3D Cover App for iPhone and iPad
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3D Cover App for iPhone and iPad



Finally the World's first 3D eCover Generator for Musicians, Artists, Authors, Developers, Marketers and Publishers.

Finally the World's first 3D eCover Generator for Musicians, Artists, Authors, Developers, Marketers and Publishers.



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3D Cover App for iPhone and iPad 3D Cover App for iPhone and iPad Document Transcript

  • eCover Go – 3D Cover Software for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Version 1.0 eCover Go is a powerful 3D cover generator software that takes full advantage of the touch display and the graphic capabilities of the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It's simply, yet intuitive user interface makes it easy to create high quality 3D Cover graphics. With the eCover Go Cover Software anyone can convert any 2D graphic, photo or image into a professional looking 3D tangible looking graphic. If you thought you needed a degree in graphic design to create covers of your own, you are wrong. With this software, even a beginner can create some amazing 3D graphics easily, making it great for anyone, no matter their experience in graphic design. If you are a Product Developer, Musician, Artist, Author, Designer, Marketer or Publisher you can easily create 3D Cover graphics for all eBooks, Songs, Artworks, Software Apps and Tools or even just for Fun! It's fast, it's easy, and you'll definitely love how it works. FEATURES • Wide range of 3D Cover Types including Software Boxes, Books, Compact Discs, DVD Cases, Audiobooks, Reports, Ring Binders, Signs, Price Tags, Gift Boxes and many more • Over 200 different Covers devided into 5 Categories (Software Boxes, Book Cover, DVD Cover, CD Cover, Miscellaneous) for easy selection • High Quality 72DPI Resolution for optimal Presentation in Web Sites, Software, Interactive CDs, Games, Powerpoint Presentations, Word Document, Direct Mailings, Salesletters, Fan Sites, Band Promo Pages, Press Releases and many more • Final Output Size of around 800x600 pixel in PNG format with Transparent Background • Universal App - Fully compatible with iPhone and iPad and iPod Touch • Save Final Cover to Photo Library or Send via eMail • Take a Photo, Open Image from Library & Camera Roll or enter a Web URL to load the Source Graphics • Touch Image Area Selector to define the actual Cover Graphics • Fully Transparent Background so you can place your final Cover on any background color and type
  • SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Apple iPhone 3G / 3GS / 4 or Apple iPad or Apple iPod Touch Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later Fully Compatible with new iPhone OS 4.0 iTunes account required Available in English and German Language SCREENSHOTS Take a look at the actual application Screenshots. Click on the tabs to browse through the different app screens. Main Screen Category Selection
  • Cover Selection Image Source Select Image Area
  • Cover Generation Save Cover
  • INSTRUCTIONS The great thing about this software is that it is easy for you to use. In fact, even if you have absolutely no experience in graphic design, you'll be just fine with this software. Here are a few tips to help you use this software. First, you need to start the application and hit the button that says "Generate cover". Then you'll see that there are different categories available for you to choose from. These categories include DVD covers, Book covers, CD covers, software box, and there is a miscellaneous category as well. Tap on the category that you want. Once you choose your category, you can go through the various shapes for the covers. If you find one you like, then you go on to the next step, where you decide whether to take a new photo with your phone, use an image you have already, or you want to go with a web image. Then it's time to choose the area of the image you want used for the cover you're making. You can drag the selection box around until you like the area. Once you select the area of the picture you want to use, confirm the selection. Then you'll be in the cover generation stage, which can take a moment, depending on the cover you're going with. After you see the 3D cover that was created, make sure you save to the Photo Library or return to the Image area Selection to make further modifications. Please just follow the steps below to create a professional looking 3D Cover from your artwork: Step 1 - Main Screen Start to 3D Cover App and tap on the "Generate Cover" button to go to the category selection. Step 2 - Category Selection There are 5 different categories: Software Box - These are 3D Cover Shapes of Software Boxes in different angles and views. Book Cover - These are 3D Cover Shapes for eBook and Book Presentations. DVD Cover - These are 3D Cover Shapes of DVD Cases with or without DVD-Rom. CD Cover - These are 3D Cover Shapes of Compact Discs and CD Cases. Miscellaneous - In thise category you will find different 3D Shapes like License Plates, Price Tags, Reports, Cans, Mousepads etc. Get a preview image by tapping on the appropriate category. Tap it again if you want to choose it as your cover selection. Step 3 - Cover Selection Browse the different cover shapes by moving your finger from right to left and tap the one that is best for you. Step 4 - Image Source This step allows you to choose how you want to load your image. You can load an Image/Photo from your iPhone, take a Photo or load an image from the Web by entering an image URL. The eCover Go Generator automatically creates a professional 3D cover from your artwork.
  • Step 5 - Select Image Area This is the image you will select for your cover. If you tap on the corners and sides you can change the area. This can also be done by tapping inside and drag to move the area selection box. Resetting the box is as easy as double tapping it back to the default position. Anytime you want move, rotate, or scale at the same time you can use two fingers. Once the desired area has been selected you will have to confirm it. It's also possible that you will have to repeat the process for other graphics if you choose a cover with a front/spine and top graphic. Step 6 - Cover Generation In this step the 3D cover will be rendered. Depending on the cover type you have choosen it can take a few seconds. Step 7 - Save Cover It can be saved to your iPhone or be sent to an eMail. When you're ready to make a new cover just start over by tapping the "Arrow Up" icon. This will bring you back to the main screen. You can anytime tap on this icon to go back to the previous screen.
  • 3D COVER COLLECTION You can choose from over 200 3D Cover Graphics including Software Boxes, eBook Cover, DVD Cases, Compact Discs, Spiral Binder, Files, Folders, Gift Boxes and many more.
  • FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Can I use my own images for the 3D cover graphics? Of course. Any image, even images you have taken yourself, can be used with this software when creating a 3D cover. Is the app fully compatible with iPad and iPhone OS 4? Yes sure. This is an universal app working with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Can I use the generated 3D Covers for print publications? The rendered 3D cover graphics are in 72dpi resolution for web and online usage. The covers are not really suitable for print publications. How many Covers can I create? Once you have the software, there is no limit to the number of 3D covers you can create. What is the final size of the 3D cover graphics? The rendered 3D cover graphics have a final size of approx. 600x800 pixel. How many 3D Cover shapes are included? You'll find that eCover Go Software comes with 200 options for cover shapes. However, updates will be done so you get new cover shapes all the time, giving you even more options. What is the file format of the rendered 3D Covers? You can save the cover in .PNG format with transpareny so you can easily combine different covers to create multi-product presentations. Do I need to have another software to use the 3D Cover Generator? There is no need for any third-party graphics design software. This application alone is enough to create the covers that you need, whether you want to do an eBook cover, a report cover, or even a DVD cover. Do you have any other 3D Cover Software I can use on my Desktop Computer? Yes, there is the eCover Go Adobe Photoshop® Action Script Package with over 150 high-resolution (300dpi) Action Scripts. The eCover Go Action Scripts Package is compatible with both MAC® and Windows®. You can read more about this package at http://www.ecovergo.com Using the eCover-Go Online Generator anyone can design a professional 3D cover graphics with ease. Best of all it takes place right in your browser. You can learn more at http://www.ecover-go.com
  • PRESS RELEASE Create High Quality 3D Cover Graphics on the Go TBIT Design, Inc.is preparing for the launch of a revolutionary 3D Cover Graphics tool that all iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad owners can easily use. LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - June 26, 2010 Internet marketers have plenty of options to set up their Internet marketing campaigns all the way down to the graphics where these people can finally do the designing themselves. Design expertise is no longer required to design certain graphics such as 3D boxes, eBook covers, and disc cases because there are software applications that make it easy for computer users so long as the software supports their operating system. Currently, no mobile operating systems support any of the available 3D cover graphics software. With Apple's App Store opening up exciting opportunities for developers to contribute their own innovative apps, TBIT Design, Inc. decided to make a move in developing a new software called eCover Go Cover Software. eCover Go Cover Software basically brings all of the significant features of an ordinary cover design program to Apple's portable devices. Since the iPhone, iPhone Touch, and iPad all use the same operating system, these devices are compatible with eCover Go Cover Software. The three categories of devices all use the multitouch interface and eCover Go takes full advantage of it so developers, authors, musicians, and artists can turn their 2D graphics into attractive 3D works of art. With over 200 cover types to choose from in five different categories, aspiring designers have the flexibility in creating unique designs whether they are boxes, ring binders, price tags, book covers, or other 3D art. A connection to the Internet also adds to the possibilities where newer designs can be retrieved from developer's site. One of the main highlights of the application is how well it implements to the iPhone operating system (now called iOS) to make it simple for people to create their first design. The application guides the user through seven steps so a custom design is made properly. The first step begins when the application is launched and the “Generate Cover” is tapped on. This button leads to the category selection screen which displays the five categories that each has a set of related designs. As of June 2010, the main website claims that the category are the Book Cover, Software Box, DVD Cover, CD Cover and Miscellaneous categories. Once a user selects a category, he or she is presented with a number of designs that can be used as a basic for creating the 3D cover. From there, the user must decide which image he or she wishes to use for the 3D cover. It is possible to load the image directly from the device's storage memory. If the image is too big, the user can customize the image area so it is properly implemented on the chosen template. eCover Go does the rest by taking advantage of the quick processing speeds to transform the plain image and plain template into a 3D one. The image is usually 500x700 pixels, but it can also output to a maximum resolution of 72 DPI in .PNG format complete with transparency. Users that are connected to the Internet with their mobile Apple device can optionally send it directly via eMail. eCover Go Cover Software can be found soon on the Apple App Store and all Apple iPhone 3G, 3GS, iPad, and iPod Touch owners can try the software as long as they have iPhone OS 2.2 or greater installed. Those that purchased the recently released iPhone 4 can install and use eCover Go Cover Software as well. In addition to the Standard English language, eCover Go also comes in German. Although available on the Apple App Store, interested customers can also see the eCover Go website to subscribe for updates and see the full details of the program. For more information visit the eCover Go – 3D Cover Website: http://www.3d-ecover.com