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National Cyber Security Month - Oct 2012

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Family Guide

  1. 1. Yo u a r e a O P S E C AT H O M E To safeguard you, your family and your v i t a l p l ay e r belongings, here are a few tips for your home. Note that all help to control the infor- in our mation you share with others. success  Do not put your children’s names on their backpacks.  Do not put the box your brand new TVAs a family member of the military came in on the curb for trash, you are a vital player in our You are only advertising.  Do not leave your trash can on the curbsuccess. We cannot complete our job when you are out of town.without your support. You may not  Have some one pick up your news papers and mail while you are away.know it, but you also play a crucial role  Have automatic lights set for randomin ensuring your loved one’s safety just times.  Be mindful that if it has snowed for aby what you know of the military’s daily few days and there are no tracks in youroperations. You can protect your loved driveway, this is a pretty good indicator that you are not home. Have theones by protecting that military neighbors kids shovel your driveway to make it look like you are home.operations information. This is known in  Don’t share photos online that containthe military as operations security, or geotags (location the photo was taken), addresses, school districts (on buses,OPSEC. etc.)  Be mindful of what you’re sharing with Ope rati ons others on bumper stickers and vanity sec u rit y plates. 375TH AIR MOBILITY WING OPSEC OFFICE A GUIDE FOR Phone: (618) 256-3056 E-mail: THE FAMILY
  2. 2. W h at e x a c t ly What can you do? Puzzle Piecesis opsec? Even though this information may not be “SECRET”, These pieces of information may seem it’s what we call “Critical Information.” Critical insignificant. However, to a trained Information deals with specific facts about military adversary, they are small pieces of a puzzleOPSEC is the process of safeguarding our intentions, capabilities, operations or activities. If an that highlight what we are doing andcritical unclassified information from potential adversary knew this detailed information, our planning. Remember, the elements ofadversaries. As the name suggests, it mission and personnel safety security, secrecy and surprise are vital toprotects our operations planned, operations could be jeopardized. It must the accomplishment of our goals and ourin progress and operations completed. be protected to ensure an collective personnel protection.Success depends on secrecy and surprise. adversary doesn’t gain a Where and how significant advantage.For example; have you ever watched a you discuss thisfootball game? If the offense can trick or By being a member of the military family, you will information issurprise the defense, the play is successful. often know some details of military information. Do j u s t a sEnemies of freedom want our information no not discuss them outside of your immediate family important asmatter how small or insignificant and they and especially not over the telephone, e-mail or with whom youare not just looking for information from the social networking sites. discuss it.military member. Adversaries agents tasked with collecting Examples of Critical Information information frequently visit some of theSo why you???  Detailed information about missions of assigned same stores, clubs, recreational areas,As a civilian, why would anyone want to places of worship AND social networking unitstarget you as a source of information? sites like Facebook and Myspace.  Details concerning locations and times of unitsWithout realizing it, you Determined individuals can easily collect deploymentsmay know small bits of data from cordless and cellular phones andinformation that an  Details concerning security procedures baby monitors using inexpensive receiversadversary can piece available from local electronic stores.  Details of TDYs to include length and or locationtogether to complete a If anyone, especially a foreign nationalbigger picture. They are trained to ask Critical Information at home persistently seeks information from you,certain questions in such a casual way, they  Where you hide your key outside notify your military sponsor immediately. Hemake you feel comfortable enough to reveal  How long you will be on vacation or how long or she will notify the unit OPSEC programinformation they can use. your spouse will be deployed manager or local office of investigations.