planned programs  Global brands love to work with us, incl. Investor roadshow IBM, Vodafone, Nokia & ABN AMRO  1st ever Global Affiliate of TechStars
    3. 3. Almost two years on, Startupbootcamp is going from strength Startupbootcamp in Denmark, has become the first “Globalto strength. “Accelerators, which is what we are, are rocket- Affiliate” of the US based accelerator program TechStars.boosters. We launch startups into space, and then hope they That means Startupbootcamp, run by Alex Farcet, will nowstay in orbit. The secret sauce of the startupbootcamp is the be screening applications from startup teams across Europe.mentor-base." said Alex Farcet, the co-founder and Managing ”TechStars picks Startupbootcamp in Denmark as first Global Affiliate”, M.Director of Startupbootcamp. Butcher, ”12 companies pitch for cash at Startupbootcamp’s London Investor Day.“, P. May 2010 Sawers, February 2012… Since then, a number of similar programs have appeared in StartupBootcamp, a European startup accelerator networkvarious European countries, like HackForward in Germany, and Techstars affiliate, just added Dublin to its existingSpringboard in the UK, Copenhagen-based Startupbootcamp, locations of Copenhagen and Madrid. London and Berlin willMadrid’s Tetuan Valley and Paris’s Le Camping. follow in 2012... A single pan-European application process will result in the selected teams being assigned to the most suitable city. "Start-Up 100: Could Europe build a Y Combinator?“, R. Varza January 2011 “Dublin: Europe’s Next Startup Petri Dish?”, C. Byrne March, 2011 Dow Jones "Big Blue Banks On Small Start-Ups For Growth" Other media in which we have appeared
    4. 4. IBM SmartCamp at a GlanceOffers selected companies world-class international mentoring in 15 countries Copenhagen Moscow Dublin Berlin Boston London Munich New Paris Istanbul York Bangalore Beijing Mexico Miami Tel Aviv City Cape Town Sydney Sao Paulo
    5. 5. IBM SmartCamp at a GlanceCurrent and previous SmartCamp sponsors and partners include:
    6. 6. Global Digital Health Opportunity Key trends Industry investment Sectors and Partners Focus Greater life expectancy Convergence of Operators and rising public health biotechnology, care costs pharmaceuticals, medical Mobile manufacturers devices, nutrition and Ageing population seeks a consumer goods (e.g., Software higher quality of life for telemedicine, remote Consumer electronics longer monitoring, adherence programs, use of real world Food Increasing cases of data) chronic & lifestyle ailments. Pharma Developments in E-health Increasing demand for enabling new channels of Consumer goods wellbeing by an expanding communication and new middle class across the Sports equipmentbrands ways of interaction world. Concepts supporting Ambient Assisted Living.
    7. 7. Top 3 reasons to get involved:1. Build Brand Awareness: increase brand awareness with key investors and entrepreneurs who are transforming healthcare2. Strategic Insights: Identify disruptive trends and high potential companies early in the life-cycle3. Community Engagement: Build strategic relationships and collaborations with the thought leaders around the world