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  • The scope of CME/CPD content should be determined in consultation with users through frequent surveys to assess their utilization and interests.


  • 1. The Role of Technology in
    Tackling the African Health-Skills Gap:
    Experiences from the Field
    Berhane Gebru
    Director of Programs
    AED-SATELLIFE Center for Health Information and Technology
    Academy for Educational Development (AED)
  • 2. History
    AED – Academy for Educational Development
    Pioneered email in Africa
    Developed a continuum of technologies
    Created and
  • 3. Examples
    Mobile Health Information System (MHIS) Project
    Implemented in Eastern Cape Province, South Africa
    Uganda Health Information Network (UHIN)
    Implemented in Five Districts in Uganda
  • 4. Collaborative, public/private partnership
    Implemented at Port Elizabeth Hospital Complex (PEHC) – 2008 -2010
    Mobile Health Library to improve nursing practice
    Smart-phones for delivery of health information
    Example 1: MHIS Project
  • 5. Technology
    Healthnet Content & E-mail
    Handheld Mobile
    Library - PEHC
    “static” content
    “dynamic” content
  • 6. Needs Assessment & Source of Content
    Users involved in determining the scope of content
    Content from local and international sources
    Focus on “just-in-time” information for use at point of care
  • 7. GUIDE: Application for Document Conversion and Management
    • Convert long documents to mobile format;
    • 8. Graphic elements are not lost and display well;
    • 9. Tables and charts can be viewed; formatting is not lost in conversion process.
  • Training and User Support
    Two days initial training followed by refresher trainings
    Three-Tier user support model
  • 10. MHIS Mobile Library
    Home page
  • 11. MHIS Mobile Library
    Eastern Cape Department of Health Diseases and conditions
  • 12. MHIS Mobile Library
    Standard Treatment Guidelines – Hospital level
  • 13. Results of evaluation
    89% reported improved nursing practice through information access
  • 14. … Evaluation Results
    user-friendly, useful tool for communication and information access
    very helpful both in the work setting and at home for accessing health information
    Nurses used information daily
  • 15. International Development Research Centre, Canada
    Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
    Example 2: Uganda Health Information Network (UHIN)
    Jointly implemented by AED-SATELLIFE, Uganda Chartered HealthNet (UCH), Faculty of Medicine, Makerere University, District Health Offices
    2003 - 2010
  • 16. Data is transmitted seamlessly to districts via wireless access points over cellular network
    Health workers receive health content for better quality of health service at the point of care
    PDAs and smart-phones are used for data capture at the health centers
  • 17. Geographic area
    • 174 health centers (Level II, III, IV & hospitals)
    • 18. 700 PDAs and smartphonesin use
  • Implementation Approach
    Needs survey
    Focus of local content
    Two days initial training
    Intensive user support – 1st six months
    Three-tier user support model
    Progressive capacity building
    Incremental cost sharing by districts
    Integration into district and national systems
  • 23. Content delivery:
    “Static” content
    “Dynamic” content
    Content broadcast 3 times a week
    Daily news
  • 24. Outcomes: Improving Overall Patient Care
  • 25. Outcomes: Improving Diagnosis
  • 26. Outcomes: Choice of Lab Tests
  • 27. Outcomes: Better choice of Drugs
  • 28. Lessons Learned & Challenges
    Feasible and improves healthcare delivery
    Power supply
    Continuous use vs. workload
    Effective user support
  • 29. … Lessons Learned & Challenges
    MOH involvement from the very beginning
    Content must address health workers needs
    Regular feedback from users
    Progressive improvement in qualification recognized by MOH an issue for health workers
  • 30. Thank you!
    For further information contact:
    Berhane Gebru
    Director of Programs
    Center for Health Information & Technology
    Web: www.healthnet.org and www.aed.org