How Top Brands are Supporting Consumers Through Social, Mobile, Interactive


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We asked 100 leading companies, most of which are Fortune 100, how they're supporting connected consumers and delivering positive customer experience through emerging trends in social, mobile and interactive care. Here are the key findings from our study.

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How Top Brands are Supporting Consumers Through Social, Mobile, Interactive

  1. 1. social | mobile | interactive
  2. 2. Technology and social media have transformed the way we communicate. To stay current and become a leading customer-centric brand, organizations must innovate their digital customer relationship management capabilities. FINDING: 49% of companies are proactively searching and responding to consumer comments, 21% are listening and responding to direct inquiries, 9% listen alone and 22% are still determining their approach. We asked companies where they’re currently engaging in social, 70 66 and where they plan to expand next year. Here’s what they said: 42 41 39 34 24 23 20 14 16 13 8 9 11 9 Facebook Twitter Forums YouTube Blogs LinkedIn Q&A Sites Google+ Current Futureof companiespolled have anactive platformfor social mediaengagement. When asked about the #1 priority for social customer care in the coming year, respondents indicated: Better integrate with Broader participation Hire more Expand hours for Other traditional channels in more sites social care agents social care agents To the right are the top 50 words used by respondents when asked how their company or organization intended to transform their social care activities in the coming year. 
  3. 3. Mobile is playing an increasing role in connecting organizations with their audiences and emerging as a powerful customer care channel. While current adoption is limited, there is a high expectation for growth as technology continues to saturate the market. More than 70% of respondents say their 10% organization is 88% YES currently not utilizing mobile NO care solutions. 2% DON’T KNOW For those few that are providing mobile care, here’s how their solutions When asked about their plans to develop mobile into an are being utilized: active support channel, respondents said: • 41% are planning to develop channel • 16% already active • 20% aren’t active with no plans to develop Self Service Interactive Both Neither • 23% aren’t sure of future plans Only Support Live chat. Rapid response. Searchable FAQ. These tactics collectively form an emerging care channel known simply as interactive care. As more consumers connect, this channel will grow in importance. When asked about what they expect their interactive budget to do in the coming year, respondents indicated: Customer Technology Affordability Competitor • 57% are planning for an increase Demand Development Usage • 6% expect a decrease • 24% assume no change • 13% did not know Companies with social media teams Executives who feel that they haven’t yet Companies utilizing daily monitoring programs but have not developed training developed the right positions to support the Connected ConsumerPresented by: 3.