Your Online Brand Reputation


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Your online reputation is the one thing that will speak for your company when you're not. If you don't craft your reputation, your competition will create one for you and you will suffer from it.

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Your Online Brand Reputation

  1. 1. O nl ine Re p u ta tio n & Au tho r ity Chris Newton
  2. 2. W ha t d o a l l the s e s ite s ha v e in c o m m o n? They want to serve up the “best” content. De f ine “ Be s t” Most credible Most sensational Most accurate Most informative Most interesting +1s Likes Comments Shares Authority (Google Patent)
  3. 3. Google has given us some clues... • “Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification…” Eric Schmidt, from his book “The New Digital Age” – published April 2013
  4. 4. • “Over time, Google will care more about identity and social reputation.” Matt Cutts mentioned on day three of SMX – March 2013 Google has given us some clues...
  5. 5. Go o g l e Au tho r s hip Up to 35% CTR
  6. 6. W ha t Go o g l e W a nts , Go o g l e Ge ts … • Google wants you to “own your content” (so far as tying your name and face to it) • Remember, an effort to deliver the highest quality, most credible and sensational information • Imagine how this will change as authors and identities “like”, “+1”, or share other authors content.
  7. 7. The s e Thing s Cha ng e Fa s t This is not a real screenshot. Rather, a prototype of what could someday come?
  8. 8. Fa c e bo o k Gr a p h Se a r c h Facebook has an agenda too…
  9. 9. Fa c e bo o k Gr a p h Se a r c h
  10. 10. Al l the s e thing s a r e c o nne c te d … • Everything is connected. • Your online reputation is important. It matters. • Actively engaged, responsive • Consistence • Provide high quality, accurate content
  11. 11. What is your business or brand doing to manage and monitor your online reputation and authority?
  12. 12. W e b Ad v e r tis ing Chris Newton
  13. 13. O nl ine Ad v e r tis ing ha s Ex p l o d e d 2011 – Internet advertising revenues surpassed cable television 2012 - Increased 15% over 2011 2013 – Another 13% increase seen in Q1
  14. 14. So m e Ba s ic Te r m ino l o g y • Impressions – the # of times your ad has been displayed • Clicks – the # of times your ad has been clicked • CPC / PPC – cost per click or pay per click • CPM / PPM – cost per impression or pay per impression • CPA / PPA – cost per action or pay per action
  15. 15. Ad v e r tis ing Me d iu m s
  16. 16. Re m a r ke ting / Be ha v io r a l Ta r g e ting Reach customers based upon: •Their interests, topics •Past search / web history •Gender •Age How did it know I am losing my hair?
  17. 17. Go o g l e Ad W o r d s SEM Highly Targeted Advertising Fully measurable sales funnel Very powerful when combined with Google Analytics Less risky compared to other options (CPC)
  18. 18. Go o g l e Dis p l a y Ne tw o r k Text, Image, Interactive, Video Advertisements Highly targeted placement Very detailed management, track budget and results as you go Less risky compared to other options (CPC)
  19. 19. Ya ho o & Bing SEM
  20. 20. Fa c e bo o k Ad v e r tis ing CPA / PPA
  21. 21. Co nte nt Ma r ke ting
  22. 22. Ca s e Stu d y • Plumbing client spent $10,900 in Google Advertising over 5 months • 1,376 clicks through to the website (fully tracked) • 156,848 impressions • 75 click-to-calls directly from mobile device • 23 customers clicked an ad then filled out the website form • Phone traffic increased by 200-250 calls. • Average cost per click was $7.00 • Avg. Service Ticket Cost is $225
  23. 23. Paid online advertising works. Advanced analytics can help you follow your advertising dollar in near real-time. Attention to detail and adapting with optimizations can ensure ROI.