Cenpos Mobile Overview - US EMV Certified


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Overview of CenPOS tablet, iPhone, iPad, Android credit card processing solutions, with no new merchant account required. Enterprise mobile.CenPOS has a wide array of US EMV certified terminals for all the major processors, including First Data, Chase Paymentech and Tsys.

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Cenpos Mobile Overview - US EMV Certified

  1. 1. CenPOS Mobile iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablet credit card processing solutions- US EMV & P2PE Christine Speedy (954) 942-0483
  2. 2. Note: Users will not see buttons if they don’t have permission for that function. Additional devices supported, not shown. iPhone (left), Android (right) Christine Speedy
  3. 3. Key Elements •  Works with your existing credit card processor- no change in deposits, no new merchant account required •  Scalable enterprise solution •  Standardize user permissions by job function •  Point to point encryption for optimal security and PCI Compliance •  Fraud & risk mitigation tools Christine Speedy
  4. 4. Mobile Hardware & Device Security •  Many universal encryption capable readers available. •  For point to point encryption, buy a CenPOS custom keyed card reader. These encrypt at the swipe head before getting to mobile device, mitigating merchant risk from mobile device tampering or viruses.. •  EMV & contactless- CenPOS has US EMV mobile certifications! Christine Speedy
  5. 5. Fraud Protection TRANSACTION LEVEL: • Merchant defined rules mitigate risk of fraudulent activity • Automated real-time management alerts USER LEVEL: • Remotely manage and modify user access to platform • Remotely update entire mobile workforce permissions by job function Christine Speedy
  6. 6. Key Markets •  Distribution •  Automotive •  Business to business •  Professional services: attorneys, accountants •  Retail Christine Speedy
  7. 7. Key Markets Solution: Token Billing •  Create tokens, random alpha numeric characters that replace sensitive payment data by swipe or key entering •  Payment optimization: automatically forces user to collect data needed to optimize future card not present transactions for lowest fees •  Zero dollar authorization: perform fraud check on the spot before storing card data NEVER EXPOSE FULL CARD DATA ON PAPER CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION FORMS AGAIN! Christine Speedy
  8. 8. Nifty Mobile Extras •  Remote Supervisor transaction override* •  View every ‘attempted’ transaction in addition to ‘settled’ transactions in reports* •  Login credentials are the same for virtual terminal and mobile •  Inexpensive disaster back up option for retail, lodging, etc. * if permitted by user role Christine Speedy
  9. 9. One platform for all payment channels (when implemented company wide) Reduce PCI Compliance burden, gain efficiencies Christine Speedy
  10. 10. PROSPECTIVE MOBILE CUSTOMER FAQ How is this different from Square, Intuit, Paypal and other mobile solutions? •  Universal - works with all the major processors •  Fees debited monthly in arrears vs net each deposit •  Indefinite report research vs. competitor limited records for 1-2 years •  Audit trail of every touch to system by individual user (PCI Compliance) •  Supports interchange plus pricing •  Supports level 3 processing, critical for reduced fees •  Create token from a swipe for future card not present processing What software systems are you integrated with? Infor, Microsoft Dynamics AX, SAP ERP and others. End users and software companies contact Contact Christine Speedy, 954-942-0483. Do you have a restaurant mobile app? Yes, but not EMV for restaurants. CenPOS currently supports restaurant merchant services in the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), including casinos, and US. Primary markets include automotive, distribution, manufacturing, and professional services, and CenPOS is EMV certified for those markets. Christine Speedy
  11. 11. CENPOS USERS MOBILE FAQ Where can I get a card reader? Non-keyed readers can be purchased through any source. CenPOS keyed readers can only be purchased through your relationship manager (sales) at this time. Call for recommended hardware. How can we start using? Download the app from the Apple or Android store. Same login and same user permissions apply across all access points. Where will I see transaction records? Mobile reports, Virtual terminal, dashboard etc. Will I be able to find tokens created on the mobile device in the virtual terminal? Yes, regardless of where a token is initiated, by customer or user, and by any channel, the tokens are accessible in the Virtual Terminal. Christine Speedy
  12. 12. SALES Christine Speedy (954) 942-0483 8-5 ET Authorized reseller specializing in ERP and business to business CenPOS solutions. RESOURCES: CenPOS.com http://3dmerchant.com/blog http://Youtube.com/3dmerchant