EyeForPharma mHealth webinar 17 June 2014

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  • 1. The mHealth Opportunity Webinar 17 June 2014 @mHealth
  • 2. 24x7 access to Documented Doctor Consultations
  • 3. Register on the secure 3GDoctor.com website
  • 4. Top up your account
  • 5. Register on the secure 3GDoctor.com website
  • 6. Create or share a PHR
  • 7. Complete an Interactive Medical History Taking Questionnaire
  • 8. Share any additional info you feel is important (eg. Photos, Websites, YouTube videos etc)
  • 9. A Doctor reviews the info you shared & conducts any necessary research
  • 10. The Video Consultation normally lasts about 10 minutes
  • 11. Afterwards simply login to View, Download & Print your comprehensive written Consultation Report
  • 12. This document includes an action plan to ensure that the next move you make is the right one...
  • 13. After every consultation we ask Patients for their feedback
  • 14. We're not a replacement for a Family Doctor (the best place for you to get care)
  • 15. We're not selling prescriptions
  • 16. Solution to the Access Problem
  • 17. Interactive Patient History Taking Questionnaires
  • 18. Patient Views “The questionnaire is a ground breaking way to speed up GP to Patient contact times. The information gained from answering a few simple questions means that the GP has lots of extra information before the patient enters the surgery doors” “I found it easy to use and less embarrassing to explain my problem; know that when I see the doctor he/she will know why I am there”
  • 19. Cardiac Services: Screening Put an ECG on every Pharmacists mobile phone
  • 20. Cardiac Services: Screening
  • 21. Cardiac Services: Screening
  • 22. Diabetes Management
  • 23. Diabetes Management
  • 24. Sleep Coaching
  • 25. Sleep Coaching
  • 26. Independent Living: Smoke/CO
  • 27. Independent Living: Security/Fall/Power/Heating
  • 28. Weight/Nutrition
  • 29. Hypertension
  • 30. Social Inclusion of Seniors
  • 31. For many Patients their Meds & Mobile have already become inseparable
  • 32. Will Doctors use these tools?
  • 33. Will Doctors use these tools? By 2020 you won't be Allowed to practice Without a Smartphone
  • 34. Will Doctors use these tools? By 2020 you won't be Allowed to practice Without a Smartphone UCIrvine Students score 23% higher thanks to Apps!
  • 35. Discussion @mHealth mHealth Insight.com