ECH Campus Leadership Summit: Dr Sinclair Stockman
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ECH Campus Leadership Summit: Dr Sinclair Stockman






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  • Broadband - a slow road to high speed interactivity

ECH Campus Leadership Summit: Dr Sinclair Stockman ECH Campus Leadership Summit: Dr Sinclair Stockman Presentation Transcript

  • European Health Campus Dare to cross the line - TOGETHER Broadband Revolution!
  • How we got here
    • A quick journey from code weaving to gloal we services, via St Patrick and the Wild West
    • Surfing the 21 st century web services ocean
  • St Patrick – Patron Saint of IP
  • Digital Health can optimise improvement of efficiency, equity, and quality, easing troublesome tradeoffs Digital He@lth Equity Efficiency Quality
  • Taking ICTs & Biz Models to Rural India Power Connectivity Website Interactivity
    • Old landscape :
    • Customer faced with multiple choices:
      • Where do I go?
      • Who do I call?
      • Who can I call?
      • If not “999”, is there another number?
      • I can’t remember the number, should I call “999”?
    Self assessment Patients are currently asked to self diagnose in order to select the best available option. Some may not be aware of all the services available As a result, patients often touch multiple services at a cost to NHS 0845 Web OOH local ? 999 Pharmacy Clinic specific A&E GP ? ? ? ? ?
    • Target landscape
    • Customer faced with 1 choice:
      • Do I need to call “999”?
      • If not, patients can dial “111” or go online
    Single access “ 999” deals with emergency only. Category C calls transferred to NHSD “ 111” deals with non-emergency calls only. Category A & B calls transferred to “999” Web resolves query or refers to “999” or “111” A&E OOH 999 Web Resolve Cat C calls Cat A and B calls Ambulance Info resolve Referral Primary care
    • Clinic
    • GP
    • Pharmacy
    • Walk in
    ? 111 Ambulance Service Call Centre NHSD Initial assessment tool - NHS Pathways
  • Case Study United Kingdom – Connecting for Health
    • NHS Connecting for Health supports the NHS in providing better, safer care, by delivering computer systems and services that improve how patient information is stored and accessed.
  • Burden of Care – Chronic Non-Communicable Disease
    • Myths and Misunderstandings
    • Chronic diseases are thought to be the cause of twice the number of deaths of infectious diseases
    • Chronic disease affects not only the elderly. The number of cases reported in populations under 60 years is increasing year on year
    • 80% of chronic disease deaths are believed to occur in low or middle income countries in part as a result of globalisation
    • Chronic Non-Communicable Disease is a global burden across age groups
    • Chronic Costs
    • The total health care costs of heart disease and stroke in the United States, including health care expenditures and lost productivity from deaths and disability, is projected to be more than $475 billion in 2009
    • Americans make more than 72 million doctor visits every year for treatment and management of cardiovascular diseases.
    • Incidents of Chronic Non-Communicable Disease are rising at a growing cost to the global health economy
  • Goals and Objectives – United Nations Digital Health Initiative
    • Ensure the current inequity of the global health and digital divides do not become a digital health divide;
    • Guarantee that the crises of the global decline in health systems and shortfall of skilled health workers are addressed head-on and within a normative framework;
    • Realize universal access and the inter-linked MDG Health agenda for Goals Reduce child poverty, Improve maternal health and Combat HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases“ via the strategic and innovative use of mobile, internet, health, and pharmaceutical technologies for scaling-up within the 2015 timeframes;
    • Confront new and re-emerging infectious and Neglected Tropical Diseases as well as the developing world pandemic of Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases with all available health, technology and development means
    • Define relevant partner roles & responsibilities for emerging & existing players in discovery, development and delivery with full privates sector and civil society engagement;
    • Deliver on the promise of MDG Goal 8 to “Develop A Global Partnership for Development” in cooperation with the pharmaceutical and information and communication technology sectors.
  • What is Digital Health? Digital Health: The use of information and communication technologies (ICT) and related technologies to improve the health of a given population
    • Different types of Digital Health initiatives include, but are not limited to:
      • Point of Care support (Telemedicine, Clinical Decision Support, Etc.)
      • Patient support and information (SMS reminders for drug companies, online health information, etc.)
      • Electronic Health Records (HER), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Patient Health Records (PHR)
      • eLearning for physicians, nurse, healthcare personal training, research access
      • Inventory management for supplies
      • Faster and more efficient orders and results (e.g. lab work)
  • Key Players Insurance Field Pharmacy Patient Hospital Field Lab Field Health Profes-sional Health Advocate, NGS, Medical Rep.
  • Information Systems Insurance Field Pharmacy Patient Hospital Field Lab Field Health Profes-sional Health Advocate, NGS, Medical Rep. Results Interpretation Fill orders Pharmacist data base M/I/HT/P Health Players Health Education Materials Epidemic Warning System Health Professional data base Patients data base Route Programmes Reporting time, expenses, sales, KPIs Telemedicine
  • Digital Health can optimise improvement of efficiency, equity, and quality, easing troublesome tradeoffs Digital He@lth Equity Efficiency Quality