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A&FRC Feb 2013 Calendar
A&FRC Feb 2013 Calendar
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  • 1. PERSONAL FINANCIAL READINESS MILITARY CHILD EDUCATION Scott AFBIndividual appointments are available to assist with all School Liaison: Improves educational opportunities & environmentspersonal/family financial areas. of K-12 military students & assists family members in advocating for Airman & Family their children’s school needs. Call 256-9595.Air Force Aid Society: Provides emergency, community &educational assistance using interest free loans, grants or both. Re a d i n e s s C e n t e r Parent Advocates for Students & Schools (PASS): A peer-to-peerBundles for Babies: AD families expecting a baby receive network of parents who promote effective ways for military families tofinancial education and a bundle gift. 7 Feb; 4 Apr; 1300—1600 transition between schools. Call (618)256-8668 to register for the following PASS workshop:Ditching The Dorms: Vital financial considerations for movingout of the dorms. MANDATORY 22 Feb; 29 Mar; 1200—1330 Building a School Portfolio: Learn the process of putting together your children’s school documents for PCS. 20 Feb; 1100—1300F.I.C.O. (Finally I’m Cash Only!): Learn how to save moneyusing cash only. 27 Feb; 1300—1500 EXCEPTIONAL FAMILY MEMBER PROGRAM Provides assistance for families who have a member with special RELOCATION needs; helps access resources regarding transition, deployment, childcare, school accommodations and more.Weekly Newcomers Orientation: Briefing & information onbase & local area for new personnel. Spouses are encouraged to EFMP Support Group: Sharing of information & resources; different 404 W. Martin Street, Bldg. 1650attend. Every Tuesday, 0730—1200 topics and guest speakers each meeting. 7 Feb, 7 Mar; 1100—1300 EFMP Task Force: Provides input and assistance in planning EFMP 375 FSS/FSFRSpouse Link: Associate spouses with military life & Scott AFB. events. 21 Feb, 21 Mar; 1100—1300Local information, base tour, and lunch. Childcare reimburse- (618) 256-8668 or DSN 576-8668ment. 16 Mar; 3 May; 18 Jul; 0800—1400 EFMP Family Valentines Dance: Open to EFMP Family Members of all ages. Rockwell Hall; 1800-2000; 8 Feb (Call 256-8668 to register) FAX 256-6766Get Your Move On: PCS workshop designed to provide infor-mation about entitlements, new locations and tips on a successful EFMP Play Group: Patriots Landing Community Center. No Regis-move. 15 Feb; 19 Apr; 17 May; 21 Jun; 0900—1130 tration required. Tuesdays 0900—1000 EMAIL: READINESS EMPLOYMENT & TRANSITION ASSISTANCE Mandatory Pre-Separation/Retirement Briefing: Entitlements andReintegration Briefing: Every Mon, Wed, and Fri; 1300; Clinic benefits info for retiring/separating members. Thursdays; 0730-1200 Office Hours: Mon ~ Fri 0730~1630Auditorium. Registration is required—see your UDM Transition Assistance Program Goals, Planning, and Success:Pre-Deployment Briefing: Every Tues 1300 - Bldg. 4001 (LRS), Five day workshop covers employment, transition, and benefits. FebruaryConference Room. Registration is required—see your UDM Pre-Separation/Retirement Brief must be completed prior to at- tendance. Call for more details. HEARTS APART (HAP) EVENTS Resume Writing: Tools to prepare a professional resume. 6 Feb; 6Valentines Dinner at the Nightingale Inn: 8 Feb; 1630—1800 Mar; 3 Apr; 0900—1200 HAP programs support families of geographically separated Federal Employment: Learn how to apply for federal employment in service members. Registration is required! 10 easy steps. 8 Feb; 8 Mar; 5 Apr; 0900—1200 Spouse Employment Orientation: Hear directly from experts on PERSONAL & WORK LIFE EDUCATION how to apply for Federal, NAF, and corporate jobs. Also learn how Spouse preference works. 20 Feb; 20 Mar; 17 Apr; 1200—1430Teens & the Media: FAP, A&FRC, HAWC, and SAR host a classto discuss social media for parents & teens. 8 Feb; 1630—1830 Veteran’s Service Organization & VA Representative: Guidance on VA disability claims and benefits. Call 256-8668 for appointment. ResourcesFoodie Fridays: A&FRC and HAWC provide healthy interactive Resume Review: Receive an expert evaluation & edit of your Discovery Center: Internet access, personalcooking demonstrations. Recipes provided. 22 Feb; 1100—1300 professional resume via remote resume review. Call for more info. development, loan library, and other resources.Adoption, Foster Care & Mentoring: IL Adoption Mentoring & OTHER SERVICES Sponsor Training on-line:Foster Care Alliance Rep. explains steps to become a foster/ parent. Walk-in; First Tuesday/Month; 1000—1400 Survivor Benefits Program: One-on-one brief for retiring AF members with SBP Counselor to discuss options. Call 256-6508 Relocating? www.militaryinstallations.dod.milMilitary Family Life Consultant: Counselors help military, Casualty Assistance: Prompt/dignified notification & compassionatespouses, dependents & DoD employees. Call 381-5400 support to family members & beneficiaries. Call 256-6508 Looking for housing? Need Employment?
  • 2. February 2013 Eligibility Statement: Department of Defense (DoD) Personnel & their families – includes all military members, all Service & Guard, Reserve, military retirees, DoD civilians, NAF personnel & their eligible immediate family members. Other uniformed services include US Coast Guard, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, uniformed State Department personnel, Public Health Service personnel & members of units assigned or attached to a US installation. Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat27 28 29 30 31 1 2 TAP GPS ( Jan 28– Feb 1) Newcomer’s Orientation Pre-Sep/Retirement Brief Chili Cook-Off 0730-1200 0730-1200 1100-1230 0730-1700 EFMP Playgroup 0900-10003 4 5 6 7 8 Federal Employment 9 Workshop 0900-1200 Key Spouse Meeting Newcomer’s Orientation Resume Writing Workshop Pre-Sep/Retirement Brief EFMP Valentines Dance 1100-1200 0730-1200 0900-1200 0730-1200 1800-2000 Adoption Representative EFMP Support Group HAP Valentines Dinner 1000-1400 Meeting 1100-1300 1630-1800 EFMP Playgroup Bundles for Babies Teens & the Media 0900-1000 1300-1600 1630-183010 11 12 13 14 15 16 TAP GPS (Feb 11- Feb 15) Newcomer’s Orientation Pre-Sep Retirement Brief 0730-1700 0730-1200 0730-1200 Remote Tour Briefing 0815-0845 EFMP Playgroup Widow Support Group 0900-1000 1230-1530 Get Your Move On PCS 0900-11:3017 18 19 20 21 22 23 Newcomer’s Orientation Building a Student Pre-Sep Retirement Brief Healthy Cooking Class 0730-1200 Portfolio Workshop—PASS 0730-1200 1130-1300 0800-1400 EFMP Advisory Task Force EFMP Playgroup Spouse Employment Meeting 1100-1300 0900-1000 Workshop 1200-143024 25 26 27 28 TAP GPS ( Feb 25-Mar 1) Newcomer’s Orientation FICO (Finally I am Cash Pre-Sep Retirement Brief 0730-1700 0730-1200 Only) 0730-1200 Register for classes at 1300-1500 EFMP Playgroup Military Saves Week 0900-1000 WWW.SCOTTAFRC.COM (Feb 25-Mar 1)