PERSONAL FINANCIAL READINESS                                                MILITARY CHILD EDUCATION*Individual appointmen...
Eligibility Statement: Department of Defense (DoD) Personnel & their families – includes all     October 2012             ...
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A&FRC (Airmen & Family Readiness Ctr)


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October 2012 Calendar

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A&FRC (Airmen & Family Readiness Ctr)

  1. 1. PERSONAL FINANCIAL READINESS MILITARY CHILD EDUCATION*Individual appointments are available to assist with all S cot t A F B School Liaison: Improves educational opportunities & environmentspersonal/family financial areas. of K-12 military students & assist family members in advocating for A ir m a n & F a m i l y their children’s school needs. Call (618)256-9595.Air Force Aid Society- Provides emergency, community &educational assistance using interest free loans, grants or both. Re a di ne s s C e nt e r Parent Advocates for Students & Schools (PASS): A peer-to-peerBlinkie, Peelie & Catalina: The art of using coupons and other network of parents who promote effective ways for military families tocost saving strategies. 1200-1400; 19 Oct transition from schools. Call (618)256-8668Bundles for Babies: Active duty/spouses expecting a baby; Scott AFB; Parent Advocates forreceive $75 “bundle gift”. 0900-1200; 28 Nov Students & Schools (PASS)Ditching The Dorms: Essential financial considerations for livingon your own. 1200-1330; 26 Oct EXCEPTIONAL FAMILY RELOCATION MEMBER PROGRAMWeekly Newcomers Orientation: Welcome to Scott briefing &information on the base and local area for new Scott personnel. Family Support Coordinator: Assistance for families that have a 404 W. Martin Street, Bldg. 1650Spouses are invited to attend. Every Tuesday, 0730-1200 member with special needs; help accessing resources regarding, transition, deployment, childcare, school accommodations and more.Spouse Link: Are you a spouse that is new to the military or to 375 FSS/FSFRScott AFB? This event will associate you with the military way of Workshops & Eventslife and Scott AFB. Includes local area information and a base (618) 256-8668 or DSN 576-8668tour. Reimbursement for childcare available—RSVP is EFMP Support Group: 1100-1300; 4 Octrequired. 0800-1400; 30 Nov Advisory Task Force Mtg: 1100-1300; 18 Oct FAX 256-6766 READINESS EFMP Fall Festival: 1100-1300; 27 OctReintegration Briefing: Every Mon, Wed, and Fri 1300—Clinic EMAIL: Registration is required—See your UDMPre-Deployment Briefing: Every Tues 1300 - Bldg 4001 (LRS), EMPLOYMENT & TRANSITION ASSISTANCE www.scottafrc.comConference Room. Registration is required—See your UDM Pre-Separation/Retirement Briefing: Benefits and entitlements info for members retiring or separating. Thursdays; 0800-1200 Office Hours: Mon ~ Fri 0730~1630 HEARTS APART EVENTSHAP programs support families of geographically separated Transition Assistance Workshop (TAP): Four day workshop.service members. Registration is required! Pumpkin Pickin’ at Eckerts: 20 Oct 0830-1100 Employment, transition, and benefits. Pre-Separation/Retirement Brief must be completed prior to attendance. Call for more details. Resume Writing: Tools to prepare a professional resume that will Oct Events get job interviews. 0900-1200; 17 Oct; 14 Nov; 5 Dec VA DTAP: Education, employment, and benefits for those expecting PERSONAL & WORK LIFE EDUCATION a disability. 1000-1130; 11 OctAdoption, Foster Care & Mentoring– Illinois Adoption Federal Employment: Learn how to apply for federal employment inMentoring & Foster Care Alliance Rep. explain steps to become a 10 easy steps. 0930-1230; 5 Oct; 9 Nov; 14 Decfoster/adoptive parent. 1000-1400, First Tuesday/Month Spouse Employment Orientation: Workshop for NAF, Federal, andMilitary Family Life Consultant- Counselors help military,spouses, dependants & DoD employees. Call (618) 304-8942 corporate jobs. Tips on resume writing, interviewing and networking. 1200-1430; 10 Oct; 14 Nov; 12 Dec Interviewing Skills: Workshop to help individuals improve their Resources OTHER PROGRAMS interviewing skills. 0900-1100; 12 Oct Discovery Center: Internet access, personalSurvivor Benefits Program– One-on-one brief for retiring AF Veteran’s Service Organization or VA Representative: Guidance in development, loan library, and other resources.members with SBP Counselor to discuss their options. Call (618) VA disability claims and benefits. By Appointment Only — Call 256-256-6508 Sponsor Training on-line: 8668. Monday, Tuesday & Thursday Assistance– Prompt/dignified notification & Resume Review: Receive an expert evaluation & editing of yourcompassionate support to family members & beneficiaries. Call professional resume via remote resume review. Call for more info. Relocating? Visit Looking for housing? Need Employment? Scott AFB; Transition Assistance Group
  2. 2. Eligibility Statement: Department of Defense (DoD) Personnel & their families – includes all October 2012 military members, all Service & Guard, Reserve, military retirees, DoD civilians, NAF personnel & their eligible immediate family members. Other uniformed services include US Coast Guard, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, uniformed State Department personnel, Public Health Service personnel & members of units assigned or attached to a US installation. Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 2 3 4 5 6 Newcomer’s Brief Pre-Sep/Retirement Brief Federal Employment Key Spouse Meeting 0730-1200 0800-1200 9:30am-12:30pm 1100-1200 EFMP Support Group Adoption Representative 1100-1300 1000-14007 8 9 10 11 12 13 Columbus Day— Newcomer’s Brief Spouse Employment Pre-Sep/Retirement Brief Interviewing Workshop 0730-1200 Orientation 1200-1430 0800-1200 0900-1100 Closed DTAP Voc Rehab FTAC Finance 1000-1130 1230-1630 Widow Support Group 1200-153014 15 16 17 18 19 20 TAP 0730-1630 Newcomer’s Brief Pre-Sep Retirement Brief Remote Tour Briefing Eckert’s Pumpkin (15-18 Oct) 0730-1200 Resume Writing 0800-0845 Picking—HAP Event 0900-1200 0800-1200 “Get Your Move On” PCS 0930-1100 Workshop EFMP Advisory Task Force 0900-1130 Teaming with School Meeting 1100-1300 Personnel Blinkie, Peelie, & Catalina 1100-1300 1200-140021 22 23 24 25 26 27 FTAC Finance Newcomer’s Brief Pre-Sep Retirement Brief Ditching the Dorms EFMP Fall Festival 1230-1630 0730-1200 0800-1200 1200-1330 1100-1300 Home Buying Seminar 1200-140028 29 30 31 TAP 0730-1630 (29 Oct—1 Nov) Newcomer’s Brief 0730-1200 Register for classes at SCOTTAFRC.COM