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CenPOS EBPP Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment Enterprise Level III Solution

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Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment efficiency CenPOS vs others. Replace paper invoices, improve cash flow. Fully integrated reporting engine with your retail, mobile, and ecommerce payments. Level …

Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment efficiency CenPOS vs others. Replace paper invoices, improve cash flow. Fully integrated reporting engine with your retail, mobile, and ecommerce payments. Level III processing supported.

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  • 1. Increase Cash Flow and Reduce Billing Related Expenses Electronic  Bill  Presentment  and     Payment  (EBPP)  Efficiency Christine Speedy 954.942.0483
  • 2. What Is EBPP? •  Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) is a process that enables bills to be created, delivered, and paid electronically. •  E- invoice- send invoice electronically •  EBPP- send invoice and electronic method to pay Christine Speedy, 11/2013
  • 3. The Benefit Top Performers Using EBPP 2011 Other businesses using EBPP 0.00% 10.00% 20.00% 30.00% 40.00% 50.00% 60.00% 70.00% 80.00% 90.00% 100.00% •  Top performing companies save up to 92% of costs and get paid up to 91% faster Christine Speedy, 11/2013
  • 4. Reduced Costs • Reduce Paper expenses • Reduce Postage expenses • Reduce Labor Costs • Reduce Invoice Aging • Reduce Factoring • Reduce Customer Service Costs No  more  paper  invoices!   Christine Speedy, 11/2013
  • 5. Why Now? • Purchasing Card increased use • Going Green Good for business • Generation used to paying by echeck Christine Speedy, 11/2013
  • 6. Redefining Express On-demand Payment “Your Order is Ready” email Screenshot- landing pay page from text or email Customer  receives   email/text  and  clicks   “Pay  Now”  for  a   secure  payment  portal   Christine Speedy, 11/2013
  • 7. Commercial Account Efficiencies: Tokenization Save about 42 keystrokes vs. fax credit card authorization form; empower customers to automatically update payment methods Christine Speedy, 11/2013
  • 8. PCI Compliance Custom form automatically generated with each token created Christine Speedy, 11/2013
  • 9. Simple Integrations CenPOS EBPP integrates easily and securely into existing invoicing systems. Christine Speedy, 11/2013
  • 10. Interchange Management What is the most effective method to control your overall costs of accepting credit cards ? Christine Speedy, 11/2013
  • 11. Interchange Management Unmanaged Interchange Environment Processor  Fees   Assessments   Managed Interchange Environment .15  % .11% Reduced  Processor  Fees   Assessments   Managed  Interchange   Unmanaged  Interchange   Costs   $$   Interchange  Cost     1.39%   Improved bottom line Businesses saves .10%-.50% in Fees Using CenPOS. How much would that increase your profits? Christine Speedy, 11/2013
  • 12. Level III Processing Reduce the cost of corporate, purchasing & business cards (all brands) Christine Speedy, 11/2013
  • 13. CenPOS Enterprise Payment Solution CenPOS is an omni-channel enterprise cloud payment platform that sits in front of your existing financial partners. When you make a change, It’s completely non-disruptive to operations. We simply update where route transactions are routed to. Christine Speedy, 11/2013
  • 14. Operations Benefits •  Standardization •  Replace multiple payment channels- one source for reports, receipt retrieval, reconciliation •  Customers self-serve invoice retrieval •  Transparency– view and compare by employees, departments, and locations Christine Speedy, 11/2013
  • 15. CenPOS - No Risk Partnership •  •  •  •  •  Scalable Flexible Free to try SaaS, Month to month 24/7 support via phone and email Christine Speedy, 11/2013
  • 16. CenPOS Payment Innovation Strategy Drive merchant-centric value daily •  Increase operational efficiency •  Reduce financial expenses •  Improve customer satisfaction •  Optimize existing banking relationships Christine Speedy, 11/2013
  • 17. Contact Boost cash flow today Call right now to learn more Christine Speedy 954.942.0483 Resources: 3D Merchant Services, owned by Christine Speedy, is a CenPOS Authorized Reseller and independent company. http://www.3dmerchant.com/blog http://www.youtube.com/3dmerchant Christine Speedy, 11/2013