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What is CenPOS? Overview of technology to manage credit card processing costs and reduce fraud.

What is CenPOS? Overview of technology to manage credit card processing costs and reduce fraud.

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  • Multiple ways- one way CenPOS achieves by
  • Most companies think a pinpad is the answer, but very few will get over 10% penetration. Others add s signature capture terminal, but they still don’t achieve our numbers. They also are not int
  • Cashiers not in charge of phone order vs swipe account. System automatically routes - Visa rules; better qualification
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    • 1. Payment Processing Technology for the mid-size business Reducing Costs, Controlling Risk, Creating efficiencies © No part of this document may be copied or altered. 954-942-0483 Cenpos
    • 2. What is CenPOS? CenPOS is a universal hosted payment solution with an intelligent switch that makes your credit cards, checks, loyalty program and alternative payments work better. It is NOT credit card processing. 954-942-0483 Cenpos
    • 3. Interactions at the point of sale directly affect processing costs •  CenPOS minimizes human error, and software and hardware limitations from impacting merchant fees. 954-942-0483 Cenpos
    • 4. Even if you negotiated your existing merchant services discount to zero, you’d still have a big bill for interchange every month. While interchange rates are fixed, overall credit card processing costs can be greatly reduced by : •  •  Optimizing interchange at the point of sale. Least Cost Routing every transaction 954-942-0483 Cenpos
    • 5. The average merchant converts 10-28% of eligible transactions to pin debit. •  Example 1: CenPOS Identifies eligible debit cards and sways the customer into choosing PIN-Based debit. 954-942-0483 Cenpos
    • 6. CenPOS merchant converts >75% of eligible transactions to pin debit. Many convert >90%. The average 954-942-0483 Cenpos
    • 7. Least Cost Routing •  Example 2: •  Card issuing bank and interchange requirements automatically identified based on the method of payment (retail, ecommerce etc). The correct data is then sent to qualify for the lowest cost interchange rate. 954-942-0483 Cenpos
    • 8. Least Cost Routing Our solution is revolutionary: - Not one of the major gateways (, Payflow Pro etc.) offers this technology. - Universal platform integrates with all major processors. 954-942-0483 Cenpos
    • 9. Fraud Prevention •  Monitor and block mismatches between purchases and refunds including card used and different amounts. •  AVS, CVV and last 4 digits validation. •  Validation changes AUTOMATICALLY based on swipe vs. key entered transaction. 954-942-0483 Cenpos
    • 10. Risk Management •  Manage users and their privileges. •  Manage when you want customers to enter pin debit vs signature debit. •  Real time reporting on refunds. See who’s issuing them. •  Trigger alerts with automated emails. For example, any refund over $1000. 954-942-0483 Cenpos
    • 11. Who we are -  brand & blog created by Christine Speedy to communicate industry info. -  Christine is a direct agent of CenPOS. CenPOS: Compatibility examples: - Privately held, HQ Fl. -  Universal hosted payments platform is flexible and scalable for any enterprise, including international businesses using multiple payment processors. -  Reduces internal & external fraud, credit card processing costs, and manpower associated with finance tasks. -  PCI Compliant 954-942-0483 Cenpos
    • 12. Contact and more info • •  Cenpos blog •  National/ International Sales: 954-942-0483 direct line, Christine 954-942-0483 Cenpos