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Webuysocial.com is an online business idea which disrupts the way we buy consumer electronics in the UK.

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  • webuysocial.com online platform to get crowd sourced bulk buying powerConsumers who want to by consumer electronics come to webuysocial.com, register there intent to purchase and then use their social networks to find and collaborate with other like minded buyers.When we have the designated number of buyers within the time frame we can they by-pass the reseller and go straight to the manufacturers and bulk buy the Televisions.We can then pass back 80% of the purchase saving to the consumers meaning they actually purchase the TV for £700, whilst webuysocial.com retains 10% as a commission fee.
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  • Webuysocial.com

    1. 1. The Team Steven Fairey Sandra Subacius Rosie Sandhu Rik Turner Stephanie Sheehan Media strategy, implementation and evaluation FMCG Digital Marketing and CRM programs Content creation & distribution and SEO Jennifer Anderson SEO, PPC, online PR, Content and Conversion Consumer behaviour analysis, media and marketing strategy Audience insight and research, traditional and digital media landscape, media strategy
    2. 2. Executive Summary “Webuysocial.com is an online business that disrupts the way we buy high end consumer electronics. Customers can harness their social relationships and collaborate together to form buying consortiums and effectively bulk buy the products they want direct from the manufacturer, driving the unit price down and making massive savings against retail prices”
    3. 3. Market opportunity £6,000.00 £6,100.00 £6,200.00 £6,300.00 £6,400.00 £6,500.00 £6,600.00 £6,700.00 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 £millions The consumer electronic UK market value Is forecast to be £6.6 billion by 2014 Source: Datamonitor
    4. 4. Market share In 2012, the top 5 retailers account for over 50% of the market With Comet’s demise, 7% of the market is instantly up for grabs Source: Retail-week.com
    5. 5. The UK online consumer market grew by 10.3% in 2012 while offline decreased by 3.2%. Online v’s Offline sales
    6. 6. Revenue model
    7. 7. Revenue model RRP: £1,200 Bulk buy price: £700 Bulk Buy discount £500 80% of saving passed to the consumer £400 20% commission retained by webuysocial.com £100
    8. 8. Additional Revenue Stream
    9. 9. Financials Figures based on an average transaction value of £500 and commission of 20% = £100
    10. 10. Our consumers Young, connected, & technically astute. They have the ability to harness their social connections to get what they want. They are active social media users, influencers and the early adopters
    11. 11. Our consumers are in the market to buy, they have already browsed what they want, through going into store. They go online as they want to buy a specific product and are looking for the best price, realising their social influence and connections can benefit them they use webuysocial.com to do exactly that!
    12. 12. Decision making path Disruption
    13. 13. Example of transactional search volumes 2,400 2,850 8,860 9,900 25,550 39,880 61,010 67,020 0 10,000 20,000 30,000 40,000 50,000 60,000 70,000 80,000 buy windows tablet buy hi-fi system buy camera online xbox 360 deals buy iPad buy camcorders buy Plasma TV Laptop deals Source: Google Keyword Tool
    14. 14. SEARCH MY ACCOUNT Home Appliances Small Appliances TV & Entertainment Cameras Audio & Phones Computing PC Accessories Ending Soon V V SAMSUNG UE55F8000 Smart 3D 55” LED TV Bidders 890 / Target 1000 Retail Price £1,800 Webuysocial.com Price £1,000 Saving £800 Buy social! About us How it works Happy customers Recent savings V V Go social and spread the word through your social networks
    15. 15. Marketing & PR Strategy “harness your social connections to get what you want! “ • Promoted posts, tweets and paid search activity to run 2-3 months ahead of launch • BUZZ AND ANTICIPATION (6 weeks before launch) o PR activity to begin  Distribute press release  Connect with influencers and key sites about launch, offer exclusive content or prizes for exposure i.e T3, gizmodo, wired, pocketlint, averagejoe, moneysavingexpert, shortlist et al  Create and seed teaser brand film via key bloggers/sites, also share via Webuysocial platforms and brand ambassadors o PR activity to start to land 2 weeks pre-launch with majority week of launch
    16. 16. £100k media launch plan - to drive awareness and conversion 1) Pre-launch search, banners and pre-rolls 2) Key press titles, high impact takeovers and banners online launch week 3) Weekend -digital 6’s and location based activity at retail
    17. 17. 2,547 1,457 157,566
    18. 18. Why is this a good investment
    19. 19. Why is this a good investment