Launch Of 3 G Doctor At The Royal Society Of Medicine 20.11.2006

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Slides from Royal Society of Medicine TeleMed & eHealth 2006 …

Slides from Royal Society of Medicine TeleMed & eHealth 2006

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  • 1. TeleMed and eHealth‘06 “Transforming the Patient Experience” David Doherty UK
  • 2. TeleMed and eHealth‘06 “Transforming the Patient Experience”
  • 3. “Transforming the Patient Experience” What is 3G Doctor? How does it work? Why it’s transformational A 3G Care Solution
  • 4. Member of the public An advanced Interactive The answers to the medical visits our website using Medical History Questionnaire questionnaire are forwarded to their own 3G Video Mobile securely gathers a complete a registered Doctor who reviews history of present illness them before video calling the This screens inappropriate information directly from the patient’s mobile and conducting use and processes advance patients’ mobile phone using a an informed consultation. payment for services. single screen interactive format.
  • 5. Following the consult the The patient may use this report The answers to the interactive patient receives a text message to take a better understanding medical questionnaire and the containing the URL to a secure of their particular concerns report produced are stored site. By logging on with the and/or to help them efficiently securely off-line for no less than password they submitted access further appropriate help. 20 years. (The service design has in the questionnaire they can been approved for members of access and download their the MDU at normal GP rates). medical report
  • 6. What makes 3G Doctor Transformational Unmet Patient Needs Long Tail of Medicine Access and Connectivity Security Enterprise Benefits Education & Community
  • 7. Medication EHR Retention & Compliance Record Retrieval /OTC Tests Blood sugar Blood pressure Weight Biometric Data Activity Medication Wound Food/Drink Images
  • 8. Thank you very much! David Doherty Business Development